Brian Grainger – Blue Wheatfield

Brian Grainger – Blue Wheatfield

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Label: Wil-Ru Records

"It was a humid night like any other
Whip-poor-wills, late in Summer
The young man arrived on dusty heel
Dismounted horse beside the field
Wheatgrass swayed beneath the wind
That blew through his dark bearded chin
'O cold bones, I call for thee!'
He shouted off into the trees
But no one came and no one answered
No sound of steps or even laughter
Turned around and reaching toward
A bent guitar just like a sword
Or some exotic talisman
From a dream of far off lands
A simple strum, the wheat responded
A silent bow, as if departed
Then his eyes raised, stopped his breath
And now the young man greeted Death"

Recorded at 114RKD / 2009-2010 and Botany Bay / 2014.
All tracks laid to rest on two-inch tape.
Thanks to Sophia, Eric, Nick and David. /

Comes on white cassette. Packaged in a translucent PVC audiobook capsule case.
Includes 3×4 inch black and white Brian Grainger 'Lips' logo vinyl sticker and a coupon for digital download.