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  • central living- dune church – blackest rainbow

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    Debut collaborative release from Manuel Padding and Steve Gunn (GHQ). Steve plays guitar with effects and Manuel is on electronics, vocals and percussion. Dune Church comprises of two tracks, The Original Mind Roti being the first with some beautiful playing from Steve which is reminiscent of his solo work and his GHQ collaborations with Marcia Bassett, but layered with Manuel’s electronics, which fluctuate between psychedelic hazes to almost concrete walls of heavy drones at noises at times, it creates something otherworldly. The B side, ‘Stone Canoe’ has rapid cascading plucking merged with whirring electronics, Steve’s playing moves in and out of the blissed out mystic drones already laid down by the duo, haunting vocals creeping in and out. These two 20 minute tracks should be played as loud as possible. Pressed in an edition of 300 on virgin vinyl with donwload code for your choice of high quality digital download format.

  • caboladies – live anywhere – aguirre records

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    On the 15th of Januari 2010 performers Chris – Flower Man – Bush & Eric Lanham recorded this LP live on air. The A Side is the take off side. Electronic chaos & control at the same time. While the B Side offers up some more distorted alienating sounds. Hearing is believing. Comes With Insert. Released in an edition of 330 Lps.

  • tiago sousa – walden pond’s monk – immune recordings

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    Walden Pond’s Monk is the brand new album from Portuguese musician and composer Tiago Sousa. Walden Pond’s Monk is a piece that was composed and heavily influenced by the idealism and revolutionary spirit of Henry David Thoreau. The album is a natural evolution of the aesthetics already present in the previous album Insónia, while at the same time it reveals the maturity of a composer who consistently challenges himself. On this album, Tiago Sousa maintains the same intuitive and spontaneous approach to the piano and remains convincingly impermeable to the normative formalisms of genre and academism. With Ricardo Ribeiro (clarinet) and Baltazar Molina (percussion), Sousa builds a piece in a continuous momentum, anchored on impressionist melodies of disarming simplicity and interrupted by a stormy improvisation. During the thirty two minutes of Walden Pond’s Monk, Tiago Sousa nourishes a romantic narrative based upon the essential ideas that Thoreau documented in works like Walden or Civil Disobedience: the profound respect for freedom and for the infinite expression of the possibilities of men.

  • sick llama – born again to die – hanson

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    ‘There are a lot of mugz you don’t wanna know,: VD doctors, the Grim Reaper, the inside of a Fed Ex body bag, ex-mates, cops, silence, dentists, republicans, country music stars, …list goes on and on….THEN= there are mugz you just want to get some sunshine from- you know who they are= just plain rad mugz, stokerz= and i gotta say….the Michigan Crew has Sick Llama’z BACK…..Heath AKA Juice AKA Fag Heath AKA Morellama= is just a ball of huge eyeballing goodness..how can you be mad at him? We used to have heavy skate shred sessions with the goofball and he would destroy the streetz, and still be smiling at the end, never breaking a sweat. You want this dude on your team. And you want the soundtrack to your boiling brain to be his Born Again to Die. Its got this amazing kinda arms-up-in-air-i-give-up-what-is -this-godamnn -sound style beaming through it. Heath man….dude aint really gonna give any clues back….cant count how many timez the crew has cornered the mug and been like: ‘Yo man….what the hell is going on inside ‘Live Birth’ ?’ Did you just record cars under an overpass and slow it down?

