• corum – black or white orpheus 2 – psychic sounds

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    “Place of the Hidden Sun is a minimal abstract mystery of human beatbox style hyper rhythmic arrangements weaved with strange fields of glimmering melody to create lo-fi spiraling pop ambience. Hailing from Milan, Italy, Adele H. uses looping repetitive flowing vocals worked into beautiful circular figures adding pulses of breath, claps and hand percussion paced on repeated short spoken pieces. There’s so much going on, and the vocals are more like another instrument, like a more psychedelic, more augmented textual brilliance. Corum plays soft focus prismatic choral shimmers underpinned by woozy high end melodies molded into new warped shapes of sound. The result is is strangely hypnotic, not just the words, but the percussive elements of recorded female vocals that are transformed into beats sprinkled amorphous shards of choral synthesizer, creating weirdly meditative trancelike expanses. It’s so easy to get totally lost, letting the words and sounds, the pulse and throb transport you to some strange world where sound and speech, music and words, blur into something wholly other.” – Chris Webb, for psychicsoundsblogspot.com

    ARTIST NOTES: Long strings of formidable words create a rhythmic trance of fused human vocal ability and starry keyboard sounds. Shimmering conjurations have a real effect in exalting the consciousness of the listener to the ‘proper pitch’ as rising and descending echoes into the Never-Never Land Underworld. “The plasticity of our human minds exalted to a pitch of evocative suggestibility moulded into words containing intrinsic magical energies resulting in tapping and unsealing the subconscious, or ‘Place of the Hidden Sun’.