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  • everyday loneliness – false validations – amethyst sunset

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    limited to 300

    quaduruple removed re-recontexualizations of cassette and digitally recorded sources

  • marcia bassett & samara lubelski – 110 livingston – golden lab

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    Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaïmph) and Samara Lubelski return with 110 Livingston. This is the second album from this weighty pairing of two of America’s most audacious psychedelic drone proponents, following the stunning Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon, released in 2012 on Graham Lambkin’s label Kye. Bassett’s guitar processing squashes otherwise raging howls into densely packed tones of feedback wail, and blends with Lubelski’s long violin voyages into the drone zone to form a combination that’s wondrous to behold. One side-long trip and three shorter but nevertheless expansive explorations of black magic meditation. 140-gram vinyl presented in a matte sleeve and limited to 250 copies.

  • transmuteo – transmuteo – aguirre records

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    Transmuteo is the project of Jonathan Dean and a revolving group of collaborators, both musical and visual. The project encompasses audio, video, digital art, site-specific installation art, radio broadcasts, live performance, and experimental social networking. Jonathan shows us where we need to go next. Ultra-soothing transmissions from the crystal dome by the mysterious New Orleans based Atlantean being. Pure, beautiful, and raw — the new age. You know you’re in for a journey of self-discovery. Artwork by Jonathan Dean. Mastered by Jonathan Dean. Pressed at Handle With Care, Berlin. Limited edition of 200 copies.

  • sir richard bishop / bill orcutt – road stories (kali) – unrock

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    The first installment in Unrock’s new string wringer Saraswati Series presents two of today’s most extraordinary guitar maniacs captured on location. While Bill Orcutt, “Re-inventor of the Blues,” falls from abstraction into acoustic hardcore serenade on his wooden 4-string guitar, the Kali-inspired Sir Richard Bishop improvises elegantly and calmly through a feverish 17-minute variation of “Zurvan.” Limited edition of 700 numbered copies. 180 gram vinyl, ncludes a solid cardboard info sheet.

  • le révélateur – extreme events – root strata

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    Five years after founding Le Révélateur, Montreal-bred musician Roger Tellier-Craig returns to Root Strata with Extreme Events, a collection of dense sonic studies that betray a futuristic and timeless beauty. Alongside collaborator Sabrina Ratté, who creates the project’s videos and live visuals, Le Révélateur operates at the ideological intersection of audio and visual, analog and digital, nostalgic and anticipatory, human and machine. Extreme Events is characterized by complex rhythmic asymmetry and twinkling aesthetic resonance — ultimately a prescient re-vision of hypothetical cyberpunk futures realized in the desert of digital decay and burgeoning artificial ecologies.

  • trance

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    Probably one of the most underestimate artists of electronic music from the early ’80s, has been lately rediscovered. An expert modulator of electronic and natural sounds, with this work JD Emmanuel seems to recall and reflect extensively on the poetics of the cyclic and mantric sound investigated by other pioneers such as Terry Riley and La Monte Young. The microtonal patterns of the compositions are animated by dense and minimum pulses that amplify the hypnotic and meditative dimension and can be colored by Tibetan suggestions or guitar glissandi. Flows and reflections of sounds define abstract landscapes but remain always deeply reverent with nature and its micro-cosmic variations. In this way, Echoes from Ancient Caves is ideally connected to the previous experimentations of Rain Forest Music (1981) and Wizards (1982). 500 copies on black vinyl + a download link for the digital edition

  • AC / DP – high voltage – middle james co.

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    andrew coltrane / david payne
    Limited edition of 150 copies, Black Vinyl with Black labels.

    Not a typo, this is Andrew Coltrane and David Payne (Fossils). Side A is a peak into an experimentalists dark nightmares. Starts out with a plucking of a guitar, which evolves into a heavily echoed nerve. Sliding, clanking, reverbs, delays on what sounds like metals and percussion. I can envision a tilted camera, lots of fog and a swinging light bulb in a tiny damp warehouse. Side ends with a locked groove. Side B is a little more subdued. Heavy repeating winds, and winding tones. If you zone out enough, it feels like you’re listening to the howl of an on-coming train in the subway. I listened to the whole thing on 33, but seeing as there’s another locked groove at the end of side B with words, I think it’s meant to be played at 45. Either sound great! -kfjc

  • cotton museum ‎– pus pustules – tasty soil

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    Limited and hand-numbered edition of 400.
    B Side is Etched.

  • cousins of reggae – methridge – olde english spelling bee

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    limited to 250