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  • elephant micah – globe rush progressions – bluesanct

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    Bluesanct presents a “forgotten Elephant Micah album” in the form of Globe Rush Progressions. Found within a pile of discarded CDRs in basement of Bluesanct HQ, the album features a selection of hard-to-find compilation appearances and unreleased recording experiments.

    Globe Rush Progressions is collected from one-off sessions in the late 2000s, projects approached as a way to test out ideas…an opportunity to break rules…out of curiosity…and in response to invitations…recording in a public stairwell…writing about historical hairstyles…playing back stretched out cassettes…interpreting Big Star…all with a brazen commitment to home-production.

    Assembled, the tracks on Globe Rush Progressions reflect the more exploratory aspects of Elephant Micah. Somewhere between sound art and song, the release documents Joe O’Connell’s work not just as a writer and singer, but also as a recordist and experimenter.

    The collection arrives on the heels of Elephant Micah’s recent NPR Song of the Day honor and appearance at North Carolina’s Hopscotch Festival. Dark Dark Dark’s version of the Elephant Micah song, “Wild Goose Chase”, was also featured prominently in the debut episode of the final season of the British TV show, “Skins”.

    Globe Rush Progressions is available as a one-time LP pressing in an edition of 175 copies, housed in a deluxe sleeve with insert and download card. The album will also be available for download on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis via Elephant Micah’s Bandcamp site.

  • gareth hardwick – sunday afternoon – low point

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    Originally released by Blackest Rainbow in a cd-r edition of 75 copies, this vinyl version of ‘Sunday Afternoon’ has been remastered and reissued for your appraisal.

    The album, recorded in a single improvised take during the aforementioned time of day, formed the first of an ongoing series of audio studies. Employing a lap steel guitar as the only sound source, Hardwick then deliberately limited the equipment and additional processing used to the minimum in order to extract the purest tone from the instrument.

    The resulting album is a placid dissolution of the lap steel into a natural blossoming harmonic. Whilst rooted in one major chord, the recording simultaneously reveals hidden timbres and overtones, its unhurried pace allowing the instrument to breathe and unveil new characteristics.

    Having been remastered specifically for the vinyl format, additional clarity has been revealed within the recording, allowing the listener to submerge further within.
    -low point

  • imaginary softwoods – the path of spectrolite – amethyst sunset

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    This is the first edition on clear white mix vinyl limited to 150 copies.

    The Path of Spectrolite is the latest full length recording from Imaginary Softwoods. Early comments have praised this album and state
    that while this recording retains some if the icy drone sound from some previous Softwoods release, this is a great progression and a
    bit more active. An extremely beautiful album entirely of sounds created by synthesizer and voice, this is an essential piece of the
    Imaginary Softwoods discography that you are sure to love. Pressed in an edition of 535. 150 on a clear / white mix and the remaining
    385 on clear .

  • ducktails – landscapes – oesb

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    “Stories are forever and i got to get back to PIPELINE, which is hitting the screen right now, and its definitely not about surfing and reminds charles of when Ebay and you stayed at the new york dante’s microchip apartment and it was so hot and you guys passed out next to each other in your undies exclusively like siamese pipeline limbo style, if i had hoagie it would have been chazzi to chucky in like 4 doners and sixty seckies.”

  • head boggle – headboggle

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    Spectrum Spools are beyond excited to present you with the highly-anticipated vinyl debut of the Head Boggle project. The world has been waiting for this day to come, and finally a full-length long player has arrived. Recorded at his apartment studio, Headboggle is the manifestation of Derek Gedalecia’s acoustic/electronic research utilizing the “kitchen sink” in every sense of the idiom: Moogs, harmonica, banjo, harpsichord, Irish harp, EMS Synthi, violin, drums, clavinet, Serge Modular, field recordings and more! What makes Headboggle so special is the careful arrangement of sound, with painstaking attention to composition and sound direction. Disorienting magic is a key trait of the Head Boggle sound, one which captivates and commands repeated inspection. Like any great, focused album effort, there is a narrative arc — from the introductory “Flourescent Star” with its dizzying, fractured crackle and bizarre piano float to the tension-packed, information-overloaded squabble and squawks of the “Dream Diary” and “Europa Astrobiology Lander” tracks. Head Boggle is a dedicated and devotional effort — one with precision and prodigious vision. Equal parts François Bayle and Tod Dockstader in the best possible way, it’s still hard to pin such a multifaceted talent to any kind of descriptor. Derek has been honing his sound for years with loads of releases on almost every essential tape and CD-R label out there. Here we have his finest set of compositions yet in hi-fidelity, tight and tediously packed, forming his most concise release to date. The Head Boggle debut has raised the bar for classical electronic composition with the greats, a feat of rare occurrence.

