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  • sir richard bishop – all strung out – self released

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    Released on the occasion of his in store performance at the Wall of Sound record store in Seattle on June 6th, 2006 at 7:06 PM.

  • venn rain – rhizome riverbend – s.i.n.k.

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    Final drops from this looping-ambient project. Recorded in early 2013, originally intended for release on Preservation Records but rejected by the label, and from the same sessions as the recent Rotifer split, these tracks find VR bringing live instrumentation and percussion to the fore, though with the same emotional focus and deep layering that has typified this project.
    Loop for life

  • the hunter gracchus – the bolsheviks shat in my brain – chocolate monk

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    New hydroponic sketches of freakdom from Sheffield that should satisfy those of you with that roaring appetite for freedumb jams and methnic drone-outs. I hear delerious barkings of glue factory workers, the hanging heaviness of the local nut houses ‘drum and squal’ therapy sessions, pockmarked harmonium hymns to Harry Pussy, and whole bunch of giblets that I can’t quite put my fingers in, but it sure does make one of my eyes twitch, so I say let the sweltering fog descend, we don’t need no torch.

  • radiant husk – micromegas – recital

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    Seeing Matthew Erickson perform live is an impressive experience. The sound he gets by blasting his saxophone through his Fender Twin literally shakes you to the core. Erickson has a great ear for experimental music; exercising tasteful timing and restraint, which I am finding to be more and more important. Whether performing in the sax-guitar duo Sudden Oak, or solo as Radiant Husk, his sonic presence has earned the respect of many.

    “Micromegas” is a collection of live improvisations recorded in San Francisco before his departure to St. Louis. The album titles are street names near his recording/practice space, making it a memoir-esque document of his time in the Bay. What a lovely place.

    The pieces are soaked with nebulous tenor saxophone, who’s layers build and build, inventing a storm of tape saturated drone. Many of the songs are loop-based, slowly slipping out of orbit – forming allusions to minimalism. However, “Micromegas” contains a fierce spirit that minimalism can often lack. The album is bookended by hypnotic chord organ pieces, which are particularly enchanting. Another strength of this album lies in it’s sense of completion, the finished product has a strong identity. This could be your “go-to” contemporary sax-drone record, it certainly is mine.

    Professionally duplicated discs, Hand-numbered & Stamped edition of 200.

  • coppertone – kill and release

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    Recorded 2010-2011 on Wall St. in the Toy District of Los Angeles
    All parts of all songs written, performed and recorded by Sasha Wiseman, except for the cover of Charles Manson’s “All is One”
    CD-R edition of 100.

  • worm hands – orange mound – pegasus farms

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    young duo of josh levi and dave gretemen. this was put together for their tour with wolf eyes. recorded in raglani’s basement onto 4 track tape. hand painted and hand block printed sleeves with printed inserts. limited.

  • field recordings from malaisia / thailand / cambodia – crier dans les musees


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    Also from 2008, birds singing, insects screaming, drums, children, pop music…

  • enfer boréal – adn / dna – crier dans les musees

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    After US Invasion, with releases on great labels such as Stunned Records, Housecraft, Peasant magik and Digitalis, Enfer Boreal is back home!
    One 40 min long track / jam recorded on September 2008, right after a half year asian trip. With his mind full of memories, voices, nature sounds, different languages, mountains, sea and everything met while travelling Maxime took his guitar and effects for this result.
    Single track do not mean monotoneous music : droney sounds and field recordings for the beginning, then haunted guitar improvisations, and band-like jam for the end.
    Handmade cover artwork by Anne Pilet (two different design available).

  • rokkiryhmä – toiseus – labelledamesansmerci

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    “we can maybe try to describe the music of rokkiryhmä from finland. a sort of hipnotic-catartic-unfuturist-lo-fi nocturnal/pastoral-fire-water-free-folk you can imagine play by transcend childs. rokkiryhmä have a particular, forgotten and essential sound that go us with a simplicity forgotten. this is two new long songs after their last effort (on the essential 267 lattajja) of this mysterious duo project included the finnish artist jaakko pallasvuo. this is some words from him : ‘we don’t want to arrive to a definition of alterity. we strive to recognize it on an emotional level. we see how there is no us. go back to being singular. after this album was recorded we disbanded. traitors were shot in the head, their bodies left on the field with the flutes, guitars, casios and cassette decks. all useless. the remaining members of the group realized the impossibility of further co-existence and left their separate ways. the author chose the path that lead to the jungle and was lost forever.’ – EDITION OF 64 GREEN CDR