Embassador Dulgoon - Eden's Fuselage

Embassador Dulgoon - Eden's Fuselage

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Label: Nonlocal Research

Embassador Dulgoon presents:

Steer a bunch of guests through a surreal tale of space
travel and conquest, setting their varied sonic ranges
as pieces staked in a game of stagecraft and chance.
For these cases, the best thing is to have a mold or pattern
prone to variation yet enduring,
adaptable to each and every one of the particular cases,
thereby getting their way with relative brilliance.

The board is a tool as it is a field.
The pieces do not report the rigorous gloved hand
that subjects their will and rules their song.
But the player is also a prisoner of another board,
from which hymns and fuss are gathered
while making up the perimeter.

Spacecraft shifts in recognition of Eden,
perhaps shipwrecked to begin with,
still coordinating field trips and mapping ruins,
sending swarms of drones to avoid imminent contact.
In the operational base, a non-stop furnace, metal blows,
incandescence, and liquefaction build up a dreamlike epic,
a newfound mythology of hardware and ritual
whose cause is to propel paradise.