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    “The most obvious influence on [Collin’s] playing seems to be Loren Connors. He manifests the same strange bluesy attack on strings at many moments here — letting notes breathe for a while, then strangling them until they squeak shut. One also notes some of Fahey’s long open slide chords, but clearly his melodic resolutions are closer to Fahey’s late period work, even if his technique is more reminiscent of Fare Forward Voyagers or something. There is also a scent of Jim O’Rourke’s brilliant acoustic responses to questions posed by Derek Bailey. Indeed, while this might seem to be heady company for a guy recording his debut LP, I feel as though the comparisons fit.” –Byron Coley; Following the release of his incredible debut LP on Winebox Press, Jon Collin took to the road in the U.S. alongside fellow soul travelers Yek Koo, Chalaque and Zaimph. The highpoint (in myriad senses) came on a Monday night in Albany, NY, where Collin performed to a seated and incredibly blazed audience in the basement of The Helderberg House, where he ended a night of heavy reverie with a blasted, drawn-out, super-sparse set of creaking drum stool and glorious string tone flashes. All in attendance were mesmerized and utterly rapturous as each piece concluded — staggered by the weight of what they were witnessing and for which they had not been prepared by the endless craft ale, pizza and bongloads. There’s something of the magical about this record. Limited to 250 copies on 140 gram vinyl.