• forest management – acclimation – amethyst sunset

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    Recorded and mixed March – April 2016 at home, the library, and Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Chicago, IL
    Photo by John Daniel<BR>

    Over the years John Daniel‘s efforts have naturally evolved into something great. The Cleveland-bred, Chicago-based producer works at a steady pace, releasing minimal drifts of ambient music and curating the promising Sequel imprint — which has already issued majestic works by Celer, Chemtrails, and Dominic Coppola, among others. But Forest Management remains Daniel’s flagship effort, and now thanks either to chance or fate, the project teams up with the hallowed Amethyst Sunset imprint.

    Acclimation might be Daniel’s masterwork. Its eight pieces sprawl across the edition’s two cassettes in an aural display that highlights the project’s wistful grace and uncanny sense of patience. Tones and textures dissolve into glacially blooming sonic motifs. The overall effect furthers the meditative, nocturnal beauty of past editions like Reservation and Opening Night (with Dominic Coppola).

    “Entranceways and Pathways” opens the set with weightless, floating tones, making way for the effervescent drift of “Blue Line.” “Illuminate” and “Drinks at the Association” take a turn for more darker realms while retaining the hopeful, silver lining-like warmth amidst the dark and foggy drones. “Glance” and “Belief Trends” channel Gas at his most noxious, while “Structure and Sentiment” could be a long lost Stars of the Lid demo. It’s best to pick this up now and get lost for a while. – Decoder<BR>