• imperfect masters – this humanly mess: music of el cerrito for clarinet and boot, vol. #23 – full of nothing

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    well, here we are in this humanly mess – me and dan plonsey surveying canyon trail park under a crescent moon – when we see petty doggerel coming down the trail – he has his bagpipes – he gets to the pond and begins to charm the frogs. plonsey grabs his clarinet of magic and horton the celestial boot – and we start jamming under the bamboo w/the doggerel and the frogs – the frogs who had been dying out all over the world and for sure dying in el cerrito – till the frogman came and uh silted the concrete – cause you know the city paves the ponds and streams to keep them clean. and frogman, barn-owl-who-confronts-the-daylight, the 4 teenage red tail hawks, petty doggerel, steve, anna, eve and daisy, horton and plonsey and the frisbee gang we don’t like this none – so we charm the place, and the shadows and highlights come alive. peter’s ghost takes on substance as we play another creepy melody in this the final hour, as we contemplate our mortality, happiness, and lack of money.

    Robert Horton
    Aug 2011
    written at the wrathful luminosity
    diamond throne retreat place,
    El Cerrito, CA 94530