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  • kohn – soulastalgia

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    Kohn is the project of Belgian Jurgen De Blonde, and following several essential releases on K-RAA-K, Sloow Tapes and FMR, his new album for ‘Deep Distance’ is just incredible and further adds to his esteemed body of work created since 1998. A perfect companion for longterm fans and newcomers alike and a killer intro to his extraordinary live side featuring 6 improvised cosmic jams…

    Containing a hand picked set of live pieces recorded in a number of venues in Belgium, France and Germany whilst touring his last LP “Random Patterns”. As Jurgen himself says on the sleeve notes: “I took the concept of “Random Patterns” on the road and developed it during several shows looking for ways to expand it or approach it differently, recording every show and distilling my favourite pieces for this album”.

    Presented as a numbered 250 pressing LP in red, embossed single colour themed sleeves as a homage to the killer series of gallery / private press edition Conrad Schnitzler LPs from the early to mid 70s; If just one piece of music could encapsulate why label head Dom devised this kraut / kosmische side project to The Great Pop Supplement, then the opener here “Berlin-Colln” fits just perfect. An incredible, nigh on essential, cosmic synth trip. fabulous.

  • black unicorn – rediscovering infinity

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    Black Unicorn is the solo synth project of Akron, Ohio based Curt Brown (Cane Swords, Rubber City Noise).

    “Rediscovering Infinity” is a debut on wax and compiles 5 killer, evocative synth pieces, acting perfectly as an introduction to his work. 3 tunes here previously seeing the light of day on tiny run cassette and cdr releases, whilst the monumental title track (recorded especially for this project) is constructed as a 5 part movement that reinterprets an earlier theme as a story of cosmic awakening and redemption.

    Black Unicorn’s music is both contemplative and exploratory- ranging from subtle drone to melodic outburst and is created on both analogue and digital synthesizers, sequencers and effects. Basic electronic building blocks are treated as analogous to alphabet characters- another way of telling a story that is both in harmony and supplement to the written word. Each piece on the LP has it’s own special insert that expands upon the music through textual fragments and icon- detailing both instrumentation and basic meaning. The larger insert features an illustration by Matt Horak, whose drawings are scattered throughout.

    The second release on ‘Deep Distance’ -a synth / kraut themed side project to The Great Pop Supplement, and a wonderful album in beautiful black embossed sleeves released as a numbered edition of 250 copies on vinyl only.

  • golden retriever – occupied with the unspoken

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    Golden Retriever was started in 2008 by Jonathan Sielaff and Matt Carlson whose paths first crossed in the early 00’s when Sielaff and Carlson were in experimental pop bands that frequently worked together, Au and Parenthetical Girls respectively. Through collaboration, they developed a deep understanding of each other’s musical voice and sensibilities. After exchanging a few solo recordings, it became clear that they had remarkably similar aspirations for and theories on music, thus Golden Retriever was born.

    On their Thrill Jockey debut Occupied with the Unspoken, Golden Retriever create polyphonic music from monophonic instruments. The bass clarinet and the analog modular synthesizer are generally both capable of playing only one note at a time. Starting from this point of pure melody, Golden Retriever then find ways to turn melody into harmony using their “boring old one-note instruments” to make live electronic music that is remarkably rich in textural details and almost symphonic in its use of layering. Though the music is often classified as experimental, its most salient feature is melody. It is made remarkable by the ease at which it takes the disparate elements of minimalism, free jazz, noise, classical, and even pop and shapes it all into something emotionally compelling.

    Recorded live, but then heavily edited in Carlson’s basement studio, Occupied with the Unspoken’s songs are more concise then those found on Light Cones or in their typical live performance, where often Sielaff and Carlson allow room for exploration and re-invention of their material. The four songs presented here were typically performed as 25 or 30 minutes pieces. For the album, the songs were distilled into shorter passages where the original structure remains, but each section within the overall song has been shortened. The process allowed Sielaff and Carlson to fit more ideas into the album, and taken as a whole it is a more complete document of their stylistic variety than previous releases. While many of the compositional ideas behind the tracks are complicated, Occupied with the Unspoken excels in being an approachable listen. An impressive album of soaring melodic lines and vivid soundscapes, the aptly named Occupied with the Unspoken belies the complex creative process making the understanding of it merely an exciting bonus.

  • skin graft – wet engines

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    Picture yourself in the drivers seat as your car wraps itself around a telephone poll. Then wake up after who knows how long in a hospital room, entangled in wires and tubes. This is the experience “Wet Engines” calls to mind… Wyatt Howland has been creating relentless, merciless harsh electronics for the better part of the last decade under the appropriately-chosen SKIN GRAFT moniker. After releasing “Dystrophy” with the prolific Hanson Records last year, we are pleased to announce the follow-up album. Originally released on cassette in 2010, the LP version has been completely remixed and remastered, with new tracks.

    Limited to 100 copies, each record came with hand-screened cover art and a digital download card.

  • zaimph – imagine yourself here… – yew

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    Imagine Yourself Here….is the inaugural release on Marcia Bassetts new label YEW. The cover is a parody advertisement taken from an ad for luxury condos in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn. The promise of authenticity and Bohemia turned into pricey real estate. Bassetts dense hypnotic soundscapes recontextualize this superficial advertising to create an otherwordly existence. Side a opens out from metronomic foreboding into the whispering night-processes, before breaking apart under mesmeric vocal laments and fractured rhythms of dark space. Side bs woven textures blend with languorous insistent variations exploring the inside-outside dialectic of perception. Edition of 300 in full color sleeves with insert.

