Miroque -  Botanical Sunset

Miroque - Botanical Sunset

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Label: Slow Editions

20 years after its debut, Toronto based art publisher Slow Editions present a reissue of Japanese electronic composer-pianist Miroque's masterpiece “Botanical Sunset” on cassette tape with brand new artwork. The album was originally released on CD by Japanese label 360° Records in 2001.

A strikingly beautiful world emerges from buoyant, enchanting compositions and colourful arrangements on the synthesizer. Miroque meticulously weaves a fantastical and dreamy soundscape bubbling with possibilities. A wavering light shimmers throughout the album, emitting a brilliant atmosphere through its glowing melodies rich in sonic textures and instrumental rhythm. ‘Botanical Sunset’ is an important electronic work that connects Japanese kankyo ongaku and contemporary ambient music (Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Green, Haruomi Hosono’s Mercuric Dance to Green-house’s Music for living spaces). The timeless album needs to be heard with new ears and interpretation.