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  • tuluum shimmering – where the turquoise spring sings among pebbles

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    Tuluum Shimmering Records TSR011

    Many thanks, Tuluum Shimmering

  • juniper meadows ‎– jacaranda twilight – deserted village

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    active early to mid 2000s

    here’s a track from a different album to give ya an idea.

  • je suis le petit chevalier ‎- gravity’s rainbow – ruralfaune

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    Released in limited edition of 60 CD-rs, comes in a plastic sleeve with oversized artwork, and a card stating the track listing.

  • frederic gerchambeau – 3 suites

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  • endless endless endless – endless endless endless

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    Limited Edition of 60.

  • clams – marino’s dream – high spirits

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    clams possibly was
    C. Spencer Yeh, James Ferraro, Kathy O’Dell, Shane Mackenzie, Zac Davis

  • quetzolcoatl ‎– living – leaf trail

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    Water colored CDr, insert, and a laser-printed folded outsized heavy paper cover, packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

    ***song is off a different cdr; this is to just to give folks who’ve never heard any of Tim Hurley’s projects(bonecloud, ischel, quetzocoatl) a taste.

  • Imediat​.​ez – Elucidário das Paragens I (Buscador) Do Intuito Para Ligar Frases a Partir de Uma (Re​)​Captação de Fontes

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    Slippery sublime moments, aimed at a soft elucidation of the apocalyptical reality present in the continuum search of a viable existence.

  • eric frye – some consequences of four incapacities – salon cdr


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    We’re very happy to announce new works from Eric Frye. A collection of focused compositions exciting and dynamic as much as they are stimulating and cohesive.

    Recent developments in mathematics, including Grothendieck’s work in algebraic geometry, showed once again that the representational leg of mathematics is more than just an auxiliary tool for its conceptual leg. The new concepts like that of Topos require new modes of representation, otherwise they remain to be properly treated (and in some cases even properly identified). The new modes of mathematical representation require us – but also allow us – to conceive, imagine and perceive things differently. The very fact that most of today’s mathematical concepts have no rigidly associated “bodies”, visible or otherwise perceivable, serves as a strong motivation for an artistic work aiming at the aesthetic – and hence also material and technological – construction and a further reworking of these abstract concepts.

    Eric Frye’s compositional output perfectly demonstrates how this works in practice. Through a series of methodically structured auditory events Frye investigates new modes of perception and spatial cognition. These events are composed specifically to stimulate and disrupt the cognitive perceptual process as the human mind attempts to correctly segregate and organize sound objects. As the piece unfolds it reveals topologically transformed sonic morphologies which trigger hallucinatory reactions through a succinct succession of auditory cues. Frye’s sound pieces emerge as an artistic expression of novelty and freedom, which, by Georg Cantor’s popular quote, is indeed the essence of mathematics.
    – Andrei Rodin

    Total Running Time: 24:08

    Written and produced by Eric Frye.
    Design by Jeff Witscher.
    Text Objects Without Structure by Andrei Rodin.

    Recorded at Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition.
    Anechoic chamber recordings at Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis.

    Special thanks to Andrei Rodin, Sam Wolk, and David Berg for their invaluable contribution and important assistance.