• corum – effigy mounds – psychic sounds

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    “Corum, of ‘dyngia jazz’ group Million Brazilians, now releases Effigy Mounds, or Ceremonial Music for Spore Alter as he’s subtitled it, a self described “Post-Summer Solstice flesh offering response to the witnessed symbiotic relationship of the cyclical worship songs of day and night coinsiding with revelations by entheogenic rituals with an aim to penetrate into the inner subterranean recesses to perforate behind the veil of matter into the world of primal causes” Following the exotic and electronic jazz form as the pulsating primordial spirits of his first album titled Beguiling Isles, Effigy Mounds plays back like a hallucinatory cave field recording where snippets of tape were collaged to reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, sounds of bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth’s atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Less exotica and more experimental, Corum’s latest document plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in some forbidden South Pacific isle lodge during the magical dialogue of extra terrestrial speech.