frequently asked questions

honestly the answer to most of your questions is always feel free to email

can I combine my order on the site with an order from
tomentosa discogs or landofthesky_instagram?

yes, you can email me first or just go ahead and place order and I will refund any extra shipping charges

what if my order gets damaged in the mail?

the post can be rough we understand that so we have no problem working with you to sort this out.
Oftentimes we can work out a partial refund or even a full refund
we have been shipping vinyl in the mail for over 20 years so we know how to pack an order in way that best balances
shipping cost & durability.

Im having issues with the site

please email us as site is new and always want to fix any issues that come up. Can always do an order thru email

An item is listed for 0$ does that mean it is free?

It means I probably made a made a data entry mistake and mis-priced the item.
Feel free to email to let us know and we can discount item if you do wish to purchase

how do i find out when tomentosa has a sale or adds new stock?

there is/was a mailing list, email to be added & follow us on instagram or contact us. Also I do add items to the site with no notifications

i emailed you a few days and havent heard back?

for any questions with paid orders i will email you as soon as possible
for any other email it usually takes me a few days if not longer
always feel free to email again

you used to have releases on a certain label and now i dont see them?

right now we're reworking the site to add new releases, check our discogs for all past stock

how quickly do items ship out?

we go to the post 2 to 3 times a week so orders can ship anytime from the next day to a few days out

can i order more than one copy of an item?

not without emailing and even then usually not

i ordered two copies of an item and only one arrived?

due to the limited nature of our stock it is not usually possible to order more than one copy
we will gladly refund your money minus a small restocking fee of 1$ per item

what if im unhappy with my order?

please email us and we're glad to work with any concerns you have

what if i change my mind and dont want an item i ordered?

no problem email us and we'll refund you for that item

will you remove the lp from the outer sleeve?

yes if the lp is unsealed we always do this, if the lp is sealed we don't.

will you double box my order?

gladly, but since this makes shipping cost more and takes more time and more materials
we will need a small additional fee

its been a while and my order hasn't arrived and i didnt get an email about it shipping?

please email us at any time and we'll be glad to tell you the status of your order

do you do preorders?

no what is on the site is all thats available

do you do holds/reserves?

contact us and we can discuss

can i visit your shop if im in asheville, nc?

i don't have a shop but email if you're going to be in the area

if i'm a label how do i get my releases in your shop?

just contact us
preference is given to smaller labels
and I dont usually buy 7" records or compilations

why dont you ...?

tomentosa is a one man operation I do everything; everything. no web or graphic designers, no stockers, pickers, packers, scanners etc
I am as quick as I can be in responding and shipping orders. I will work thru any issues or concerns with you.
sometimes im behind or sick or busy elsewhere so please have patience as it makes the whole situation more amiable
please contact with any more questions or concerns