• steve moore – primitive neural pathways – dangerous age

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    Steve Moore is a New York based musician active in projects such as Zombi and Titan as well as creating under various aliases of his own. After a whirlwind of outstanding releases the last few years, Moore has managed to carve out a following of dedicated loyalists who come back time and time again for his special brand of synthesizer composition.

    “Primitive Neural Pathways” was originally released 2010 on the Static Caravan label based out of the U.K. A cd edition followed as well as a tape edition on the VCO label, which quickly disappeared in March. This instant classic has been hard to obtain on vinyl for a while now and Dangerous Age is pleased to present a deluxe American repressing, hot off the heels of Moore’s new “Zero Point Field” E.P. on the L.I.E.S. imprint.

    Falling somewhere between the best composed pieces of Jean Michel Jarre and the glowing electro sounds of early Walter Christian Rothe’s more synthesizer driven pieces, “Primitive Neural Pathways” vintage inspiration combined with forward thinking this album has proven itself to be an essential modern work. No bin in any good record store should be without this classic work and D.A. is glad to have it back on the streets again.