Jouurney -  Dancers in the Time-Flux

Jouurney - Dancers in the Time-Flux

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Label: Digitalis

released February 4, 2010

"”synthetic dreams blossom underneath perfect french skies, offering arpeggiated gifts to a sun god that never even existed in the first place. each step is liquid and melodic to a degree, looking for another avenue to paint in electric blue. on this debut our french explorer wants to cruise the high seas on a blast of square waves. this time-flux is a warm place to be. jouurney's quixotic sounds have you floating in and out of consciousness, submerged beneath nobody drones and pink sunsets. of course, everything gets thrown out of whack for the last two minutes and the blitzed out beats and cacaphonic synth mayhem that ensues. it's an exclamation point for sure. edition of 72, pro-dubbed & imprinted.”