Piotr Kurek - World Speaks

Piotr Kurek - World Speaks

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Label: Edições CN

“I saw an old photo of a group of people standing in a circle, facing each other. I imagined they were singing but I’m not sure about it … I guess it was just a gathering or some kind of dance choreography near the rocky seashore.”

World Speaks is the new album by Piotr Kurek.
A collection of seven vivid paintings. Processed voices, fine reed solos, while an organist performs a meditative melody (?)

Hints of a human presence, but World Speaks sounds uninhabited. Instead we enter a glassy reality where the simulation is at play. And where nothing seems what it is: are we witness to the choreography – or the rocky seashore?

“At that time I was playing with various vocal banks I’ve made on Kontakt with some exaggerated modulation bends and tried to mimic the feeling of the memory of the picture with some vocal sequences played on the MIDI keyboard.”

Clouds slowly creeping trough the hills. The trees damp green. A few
whitewashed houses …

“Since a few years I have these Thomas Cole paintings as my laptop’s desktop wallpaper. And I absolutely love them. I’m pretty sure that something from that landscapes must have soaked into this material. A few titles here actually refer to works of Thomas Cole.”


Piotr Kurek (°1978) is a Warsaw based composer and multi-instrumentalist. Through his unconventional use of various electronic instruments and synthesisers he cultures hypnotic worlds drenched in peculiar arrangements.