Ua Yenoh Cry Cry -  Space and Order

Ua Yenoh Cry Cry - Space and Order

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Label: Orila Records

Taped at his Blue Cocoon household studio in Portland, Maine, Space and Order is Shon Mahoney’s first, full length album.

The Birds are Singing. Golden Hour. Give Thanks And Praise.

Shon Mahoney is part of a small community, kerneled at Ferry Village, South Portland, Maine. Member of the intriguing psych folk band “Big Blood”, Mahoney is a baker, an illustration-ist and a cosmic sound explorer.

Earth Moon Base. Spinning. Lights. Hand Drawings. Peace Noise.

Release notes
Pro dubbed, shrink-wrapped, C40 tape. Artwork by Shonn Mahoney. Sleeve design by Colleen Kinsella. Edition of 100 copies.