Landon Caldwell & Nick Yeck-Stauffer -  Unity in Isolation

Landon Caldwell & Nick Yeck-Stauffer - Unity in Isolation

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Label: Astral Editions

Hopefully by now you've become familiar with Landon Caldwell's work whether it's his Caldwell/Tester duo (see Little Flower released early 2020 on Astral Spirits), his solo work (see Unity released on Atlantic Rhythms in 2020) or even his own label he runs with Mark Tester - Medium Sound. I truly can't say enough about how amazing this Indianapolis based musician is. Chicago-based trumpeter Nick Yeck-Stauffer (Signal Decay, Crazy Doberman) who might not have a long CV yet, but will likely be a name to watch in the not too distant future.

Unity in Isolation sounds like an updated and modern version of the Codona albums with a dash of Philip Glass minimalism added in. There is a heavy Don Cherry vibe, but it comes unexpectedly from the electric piano and organ playing of Caldwell, while Yeck-Stauffer channels his inner Rob Mazurek throughout. There are many who have tried to emulate the Codona/Don Cherry style but to these ears nobody has made it sound so modern and fresh as Caldwell & Yeck-Stauffer do here. Bold words indeed but give a listen and take it in. The album is less than 40 minutes yet I want it to go on forever. One of the most enveloping and inviting records I've heard in some time.