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  • fourth world magazine presents the spectacle of light abductions – pacific city sound visions

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  • x.y.r. – mental journey to b.c. – not not fun

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    Russian Federation ambient fantasist Vladimir Karpov aka X.Y.R. (aka Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja) usually frames his decaying Soviet analog synthesizer pieces within “illusory worlds” – lost cities of gold (El Dorado), polar oblivion (Arktika), deserted equatorial islands (Robinson Crusoe: Lost Soundtrack) – but his latest collection less conjures a place than a time. The mood of Mental Journey To B.C. is pre-human: obscure landscapes hissing in the heat, shimmering in the dark, uninhabited, unreal. Humid loops of Formanta Mini and smoke-ring keys float over hushed jungle metronomes and moonlit field recordings. 10 shades of prehistoric haze, slipstreamed with temple chanting, distant insects, heavy echo, silhouettes of the subconscious. New Age as Ancient Age; the Portal as Process. X.Y.R.’s escape artistry continues to expand. Tinted red cassettes with red imprinting in J-cards designed by Dieter Durinck. Mastered by Alex Nagel in Philadelphia, PA.

  • thoughts on air – saffron bay – self released

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  • raul lovisoni francesco messina – prati bagnati del monte analogo – die schachtel

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    Originally published in 1979 by the legendary Gianni Sassi’s Cramps Records label as part of a series curated by Franco Battiato, the long-awaited Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo is finally made available by Die Schachtel in a repackaged deluxe edition, fully remastered (by Giuseppe Ielasi) from the original Cramps tapes, and complete with three extra tracks (in the CD edition) dug from Francesco Messina’s archives. Produced by Franco Battiato, the breathtaking oeuvre of Francesco Messina and Raul Lovisoni is openly inspired by the unfinished metaphysical novel Le Mont Analogue, by the French writer René Daumal, who had been for many years a student of the teachings of the enigmatic Armenian Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff. The reference to Gurdjieff is important in order to frame this work in its own context, because at that time the great Greek-Armenian mystic was beginning to exert a large influence into the diverse and stimulating artistic environment that for many years developed around Battiato, which included, among the others, Juri Camisasca, Francesco Messina and Giusto Pio. Battiato’s entourage was characterized by a deep desire of spirituality that would not adhere to a particular faith, but rather involved a full opening of the mind and body. This spiritual quest, that one can hear shining through the music, was something intimate and personal and it never became the expression of religious extremists looking forward to life in another world. Similarly, Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo is a stage of that journey that the artists developed independently, yet with a constant tension of the spirit resulting from years of readings and reflections shared with others. The music on this album is an exact compendium of such an intimate journey: drones and overtones, repetitive patterns, a deep, meditative feel, and space atmospheres. “Writing this on a Sunday afternoon during breaks taken from restoring two zithers from the late 19th century. I love the instruments not only for their beautiful craftsmanship and sound, but for what they’ve seen, the stories in which they’ve played a part, and the journey that brought them to me. Francesco Messina and Raul Lovisoni’s Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo is playing on a loop as so many times in the past, coloring the space I inhabit with its glowing overtones, spreading its majestic quietness. Taking as a starting point an unfinished utopian novel, written by French pataphysician René Daumal, in which is described the ascension of a mountain connecting Earth and Heaven, the three compositions take us on a journey through the rich green pastures of Mount Analogue, occasionally pausing beneath veils of light, only to stride determinedly onwards, to the realms of an ancient wind deity. At some point during this incursion, you may find yourself in a landscape set out by John Cage, witnessing Vainqueur, Substance and Resilient as children chanting their vocoded chants, or else enter a false portal planting you in Anthony Moore’s cloud and ballroom. While the subject matter is esoteric and the music makes no attempt to conceal this fact, it’s time we released these haunting pieces from the demesne of obscurity. Messina and Lovisoni have created a work of radiant beauty, oneiric states waiting to be explored, to lose ourselves in.” –Stephan Mathieu, from the liner notes

  • loren chasse – green laughter – jewelled antler

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    Green Laughter’ documents the reverie of frogs, birds, cicadas and locusts. Recorded in summer around a pond on Gum Tree Farm in Hermitage, Tenessee and in the woods of the Pocono Mountains in Lord’s Valley, Pennsylvania. These patterns of pulses, clicks, whirs, chirps and hisses sound like the music made by a laptop ditched in the dripping heat and long grasses.

    Jewelled Antler ‎– library #1

  • j.d. emmanuel – echoes from ancient caves – sun ark

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    Created in 1980-81, The instrumentation on this album was a Crumar Traveler 1 organ, Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer, Octave Cat Synthesizer, Yairi DY-74 acoustic guitar with an Echoplex EP-4, Ross Phaser pedal and a DOD Compressor/Limiter pedal. A Teac 4 channel reel deck was used for the multi-tracked recording.

  • matthew barlow – of waves – rainbow pyramid

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    Good Vibrations from Twin Springs Tapes founder Matthew Barlow

  • raju arara – untitled – hare akedod

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    long day working in the gray mist before a storm. Came home and put this one on and enjoying it quite a bit. Nice & clean sounding minimal mediative synth.

    Edition of 30 red and 30 blue tapes
    in vintage black textured cassette case
    with quadri printed duotone foldout artwork.