• matthew barlow – product – self released

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    High-bias c30 with full color double-sided j card and labels. Each tape gets a unique, handmade insert with hand-written recording notes on one side, and a vintage ad cutout on the other. Home dubbed, one tape at a time in real time. Album art features original photographs by Richard Auxillo (Los Angles, CA) – created exclusively for this release. www.auxiliofaux.tumblr.com

    “Product” is the third tape release from sound artist, Matthew Barlow. Being a sonic meditation on consumerism, the arrangement (comprised of two 15 min pieces) shifts back and forth from warm synths and cold, vacant textures.

    All sounds and instrumentation were created from processed field recordings taken at a local grocery market. The entire piece is an improvisational performance, recorded in one take, with minimal editing in post.

    Best enjoyed with headphones.