Bret Schneider -  Constellations

Bret Schneider - Constellations

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Label: Distant Bloom

Bret Schneider is a musician and essayist currently based in Saint Louis. Now in his second decade of sound explorations, Bret's work exhibits a restless curiosity about the outer reaches of sound. His work encompasses electroacoustic chaos ("Model of a Garden Scene", 2011), rumbling drones, ("Xilinx", 2016), and head-spinning beats and glitches ("JulAi", 2018).

With "Constellations", Bret starts a new chapter in his exploration of algorithmic electronic music, one with a previously unexplored atmosphere of quietude and introspection. The exquisite pieces that comprise the album focus on similar melodic structures while being radically different in texture and form. Chiming synthesizer melodies float on waves of oscillating drones, occasionally being submerged and resurfacing transformed. A deep undercurrent of melancholy infuses these compositions even at their most vibrant moments. This is radically emotional electronic music that feels both ancient and futuristic.