• keith fullerton whitman – dream house variations

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    Keith Fullerton Whitman’s first release in over two years manifests itself in an inspired take on aural perception. “Dream House Variations” is a meditative experience, comprised of four cassettes intended for simultaneous listening. The variations themselves are reworkings of two endless loop cassettes through Doepfer Analog Modular Systems; KFW exacts his technical mastery through dense filtering, panning, and modulation of the source. The octophonic nature of the set creates an infinite amount of listening experiences, not only due to the syncing of the tapes, but also placement within a room and the equipment used for playback. The music becomes a part of the room much like the quadraphonic intentions outlined in Eno’s “Ambient” series. Each experience creates new instances of counterpoint, melding tonality, and individual senses of perception eliciting the source of the variation: mind or machine? In an edition of 150 four tape sets in oversized vinyl cases with full color cardstock covers, silver cardstock inserts, and printed labels.