  • spectre folk – compass, blanket, lantern, mojo – arbitrary signs

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    Recorded Summer 2009 by Spectre Folk at the Homemade Casino in Greenpoint. 
    All tunes by Pete Nolan
    Pete sings and plays Art and Lutherie acoustic, 2008 American Les Paul, drums, Juno 12, tapes etc. 
    Violet shakes and Julie Tomlinson Nolan sings backup on Burning Bridge. Violet howls at the end of Ages.
    Violet Ray Nolan was there lending howls and vibes at every step.
    -arbitrary signs

  • piotr kurek – heat – black sweat records

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    Piotr Kurek – born in 1978 in Poland – is a musician, composer and enthusiast collector of instruments and vintage studio equipment. He is the author of numerous pieces for theatre and contemporary dance performances. In the late 1990s he was the co-founder of the electronic group Slepcy and since then he’s been releasing music for various record labels and has participated in international theatre and music festivals.Piotr Kurek’s “Heat” was originally released in December 2011 as a limited edition cassette by Digitalis LTD. Sold out shortly after the original release date. Most of the sounds in “Heat” originate from various exotic records, from documentary movies or archives, or were recorded in studio using vintage organs, electric piano and synthesizers. Starting from an original idea of creating a specific music concrete album deeply rooted in archival nature, “Heat” emerged as a rich organ-infused tropicalia where everything was blurred in greenish-brown and sultry air. The Black Sweat Records reissue is a 200 copies edition, pressed on tobacco paper. Inside there is a link to download the digital edition of the album.

  • hassaniya music from the western sahara and mauritania – sublime frequencies

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    In 2006, Hisham Mayet returned to West Africa to continue his search for an unknown musician he had heard six months earlier on the radio in a Morocco hotel room. Knowing only that it was Sahrawi music — music of the south — he headed down through the vast and remote desert landscape of the Western Sahara and Mauritania in hopes of finding someone who could identify these revelatory recordings. The story of how he finally found this elusive artist is the stuff of ethnomusicological legend. But he also found much, much more as he wandered from Laâyoune, Western Sahara, to Mauritania’s capital city of Nouakchott. From intimate, sinuous home recordings by Group Marwani, to a sublimely devastating track by the enigmatic Abdul Rahman Al-Gheid, to the inimitable tidinit artistry of Sadoum Ouled Aida, the performers on this album exemplify the haunting and intoxicating qualities of Sahrawi music. Featuring Mayet’s first recordings of the electrifying Group Doueh, as well as dizzying field recordings from Nouakchott’s Marché Capitale — where relentless traffic noise swirls together with fragments of melody from countless cassette vendors’ PA speakers — Hassānīya Music from the Western Sahara and Mauritania is the evocative soundtrack to a chimerical journey that is also documented visually in Sublime Frequencies’ breathtaking film Palace of the Winds (SF 047DVD). It not only traces Mayet’s own passage through these barren and beautiful lands, but also charts the evolution of Sahrawi music from sung poetry accompanied by traditional acoustic instruments to electrifying modern grooves drenched in reverb and phase effects. Limited edition pressing with Stoughton tip-on full-color gatefold jacket.

  • tropic of cancer – restless idylls – blackest ever black

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    Restless Idylls is the first full-length album from Tropic Of Cancer, the solo project of Los Angeles-based Camella Lobo. Lobo debuted in 2009 with The Dull Age/Victims, a 10″ single on Downwards and the first of three collaborations with Juan Mendez (Silent Servant). Two years later came a second Downwards release (“Be Brave,” remixed by Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H. Kirk), followed soon after by The Sorrow of Two Blooms on Blackest Ever Black — the label’s third release and one if its most cherished. Since then there have been 12″ releases on Mannequin, Sleeperhold Publications, Ghostly International (a Part Time Punks Sessions live split with HTRK) and a limited edition compilation, The End of All Things, compiling singles and unreleased recordings. Restless Idylls marks TOC’s return to BEB and consists of eight new recordings written in Los Angeles, with additional production from Karl O’Connor (Regis) in New York and London. Its themes? The usual: romance, devotion, pain and helplessness. Mixed up mortals struggling against the brute mechanics of fate, and proving unequal to the task. A forced retreat into private, precious idylls of longing, faith, mystery, even misery. The urgent motorik of lead single “More Alone” is perhaps a misleading foretaste of the full-length, which is more lush, languid and extravagantly despondent than previous TOC material. Troubled hymns from an empty room, in a drowned world. A sensual and sepulchral psychedelia. Cover art by Silent Editions.