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  • digitalismsott

    motion sickness of time travel – seeping through the veil of the unconscious

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    Motion Sickness of Time Travel is the solo moniker of La Grange, Georgia’s Rachel Evans. She also plays in the duo, Quiet Evenings, with her husband and runs the Hooker Vision label with him as well. And while she’s done some really great stuff, this album takes all of it, everything, to incredible new heights.

    Evans concocts five whirlwind romances all in the space of less than an hour. Beauty, magic and bleeding effervescence come together in perfect harmony. Vague electro meanderings hide hints of early Grouper as Evans’ compositions sing like an ecstatic choir. While the songs are built around vaguely-catchy, repetitive synth backbones, she laces an incredible array of instrumental layers between those bones creating music that is as dense and complex as it is continous. Yet, the real star here is her voice. sometimes its at the fore, other times its buried underneath the plodding keys but it never gets lost and always shines.

    As the opening chords and rising whispers of “Clairvoyance” begin, you are immediately immersed into the well. Evans’ voice sings haunted, wordless lullabies that sound distant and strange yet oddly comforting. The entire aural world of “Seeping” is populated with ghosts, haunting the crevices between notes and adding a beguiling sense of complexity. With heavy kraut influences, “Mental Projection” is a midnight gem while the dark, rhythmic sequences of “Telepathy” would perfectly fill the halls of a spectral ballroom. These kraut and electronic leanings are part of what give Motion Sickness of Time Travel such a distinct sound. This is stunning music and an album that further unfolds with each and every listen.

    vinyl colour unknown

  • spectrumcontainer

    container – lp – spectrum spools

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    Container is a recent moniker of Nashville, Tennessee resident Ren Schofield, who has been actively shifting about the U.S. playing shows and releasing cassettes on his mysterious I Just Live Here imprint for a long while now. Known primarily for his God Willing project, a disjointed, confusing maze of crude oscillator, tape, and guitar, Ren has established himself as a staple in the East Coast underground. Here we have a new experiment in electronic beat-oriented music. This is no standard fare, however. It glows with a vision all its own, completely isolated and separate, making it difficult to place in the awkward world of the “genre.” The sounds are a thick stew, congealing new ideas and naive experiments into something in the ballpark of the new super-weird Wolfgang Voigt 12″s, abstract and minimal in nature with time-stopping tendencies . Take those 12″s and send them through the garbage can, tape loop, reel-to-reel experiments of Ake Hodell’s “220 Volt Buddha” or that weird track with a lawnmower by Charles Amirkhanian on the first Slowscan volume and we might be getting closer. This music, by being so unruly and defiant of any kind of trend, has created a fresh fusion we have not heard until now. “Application” introduces you to Container in the most suitable way. A confusing anti-rhythm accompanied by eerie, unidentifiable tones before a collapse of metallic drum sounds washes you out into the minimal, motorik “Protrusion.” The flip takes off with intense feedback squeal and more light speed rhythm, leading into “Overflow,” the album’s wildest, most textural piece. “Rattler” leaves the listener absolutely baffled and flipping the record over again to try to figure it all out as this record makes no sense to anybody but its creator. The experimental nature of this album alone warrants its vinyl release; however, the fine detail and unique structures will have you waiting for the next Container 12″. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, July 2011. Design and layout assistance by Mike Pollard.

  • emeraldswag

    emeralds – emeralds – wagon

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    Brand new full length from Cleveland’s Emeralds recorded Aug-Sept 2008. Proper follow up to their debut LP ‘Solar Bridge’, ‘EMERALDS’ takes the thick drone sound of that LP and transforms it into an even more abstract and strange place. Visual music that lifts the listener up and transports them through tubes of sound occasionally to be swept into the opposite direction by an unexpected entrance into another world entirely. An intense journey that drops you off in a place just beyond death.

    Edition of 1000 copies on randomly swirled colored vinyl with full color sleeves and insert featuring photography by the band.

    Recorded Aug – Sept 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio. Additional field re

  • emeraldsalleg

    emeralds – allegory of allergies – weird forest

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    About a month ago, as I watched Emeralds levitate a packed house at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, I couldn’t help but wax a bit misty-eyed, recalling the years we all spent orbiting the basements of the upper midwest with a cabal of like-minded fuckups. This opportunity to revisit “Allegory of Allergies” isn’t exactly helping me regain my composure, and for that, I’m profoundly grateful, insofar as time, distance, and a seriously killer record can put a pretty impressive sentimental gloss on virtually anything, from spacing out and driving two hours past the gig in a thunderstorm to blasting the Gods of Tundra c120 on a half-dead portable deck while scrambling to dodge a sketchy eviction threat. Those, apparently, were the days.

