Hannah Bannanah -  Sofa access point for channelling

Hannah Bannanah - Sofa access point for channelling

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Label: Retrac Recordings

A three-part concept album from Retrac vet Hannah Bannanah.

An excerpt from the full mini-pamphlet included inside the cassette case...:

"Watching youtube like it's daytime TV, you are suddenly able to remotely view an ancient, pre-history dinner party at the same time! The two channels slip through your mind in continuous streams. Grasping at your brain's inner-geography, you can feel that the remote-viewing and youtube watching are happening in different parts of the brain, avoiding what I'm sure would be a headache!

The chatter on greenest-grass as you hover above in aerial mind-mode... A stream of content is rumbling around your brain in a tinny frequency. The incredible use of brain-cells this takes is getting you high..."