Jason Calhoun -  Notebook

Jason Calhoun - Notebook

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Label: Dear Life Records

(text messages, both sent and not)

this is garbage
-you are a genius

i really appreciate your love and support my friend

-you always end our phone calls with “I love you”
-i always feel guilty for never saying it first

am i getting through to you? am i making sense?
this is garbage
-you are a genius

i have complete faith in you
-unshakeable faith?
do anything you want
-this is garbage
you are a genius

i was definitely trying to be overly sentimental
maybe that’s why i’m feeling so sensitive about it
always appreciate your thoughtful listening <3 <3 <3
this is garbage
-you are a genius

also these may be the final masters but my ears are too clogged to listen lol

Jason Calhoun’s ‘notebook’ finds the artist confronting doubt in his own abilities while affirming his unyielding faith in loved ones. Incepted during his first sojourn to a trappist monastery, and recorded in a process that was stretched over a year and a half, the record feels uncharacteristically stark for a Jason Calhoun record. Singular voices seem to protrude out of nowhere, supported by vapor-thin and wistful chords. This is Calhoun at his most romantic and most devastating. His music is a page torn from a diary, thrown out a car window, and picked up off the sidewalk by a stranger who cherishes its brutal honesty and unknowability forever.

-Michael Cormier