• black nose – self released

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    It’s been weeks/months since i made it to the westside of town where these two reside.
    Im too Busy slaving away paving the way for the droves flocking to asheville, putting food on the table and so on.
    Kinda of been worried the these guys and the whole DAR crew had disappeared down some rabbithole.
    No word. And the creative madness that was the DAR house slowly fades?
    Then brian kinkade swing by one evening with this tape, a collab between him & Jeffry astin

    Jeffry Astin has a definite talent of venturing deep into the chaos and emerging with sounds that are matched no where else.
    GOing down the rabbithole but returning back with sounds that carve right into your synapses and help you slide through the madness and chaos that all too often darkens our individual skies.

    Brian Kinkade has been a huge supportive pillar of the underground for years and has an archive of underground sounds that is unmatched,
    In the past few years he’s released some real gems thru his own label diatom bath. Always on the local scene and part of numerous projects and live acts, a past tomentosa helper. Awesome to see him paired with jeff on this release.
    So good to have this release out of nowhere, Proof that the pulse is still there, active; underground.