• andrew jansen / loud sun – (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​) – mjmj records

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    Andrew is a beautiful man. Not just like, the dreamy eyes and wispy blonde hair but like. . . actually just a beautiful soul. Combine that with an enormous talent for tone, tactful songwriting and the ability to convey that inner beauty and calm into dreamy pop songs, and you’ve got a seriously hard to put down cassette. This album is going to be a permanent fixture to your porch, kitchen, or road trip playlist.

    The inspiration for this album, in Andrew’s words – “When my then two-year-old daughter Gray first uttered the words “Loud” to describe the Sun’s brightness, I was given an anchor to ground what was then just a small batch of murky demo recordings. It’s been a labor of love and necessity, and I’ve grown immensely while processing these works. With sound, my intentions are to relay and inspire others towards a more beautiful and creatively prosperous present tense.”