• mv & ee w/the golden smokehound – helderberg haze – tape drift

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    Scorchingly beautiful live basement set from Matt and Erika, this time traveling with fantastic drummer the Golden Smokehound. Recorded in summer 2012 at the Helderberg House in Albany, NY. A choice night from a trio directly tuned into every lunar twist and turn, beaming magic soundwaves straight to us here on earth. From Matt’s delicately picked acoustic guitars to Erika’s otherwordly lapsteel to multiple fuzz-laden cascades of inspiration to a perfect Dylan cover, MV and EE shared their journey with a few friends lucky enough to sit and be hypnotized. We thought it’d be a crime not to share this cosmic music further. So for those unable to make it, this release captures the whole show on glorious analog tape. Free your mind and let the sound wash over you.