  • container – spectrum spools

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    Recorded Labor Day Weekend 2012, Providence, RI

    Providence, RI’s (recently relocated from Nashville, TN) Container returns with another slab of alternate universe bent techno. Schofield’s take on that over used genre is not only unique but utterly compelling, forming a modern and exciting new sound. While the classic Container sound is still in tact, this album offers a look into a previously closed door in the Container sound world.

    “LP”, like its predecessor “LP”, is recorded in mono and its cuts right down the middle of your skull, and doesn’t float around in imaginary room, these new tracks are immediate and heavy. Kicking off the delayed trip of “Dripping”, a rhythmic bone akin to a rusty swing in a ghetto playground, morphs seamlessly into complex maze that is “Paralyzed”. Closing the side is a real stomper head-cleaner of a track, the mighty “Acclimator”.

    Side B opens with “Perforate”, a bass line straight from Mute-era D.A.F, which mutates into an elastic acid line, building into a full rhythm’n’noise spectacle. The disc closes proper with the mad rush for the bar that is the epic “Refract”. LP is a rough and raw ride, adding very much needed gristle to pale face of the stagnant minimal scene.

  • human teenager – animal husbandry

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    “Animal Husbandry” is the result of absolute, genuine obsession: a devotional masterwork with song craft, exquisite production and aesthetics regarding the ultra-damaged times we live in all in perfect harmony. Burrowed away in private studio sessions over the course of a year, Human Teenager have emerged with a profound and colorful masterpiece.

    Like Chrome before them, the effects of a carbon copy community of lemming rock groups were avoided and ignored, and the vision of creating a pure, singular work was achieved. Rarely does an album with complex structure and abstract tendencies sound so organically catchy as this. The duo spawn a brand new sound that ranges somewhere between Ilitch’s “10 Suicides” to the work of the Cleaners from Venus. To be clear, however, it would be impossible to plaster genre descriptors onto an album with such enormous scope. Terms like “synth-pop”, “rock and roll”, “punk”, et cetera, can all be applied on a surface level, but at the end of the day it’s none of and all of these things at the same time, more or less. Few projects are able to create and exist in a personal universe that hits the nail right on the head the way “Animal Husbandry” does. From “Fourth Reich,” the albums opening cut, it’s very apparent that Human Teenager have created an album that will not be able to stop listening to with its wildly morphing vocals, strafing synthesizer arrangements, and prismatic guitar detail.

    Police, The New World Order, YouTube, New York; it’s all a drag, and Human Teenager captures the horrors of everyday life in “the future” and holds them hostage. Spectrum Spools is very pleased to present you with an instant classic.

  • barn owl – from our mouths a perpetual light

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    warehouse find of this long oop nnf lp, still sealed
    Since first bearing witness to Barn Owl’s mythically desolate amplifier alchemy last year, we’ve been rabid fans/fanatics. But like lots of badass bands, BO are a rolling stone, heavy on the transformation tip, and the BO of today is an altered beast from the one that folkily fingerpicked Bridge To The Clouds and their self-titled disc way back when. And in case we’re not being clear: this is a beautiful thing. From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light burns with the sun-dead majesty of a Death Valley burial ground, all wasted waterless expanse and cracked earth smoke blowing in the dry wind. Heavy western drone revelations bleed into forlorn guitar drift, downcast percussion plods across the plain, a skull on its side lies in the sands. Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras have somehow flawlessly evolved Barn Owl into a blazing new universe, and From Our Mouths… is the first mission statement from their new spectral/aesthetic outpost, a stunning and timeless eight-song suite of grim cinematic electricity. Tune in, drop dead, rot on. In swank matte jackets with ‘four-armed demon warrior-yogi’ artwork by the band. Edition of 435 (275 on white wax, 160 on black).

  • dolphins into the future / lieven martens moana – songs of gold incandescent – edicoes CN

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    Fourth Expanded Edition On Vinyl, 170 copies
    Mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Offset printed covers. Lay Out by Jeroen Wille and Anna Papanastasiou.

    Recorded in Antwerp and on location, 2010–2014. Songs Of Gold are nine small portraits. Five tracks that where featured on the cassette versions PLUS four extra tracks for this vinyl version. Culled from compilations, limited run cassette releases, choreographies, and 7” singles. Some pieces were worked on for a length of time, others materialized in just about one take. All the songs are derived by an encounter with an object, a place or a person. Or by a combination of these. The events are translated into the work through the intermediary of symbolic sounds and notes. There is no thematic link between the compositions.