• a.c. band / sadistic candle – st/st – sun ark records

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    A double album almost three years in the making, Barrett Avner (Black Bananas, Sic Alps, Sun Araw Band) returns to solo recorded work with a double-double. In the classic “two-sides of” conceit, Cassette 1 offers Mr. Avner piloting A.C. Band through a series of sensitive rock tunes with chicken shack guitar squawks worthy of the best Hagerty compositions, acoustic jangles worthy of F.J. Mcmahon, and harmonized solos worthy of Thin Lizzy. The sound of a chili-dog exercising Emersonian self-reliance. But then! Cassette 2 presents the return of SADISTIC CANDLE, now with bombastic double-down reverbed Schoolly D 808s and boogie synths building scaffolds for face-melting Maggot Brain solos. The sound of a giant, cartoon basketball sneaker on the loose. Together this double-album functions as a tribute to Barrett’s grandfather Chuck Avner, who founded and ran the Ohio men’s fashion boutique Man Talk Intl., which served Cleveland’s swinging, funk/boogie scene. Both albums are presented in collaboration with the spirit of Man Talk Intl., and with its blessing. Truly, a mix of music this explosive and strange could only come from one man, and that man is my genius friend Barrett Avner. Presented on 2 mustard yellow cassettes.