Grand Veymont -  Persistance et changement

Grand Veymont - Persistance et changement

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Label: Moon Glyph

  Moon Glyph is very excited to release the first three albums from French duo Grand Veymont. Available in the US for the first time. Grand Veymont is the duo of Josselin Varengo & Béatrice Morel Journel. Both were previous members of Tara King th. (Josselin on percussion/organ/keyboards, Béatrice on vocals/flute/organ). With Grand Veymont, the two create cosmic and heavenly music with a motorik beat. They combine synthesizers, organs, flute and shimmering voices to achieve a state of relaxed yet soaring propulsion. It’s entrancing, sophisticated music and Moon Glyph is thrilled to share their tunes to a new audience.

“Persistence et changement” is the latest album from Grand Veymont. Originally released by Objet Disque in 2020.