• now that’s what i call dogs dreaming vol. 88 / Pablo’s Pueblos – split – cd’s tapes?

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    We’ve mentioned the mendocino collective’s late night jams, searing a line through the bluegrass back porch scenes north of town.
    But across town some different vibes are stewing. Literally nestled among and almost getting covered over by fancy new arts & crafts houses is the DAR house; a loud yet quiet amalgamation of folks.

    A place I’ve visited, yet have no scope of the whole picture, the whole scene. I dont think there is a scene but a loosely associated cast coming together as time and fate dictates.
    Some pretty amazing sounds have been coming out of this house & every time i think I know every musician or label that is rooted here another person pops out of a back room to hand me some tapes.
    There’s probably a dozen or more monikers operating out of the DAR house, with house shows and impromptu jams on random days of the week. And there’s the sense that under what appears as a total chaotic facade there is some serious collected focus going on as these dudes lay down some heavy heavy sounds.

    Thankfully there’s started to be some releases coming out that document some of what goes down. We’ve documented a few already via tapes by Bush Lights, I am just a pupil, Andy Loebs, Chad Roulette.
    This batch from Cds tapes? probably is the best shot so far in letting some of the energy of this house see the light of day.

    Raw, straight sounds, thick journeys that at times are nostalgic but also here & now, a fruitful path to the next zone.


    Pablo’s Pueblos is Jeffrey Astin, Brian Kinkade, Devin Lecroy. Dogs Dreaming is Josh Clark & Andy Loeb.