  • russian tsarlag – liquid nails

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    Russian Tsarlag is more easily explained as the musical counterpart to the psyche of Carlos Gonzalez rather than trying to attach it to genre or make other musical comparisons. If you’ve seen Carlos perform or look over one his records you can see that he very much tries to create a new world where he truly belongs. There is humor, although bleak, and there is a certain sci-fi feel, although faded. He has been around for a while now, and has essentially been doing the same thing throughout his time in Providence, Ri as well as now in his home of Tampa, Florida. Maybe this world of music has become a bit unfashionable into the era of post-2010 music, but Carlos’ sincerity and singularity keep a devout group of followers and his status as a cult artist both growing steadily like a happy David Cronenberg-sculpted bonus organ.

    Liquid Nails is his 3rd full length LP in a long list of cassette releases and other format releases which might also be considered full-lengths. Needless to say, Carlos is a very productive artist, he also makes comic books (either Slime Freak or Steam Walkway) and creates memorable live performances which sometimes more resemble a stand up routine than a punk show. If anything he has now honed the sound of RT into something that focuses more on song and lyric: there is less noise on these recordings and much more atmosphere. The songs are simple, haunting, and have a level of pop sensibility that is slightly cracked. Essentially, you should take some time to enter into the world of Russian Tsarlag and almost all of his releases are a fine starting point, Liquid Nails being a most certainly qualified portal (just make sure the sun is down, and the lights are off

  • bee mask – canzoni dal laboratorio del silenzio cosmico

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    Edition of 500. In the nu-world order of neo-kosmiche “one man, a synth and a looper pedal” musicians, Chris Madak rises above the rest with an astounding body of work that has been brewing since the later half of the ’00s. Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico is an outstanding document in the long, complex, and complicated discography that is the Bee Mask project. A carefully and meticulously-composed album that’s on par with the greats of electronic’s Lovely Music or INA-GRM catalogs. Straying from the current nature of improvised “one take” synthesizer music flooding the underground electronic community today, Chris has created an elaborate narrative which captivates and inspires the listener’s imagination. “Canzoni” is a piece of work that soundtracks an event that’s shrouded in mystery and beauty, at once larger than life in its grandeur and yet somewhat cryptic. Released as a limited edition cassette on Gift Tapes in 2010 and now where it should be on the longest surviving recorded format.

  • eric lanham – the sincere interruption

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    It’s been a long time coming and it’s great to finally announce the release of Eric Lanham’s “The Sincere Interruption”, his first long-playing record under his own name after performing for years under various solo guises such Carl Calm and Palmetto Moon Electronic Group and as one half of the Caboladies equation. Commissioned back in the summer of 2011, it was finally recorded in March 2012 and it’s been well worth the wait.
    Lanham has crafted a very special set of improvised electronic compositions which rise above many of the contemporaries of his ilk. With an eye on both the origins of electronic music as well as the not so distant past, “The Sincere Interruption” was recorded in superb fidelity with great attention to sound placement and frequency variations. Elements of late 90’s-early 00’s Mille Plateaux/Warp styled disjointed rhythms are bent into surgically precise and meticulously pieced concrete/electronic form, crammed with information overload situations and infinite variables to one’s listening perception. It’s a challenge to hear the album the same way twice with the sheer amount of action and peculiarity happening over the duration.

    While there are indeed busy moments throughout, tracks like “21:00” and “No Ordinates” display an attention to control and deep focus, relying on an idea which develops and evolves seamlessly in subtle variation while retaining a repetitive nature. An outstanding effort and a great addition to the ever evolving Spectrum Spools catalog.

  • forma

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    FORMA (Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, & George Bennett) emerged on the NYC minimal synth scene in 2010 with a singular vision of cosmic Krautrock for a new age. On their eponymous debut LP, the Brooklyn-based electronics trio merges the melodic flow and primitive rhythms of their motorik predecessors with the hypnotic drones of minimalism, creating an intricate work both addicting and rewarding with repeat listens. Like many of the LP’s 11 tracks, the churning and relentless “FORMA237B” draws its energy from a precarious equilibrium between structural rigidity and free improvisation, a dynamic at the heart of FORMA’s universe. With lush, distant soundscapes as interludes between these peaks, FORMA’s inaugural full-length is a harmonious and expansive expression of the enduring power of kosmische musik. Mark Dwinell and Sophie Lam: (Roland RS-09, Roland SH-1000, Roland RE-101, Yamaha CS-15, Crumar DS-2, Oberheim SEM, DSI Morpho, Moog LP, Farfisa Compact Combo), George Bennett (Roland TR-707, Alesis HR-16B). Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, March 2011.

  • rafi bookstaber – greener pastures

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    an allez-taeia of the body, earth breath and sweetness, a great sigh beneath the world tree. an attempt this time to say a few things simply, and be gone. about letting go of places that are family, not holding on too tight, the condition of waking up one morning and suddenly finding yourself alive on this great green planet, surrounded by the infinite……
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