• mendocino – ray’s chapel – old man tapes

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    Old man tapes #1
    Mono & all analogue
    Recorded fall 2012 and spring 2013

    First release on this asheville micro label documenting Medocino, a amalgamation of folks, some deep in the scene and others existing out on the peripheries which lends to the project a nice balance of purposeful intent and complete rawness.
    The tape is a live document of their weekly gatherings.

    walk the streets of asheville at night and you’re likely to hear a bluegrass or old timey band jamming; sitting on a porch drinking craft beer and playing hundred year old music. Somehow the music played never even comes close to the beautiful rawness of those early recorded sounds.
    So i was quite pysched to find out a group like Mendocino has been holding it down for the last year or two, every sunday? night with some heavy RAW nightime jams.
    Smack dab in the middle of one of asheville’s oldest neighborhoods these folks are laying out some heavy sound into the neighborhood night air, maybe burning a few ears and perhaps letting a little light into a few heads.
    Definite references to early sunburned; wild animal & jaybird era. Fried basement feel, a work in motion that is unfolding on it’s own rather than with hands heavy on the wheel.
    Not enough of these sounds these days, a thick heavy slice right down the mainline of your skull, unrelenting underground boogie.