Gonçalo F Cardoso - Impressões de uma Ilha

Gonçalo F Cardoso - Impressões de uma Ilha

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Label: Edições CN

This is a site-specific recording with a straightforward approach that i’ve grown to love in the works of Gonçalo Cardoso.

With found sounds, sparse musics and field recordings Cardoso creates a world that on the one hand invokes a romantic Treasure Island. Yet on the other hand bringing into mind the writings of Victor Segalen.

Indeed questions are raised.
Yet emotions are shared.

The artist acts both like the journalist and the aesthetic. Sometimes he just registers, as being the observer at the sideline. Sometimes he collages the material into novel soundscapes.

The isle of Unguja is the main character on this album. While the shortwave radio becomes the symbol of the white man seeking truth and direction in the tropics. Its dial as a tool to reflect. And to express loss.

Cardoso feeds the canon of modern day exotica, a purblind genre i usually very much dislike, yet it is clear to me that he mans his vehicle evading the trapdoors and potholes.

This work is like photography.
Snapshots in which we are able to meditate on the "unique/universal" process of a place.