• matthew barlow – now age – phinery tapes

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    Now Age is the latest offering from Asheville, NC sound artist, Matthew Barlow. The 50 minute long release is comprised of four pieces – each performed using original synth patches (created by Matthew) derived from a singular granular sample. Threaded throughout the four pieces are field recordings – including birds, ocean surf, crickets, and more – recorded by Barlow either at his home in the country or out during his travels.

    The title Now Age could be considered as a commentary of New Age music – specifically it’s spiritual nature -yet the title’s true intent may best be interpreted as a dismissal altogether of New Age music’s mystical ideologies. However, the album by no means wishes to present a brash, atheistic agenda. Content with suspending supernatural belief for a moment, Now Age contemplates the nature of life, and marvels at the idea that we – conscious beings – are all composed of and a part of a majestic cosmos. No mysticism need be invoked should we desire to be amazed by our existence in this world. It is that we exist at all in this expansive universe and that we are connected to it – these are the meditations of Now Age.

    Above all, Now Age hopes the listener may deepen their understanding of humankind’s connection with the cosmos and our story within it.

    ‘We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.’
    – Carl Sagan