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  • changeling & nackt insecten – trans atlantice mindmelt vol 1 -sick head

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    Noisedroners from the USA & Scotland unite via the modern technological wonders of cassette tape and snail mail.

  • julian lynch – mare – oesb

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    includes mp3 download code
    “Second full-length album by Julian Lynch. Recorded in Madison, Wisconsin and Ridgewood, New Jersey in 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

  • tuluum shimmering – music & films 2009 to 2011 – self released

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    “a dvdr of data from the tuluum archives, picking up from where the previous uploads ( … mmering%22) left off, with 36 unheard recordings from 2010-11, and also including the video files of the ‘Khual Yaang: To Summon The Spirits’ films, originally self-released in 2009.

    nearly 4.5gb of files, with double-sided sleeve art and poster insert designed by sean gadoury and drew taylor.
    you know what to expect – ultimate rainforest transcendence from the shamanic looper extraordinaire.”
    -Jimmy Billingham (venn rain/tidal)

    Incredible collection; highly recommended, worth it alone for the video “khual yaang.” Ive listened to some of these tracks as Jake posted them through the last few years and there’s some beautiful sounds in here, look forward to a long winter with this nearby.And this set is something you will chew on and slowly digest for quite some time. Huge thanks to jimmy & jake for getting this out into the world and pricing it so affordable.

  • alternative soundtrack to (scream in blue surf video) – new age / pacific city studios

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    a friend was over the day and pointed out i have several copies of this stashed around tomentosa headquarters. Some serious hoarding going on, mainly cause this is a longtime favorite of mine. All this era of james and spencer’s tapes are amazing and still stand out as some of my favorite releases but this one always was pretty high up among all those release. So yeah recommended for sure.

  • 1958-2009 – amethyst sunset

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    Amethyst Sunset is extremely proud to present the final document produced by 1958-2009. Matthew Sullivan (Earn/Ekhein) and Alex Twomey (Mirror to Mirror /Jugular Forest) provide us with the most beautiful guitar/synth ballads recorded on the one year anniversary of the death of the King of Pop. All brand new material and not released on any of the previously released cassettes. Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl

  • boots/c.c./remus – box – hp cycle

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    These three LPs were originally privately pressed by the artist(s) in minuscule editions sometime in this new century. It appears that very few copies were circulated outside a close circle of acquaintances and it was only by chance/luck that they found their way to us. Each LP contained no information whatsoever, the only hint was the name stamped on the plain white jacket. Clouding matters even further was the fact that each of the three albums bore a different moniker. Musically the LPs share a consistent solitary vision, one that treads an inward-looking path that leads to far-reaching psychedelic excursions. “Boots” is a prime example of the range of these albums. Side one features five tracks of acoustic guitar and raw vocal accompaniment heavy on the loner vibes. The flip changes directions entirely, offering a wild ride of percussion and electronics. Likewise, “C.C – Live at Rainbows End” follows a similar course, although the mood is somewhat less solemn (though no less introspective) on the tracks featuring voice and guitar. The counterpoint here is the near side-long track of barely audible field recordings from an unrecognizable location. “Snake & Remus – No Tape Outside” is a continuation of sound and thought. Interchangeably piano, electronics and percussion supplement the songwriter, adding a haunting layer to the already subdued mood. The final side contains instrumental passages of processed guitar strum that weave delicate waves. The LPs are presented in a box, its own cryptic coffin perhaps, with individual stamped jackets consistent with the original LPs. As it says, “It’s just a box man”.

  • mirror to mirror – here you leave today

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    “Here You Leave Today is Southern California based Alex Twomey’s first full-length LP
    as Mirror to Mirror, co-released by his own label Jugular Forest and the Cleveland
    based Cylindrical Habitat Modules after a string of cassette releases for Arbor, Ekhein,
    Gift Tapes, and Monorail Trespassing. Throughout the course of 7 enchanting
    compositions for synthesizer Alex conveys a sense of thoughtful reflection. A melodious
    personal journey exploring ones open connections to the people and surroundings they
    encounter. Cotton candy for the ride home.”
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  • rafi bookstaber – greener pastures

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    an allez-taeia of the body, earth breath and sweetness, a great sigh beneath the world tree. an attempt this time to say a few things simply, and be gone. about letting go of places that are family, not holding on too tight, the condition of waking up one morning and suddenly finding yourself alive on this great green planet, surrounded by the infinite……
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