Emmalee Hunnicutt -   Picnic, Moonside

Emmalee Hunnicutt - Picnic, Moonside

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Label: Dear Life

Picnic, Moonside is a collection of songs that journey into the world beneath the dirt and the moonlit times after the sun sets. From joyful descriptions of eating beets, to moonside picnics with Hawk Moths pollinating night blooming Datura flowers, this album is an exploration of one artist's love for the earth and its mysteries.

Several songs specifically highlight the sound of the cello's natural overtone series, utilizing harmonics to access melodies which defy the confines of the Western Equal Temperament system. At times, there is a spectral yet perhaps hyper-worldly quality in the music, illuminating effortless hidden layers just above and below our default threshold of experience. Hunnicutt brings a unique and delicate knowledge of how these sonorities have existed in avant-classical, improvised and Appalachian folk music traditions, thus lovingly placing them back in the source amongst the broader mysteries of naturally occurring living energies.