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  • p.a.r.a. – mermalien – oesb


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    P. A. R. A. represents Pre Atlantean Ritual Artifacts.
    It was channeled in deep sea space by Labanna Bly, in the celestial
    summer of 2008. Dedicated to my Knight, James Ferraro.
    Mermalien is a three part suite for Three Deaths to Supreme
    Consciousness: “mercury overdose”, “abyss retreat”, & “seaspace
    Limited edition of 200 copies. Paste-on covers.

  • mouthus – s/t – oesb

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    “An early recording from this Brooklyn duo. Two side-long tracks. Dense, slow but fast blasts of whirlpool sound created with guitars, keyboards and other electronics. #d edition of 350 – covers individually silk-screened & stickered.” – OESB

  • skin graft – blackout – tusco/embassy

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    first skin graft vinyl. From Cleveland, Ohio
    8 tracks of abrasive, negatively charged scum electronics.
    perfectly disgusting and abusive.
    Hand Screen printed sleeves
    second edition of 200

  • nautical almanac – melding linearality – tusco/embassy

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    evolution of wax, record is designed to continually generate remixes of itself, almost alive. first 12″ vinyl release on Tusco Embassy. lacquers cut at home by twig harper spring 2008.
    hand screen printed sleeves
    limited edition of 300

    “this record plays differently every instance it is played. you must give back.” – t.h.

  • deas & denton – inferno – present time excercises

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    This new collaborative LP from Cam Deas and Adam Denton expands upon their previous release for Blackest Rainbow earlier this year. Still employing just electric guitars, the record consists of two side-long pieces which see the duo break away from barely tamed, throbbing feedback and move towards a more composed domain. Drawing from influences as far-reaching as La Monte Young, Basic Channel and Pan Sonic, the record results in instances of hypnotic drones as well as onslaughts of pulsating and over-arching beats which attempt to both immerse and assault the listener. First edition of 250 copies, pressed on heavyweight vinyl in pro-printed sleeves with artwork by TGK.

  • locrian / century plants – dissolvers – tape drift

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    Tape Drift’s first excursion into vinyl presents this massive split LP from two duos, one from Chicago, one upstate New York. These groups have been honing their unique and personal brands of sound for years, and both approach the task in similar ways, drawing equally from noise, drone, psych, kraut, minimalism, and metal influences. Each band offers up their best recorded work yet here, raising the stakes another huge notch. The Locrian side demonstrates their phenomenal range, and beautifully adds to their well established oeuvre with new and complex elements. Century Plants make their first appearance on wax, and show how far they’ve progressed in a few short years, bringing two subtly dark tracks that build in intensity. A slow burner, this LP is the rare split that sounds like a unified whole, and the pairing makes perfect sense. Intense building waves of sound, dense drones, feedback, power electronics, noise, psychedelic guitars, swirling synths and vox are all in the mix in ways only these two bands could pull off. A dark, dense, and ominous record, Dissolvers is also deeply cloaked in mystery and spaciousness. Mastered by James Plotkin for maximum heavy spectral sound, this is a must own record for noise, drone, psych, and metal heads alike. With design by Terence Hannum of Locrian, and art by Scott Treleaven, the LP is packaged in a black jacket with silkscreened silver leaf ink, and a special double-sided color insert.
    -tape drift

  • chora – slates – sergent massacre


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    First vinyl outing for Peckham based Chora, compiling out of print tracks from cdr albums released between 07 & 08. All the tracks were conceived in Sheffield as a trio of Ben Morris, Rob Lye and Chris Boyd at the furniture makers workshop / Chora practise space, culled from long nights of jamming, eating house special fried rice and drinking wheat beer. The record displays the bands revolving approach to composing, improvising & recording, with sounds moving between shingled skeletal percussion & kitchen sink gamelan to electronic attack & ecstatic vocalisation.
    Pressed on 180g black vinyl with pro-printed cover.

  • paul metzger – anammestic tincture – roaratorio

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    Anamnestic Tincture is a live album by virtuosic musical carpenter Paul
    Metzger, culled from many hours of concert recordings. Side one comprises
    Metzger’s public debut on his modified banjo, recorded in 2002 at a former
    church-turned-underground art space in Minneapolis. One of his most
    memorable compositions, “After Milo” later turned up as an untitled
    improvisation on his CD for the Chairkickers label. Jumping ahead six years
    (and several more banjo alterations later) to side two, the glittering
    “Orans” gets a workout at a memorial show for the artist Matt Zaun. As an
    acknowledgment of the occasion, Metzger also gave a one-time-only
    performance — “Dark Green Water” — on another of his mutant instruments:
    an acoustic guitar with the body drilled out to accommodate a cymbal set
    into its face, and ten assorted strings of varying lengths laid over the
    top, giving it a particularly metallic and dissonant sound.

    Anamnestic Tincture is released in an edition of 425 copies, with an
    original vintage snapshot mounted on each cover;