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  • daphine and lyndsey – seascape no.1 – kiks/girlfriend

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    A3 double sided foldout hand numbered photographic pamphlet and dictaphone tape recordings.

    This new article from Daphine and Lyndsey mediates the grace and simplicity of the ocean scape with the questions and expectations we go in search for before we even approach the faint scent of the sea air. We invest the natural environment with our hopes and resolutions, and nature accommodates us in its immensity and voicelessness.

    Daphine and Lyndsey return from the morning with a little piece of captured infinity in the hope that this space will infiltrate our spaces and that in this expanse we may find some small detail of sanctuary and new ideas.

    Recorded and photographed on a combination of tape and digital Dictaphones and cameras, edited, copied and printed in one three day period between 4th and 7th June, and made available four days later on the 8th June in limited hand numbered, hand written copies.

    An effortless conception in Lo-Fidelity Xerox Zen

  • sean mccann, matthew sullivan & jeff witscher – barb

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    I don’t understand shit about music.
    Just listen to the sounds
    and let them take you somewhere.
    Contemporary music ain’t got a problem.

  • earn – romantic comedy

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    a single 28 minute piece on cdr

  • luis gutee and his friends + starcircleanatomy – ttmpl

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    this is a cd that got made for the lg & hf/sca west coast tour that just went down a couple of weeks ago but there’s a bunch of these floating around. 8 tracks on each “side”. luis’ has lots of blurry loops that he’s drumming over, spooky lowerfi sounds and short tracks. starcircleanatomy’s side is a bunch of straight up zoned out computer sound crystals rotating in a windowsill. comes in vinyl slipcase with a color printout of the gnarly collage up there. edition of 100.

  • demons – invisible darkness

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    A reissue of the 2007 release made for the Demons European Tour with new cover art.

  • stare case – lost in the sun

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    John Olson Electronics, SAxophone, Handmade Reeds, Flute, Marockas; Nate Young Electric Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers

  • wolf eyes – no matter

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    Originally recorded April 2010 for the Wolf Eyes European Tour under the name “42010”, now additional bonus tracks and a new name.

  • toxoplasmosis – father son holy ghost

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    Alivia Zivich on bass, Nate Young on organ. Raw! Recorded April 2010, previously only available during our Rotterdam residency.

  • stare case – vague terms

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    Stare Case is John Olson on electronics, sax, reeds, flute and marockas, and Nate Young on electric bass, vocals and synths.
    A compilation from the Closed Room handmade tapes

  • tusco terror – pyschedelic narcosis

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    Cleveland noiseniks, Tusco Terror, barrage the earth with their subterranean dirt worship. Having just released a split LP with Emeralds on Ecstatic Peace, this crew is ready to take their Midwestern gear slaughter beyond the realm of the breadbasket. Operating with a loose lineup usually ranging from 3-5 players all jamming in their own private zones, contributing their own part to the psychedelic nonsequitors and cosmic confusions contained within the recording. Pile upon pile of unrecognizable source contort themselves into an unrecognizable yet brutally intriguing end result. Don’t stop digging. In two editions: A( of 68 numbered copies in silkscreened, watercolored, and sewn sleeves with screened discs) and B (of 32 numbered copies in printed collage sleeves with screened discs).