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    “Flurries of tabla beats and wind whipped strings plunge into a dense dizzying swirl, belching into a strange mix of a energetic bouncy organ line, electronic beeping, gliding reed instrument sounds build around a rubbery street dance. Puja Samagri Pipers features Idaho Joe Windslow’s gongtar (apparently a frankenstein of a gong and hacked up bass) calling out like some tinged Appalachia string buzzing snake charming ritual with lots of shifting overtones creating all sorts of glorious tonal color. Wild and loose, spirited and free like something you’d hear on a Sublime Frequencies comp, which makes sense as these sounds are so indebted to musics both Middle Eastern and Indian. Following is a sombre tune with sarangi riff as a mesmerizing melody locked in step with the descending percussion, the two instruments engaged in a gorgeously warbling drone, as well as a mangled trumpet and churning gamelan clatter that would be right at home on a a seriously expansive travelogue record.

    The flipsside titled “Mummy Dust Trippers” begins with a Burmese harp sway into a killer, super dense and aggressive, fiery and fierce workout by a trio featuring a distorted thick backdrop of chopped vocals and beat, recorded in Morocco by Sewn Leather’s Griffen, with a tinkling spray of Corum’s high notes ringing out while Windslow’s gongtar moans low like a wild simian all looped into an incredibly hypnotic groove. The record finishes with a washed out Korla Pandit style sweeping organ of ascending arcs of mystical transformative sounds, subtle and serene, raw and lo-fi, but no less psychedelic creating a sway of sonic accent right into a soundtrack for an incense filled remote hidden desert alcove for practicing sorcerers.

    And like the first volume, these five tracks are dizzyingly melodic and exotic, multiple horns unfurling buzzing, bleating melodies, all tangled up into strange harmonies, draped over super tranced out percussion, propulsive and hypnotic, woozy and wildly psychedelic. Highly Recommended! SUPER LIMITED. WE ONLY GOT A HANDFUL OF THESE, AND AS ALWAYS WE’RE NOT SURE IF WE’LL BE ABLE TO GET MORE.”
    -AJ, www.psychicsoundrecordings.blogspot.com

    -Professionally dubbed in stereo on Cobalt tape

    TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 32 Minutes

    Side 1: Puja Samargi Pipers
    Side 2: Mummy Dust Trippers

    Recorded and Mixed by Corum
    ‘Mummy Dust Trippers’ originally recorded in Morocco by Sewn Leather
    Gongtar, Burmese Harp and Airtar by Joe Windslow

    Released as cassette on Lost Discoveries Exotic Music Shop label.
    Distributed by Psychic Sounds Research & Recordings