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  • ron berry – where dark forces meet – sanity muffin

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    Ron Berry’s 1st album (1982) of early experiments of electronic music via his array of home made synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and recording equipment. Ron was designing and building all his own gear (even his speakers!) early on to make beautifully lush electronic music along the likes of Tangerine Dream’s Klaus Schulze and J.D. Emmanuel. Amazing journeys that flow with ease. Unpredictable and sonically more interesting and powerful than many of his contemporaries. We are very pleased to have reissued his first 2 albums in remastered High Bias Type 2 glory. Limited to 100 copies, a must have for any minimal synth fan!
    -sanity muffin

  • glass organ – two tapes -tone filth

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    A reissue of the two out of print Glass Organ tapes. Building blown out desolate guitar and saturated tape. Co-Released with Twonicorn. Edition of 365 with hand screen white matte covers.

  • relatively clean rivers – relatively clean rivers

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    This is an amazing, amazing lp that trumps my policy of not carrying crap labels like phoenix records. The only way to hear this on vinyl is to drop $$$$$ or get this reissue. I highly recommend buying this lp if you have any love for 60s west coast rock.

    label -> LP version. Former Beat Of The Earth leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early ’70s and eventually released this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although Pearlman’s first recorded effort was a surf/hot rod 45 entitled Chrome Reversed Rails which appeared on the Fink label in the mid-’60s, it was with Beat Of The Earth that he began to forge a distinctive musical voice. The band was one of the earliest-known experimental bands with a sound reminiscent of their East Coast counterparts, The Velvet Underground, whose influence is often discernible on Relatively Clean Rivers. That said, RCR is recognized by those fortunate enough to have heard it as one of the very finest albums of the era, with a clearly-defined American sound akin to The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp or CSNY circa Déjà Vu. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in ’70s West Coast music or simply great music in general. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl once again, and comprehensively remastered using the latest 48-bit technology.

  • cube – moon – self released

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    sound samples are below but really id say those are just the starting point to this tape. adam keith as cube once again brings so much to the table it take multiple plays to just begin to get an idea of the lay of the land. recommended

  • radio people – night club – treasure records

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    so good to hear Sam back in action, love this tape.

    It’s been a few years since Mexican Summer released Hazel, from Ohio-based synth obsessive Sam Goldberg’s Radio People project. “Night Club” is taken from a forthcoming cassette release out next month on Treasure, which hints that subtle changes are afoot. Goldberg is still immersed in rippling banks of analog splendor, but this time there’s not much else to fill out the sound, suggesting he’s purified his working method. Hazel often approached the orangey transcendence of Tangerine Dream, flushed out with warm, chimerical thoughts. “Night Club” resides somewhere colder, sharing the same kind of immersive undersea moves as Goldberg’s former Digitalis labelmate, the mysterious Jürgen Müller. At two minutes it’s over in a flash, a mere dip in the pool. But, like Müller’s Science of the Sea, there’s a depth here that seems to stretch on forever. – ptchfrk

  • von himmel – space communion

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    much anticipated reissue of obscure kraut masterpiece from this mysterious unit. a classic kosmische sound dream, hitting multiple familiar mind harmonics assembled in stereo polyphony. guru is you……..
    300 copies

  • noma – rf in 5p – kovorox sounds

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    This music is partly inspired by long viewings of Franz Marc. A radical disillusionment is for those moments when you do manage to stop thinking, or it can perhaps help obtain that goal. (John Cromar). 6 Tracks. Total running time – 54:53

  • vodka soap – shee ro gateway temples – pacific city

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    …A Fourth Tropical Experience Within The Stars, By Charles Berlitz. “The virtue of unearthly contents as experienced through the temples presentation of accessing the inner minds world as itself a gateway to the outerways of experience the shared dimensional space of the pacific city shee ro temple and outer space environment: the experience of the star movement within the space of the temples doorway as the correspondence between space and jungle temple sound. Using the temple as body (inner consciousness) for access outer consciousness and space. The mind reacting to its own consciousness as prepared within the temples doorway within ivy palmed structures starred within the woop gonged temple conversation to the mind and the temples door as a multipled gateway towards faceted points of conversation. Recorded within the see-ro universe meditation room Dimensions End, Pacific City 2028.” Pacific City Sound Visions

  • ed yazijian – gansrud – hp cycle

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    second solo full-length from ed yazijian, also known for his long running but sparsely documented collaborations with dredd foole, featuring eight disparate tracks recorded between 1996 and 2009. each side starts off with some slow burning guitar (accented by bowed contrabass and violin on side two) that reverberates with an ease past midnight vibe. the album then weaves through a personalized space featuring eastern percussion, mainlined/cosmic violin drones and intercepted radio transmissions from an unknown origin. the record concludes with a contemplative guitar which is enveloped in tape hissthat eases its way in before fading away.

    the lp pressed in an edition of 350 copies and is presented in a full colour printed sleeve that is at one itself and with the spirits an opaque facsimile.