    In its formal aspect, “Allegory” shares much with the recent and justly lauded “What Happened,” though in nearly every other sense, they’re night and day. Where the extended vignettes of “What Happened” share a certain crystalline expansiveness and astral sheen, “Allegory” offers a crumbling labyrinth that’s at once humid and frigid, crammed to the gills with moss, lichen, cobwebs, brick dust, rotting boards, peeling paint, and narrow shafts of light. It’s a blurry and bleary vision, in which John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire improvise on synths, guitar, voice, and tapes like three cats batting at an enormous calder mobile, a sound thoroughly native to the moldering interiors and indigenous dystopian/psychedelic culture of the American Rust Belt.

    Those approaching this work for the first time will have much around which to warp/wrap their heads. Emeralds are possessed of a slow-burning, Cluster-like sense of patience, an accompanying willingness to assume the appearance of burbling sideways in low gear while stealthily turning the universe on its edge, a rare mastery of perspective and scale, and an ability to make audible the slipperiness of the slope between harmony and timbre. Just as crucially, they manage to be ambitious and sprawling without compromising their aura of raw immediacy and handmadeness. It is precisely this sort of fried grace that secures Emeralds’ place in the history of vernacular experimental music and situates “Allegory of Allergies” squarely in its hallowed canon of epic double LPs. – Chris Madak

    Cover art by Mike Connelly. Inner photography by Shannon Neale.

  • emegoemeraldswhat

    emeralds – what happened- editions mego

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    Edition of 300 copies on transparent yellow vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve.

    Editions Mego is chuffed to release these vintage synth-guitar improvisation jams recorded straight to tape, 2007-2008. Previously released as a CD by No Fun, this is now the definitive vinyl edition of this material, and serves as archival insight into the development of Emeralds’ sound over the last years. Mastered by James Plotkin. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

  • facesofe

    faces of emmanuelle (bleu nuit video 001) – they live we sleep

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    “Faces of Emmanuelle” (dir. Rob Feulner)

    An exploration of the VHS medium and the subterranean trash which thrived in it. Using source material from Emmanuelle 6, this DVD-R/VHS further blurs the line between low and high art. Beautiful cinematography coupled with smut. Strategic pauses and tracking errors guides the viewer to discover the true depth and sadness of the seemingly one-dimensional Emmanuelle. Soaring arpeggio synths and pulsating rhythms by Rob Feulner. The utter destruction of arguably the most beautiful film never seen, lost and forgotten on the shelf of your local video store, behind the cowboy doors or dangling beads. Written off as pornography by most, written off as too soft by creeps. This is the plight of Emmanuelle.

    The DVD is duplicated on glossy DVD-5 discs, using the highest quality 6-colour inkjet printing possible. Keeping true to its title, there are three different disc “faces.” The DVD is packaged in a professional quality DVD-sized jewel case named the Super Jewel Box King, a case like no other, and is unfortunately no longer being manufactured. Full colour double-sided printing for both the cover and trapsheet.

    Running time – 27:36
    NTSC Region 0

  • weyeschal

    weyes blood – strange chalices of seeing – self released

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    Comes with A Small Insert with Track listing, a picture of a black cat and another smaller insert.
    Recorded At The Cobain Vein 07

    artwork is a little worn with some bent corners, cdr has minor wear as well.

    *discogs lists this as a cassette though the picture shows it as a cdr. I stocked these when they were first release and to my knowledge there was never a cassette version.

  • inyrala

    ala vjiior ‎– lifetime ’772/Y’ – inyrdisk

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  • sodwt

    wire thicket – dust, static – students of decay

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    In describing the debut Wire Thicket album, released on Pseudoarcana in 2006,
    Antony Milton applied to the duo the term “power-drone.” On their second outing,
    the pair have fully embraced this label and taken it to new, delirious peaks. The
    title track is a fifteen minute blast of singing, celestial metal; an impassioned,
    deeply meditative flight into the starry night conjured from guitar, electronics and
    field recordings. Characteristic of the duo’s prior work together, the piece is an
    excercise in accretion — with layers and layers of meticulously detailed sound
    arranged into a furious, beautiful blanket of howling drone. Emerging from
    the tonal rubble is a second, shorter piece: a reworking of Taiga Remains’
    “Brilliant Dead Highways” (a piece featured previously on a split 7” with CJA) -
    akin to a delicate, drifting calm at the end of an immense storn.

  • sodfo

    fabio orsi – 2 or 3 moments in 1 day – students of decay

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    With recent releases on Digitalis and A Silent Place, and a Last
    Visible Dog album impending, Fabio Orsi has quickly made quite
    a name for himself – with good reason. “2 or 3 Moments in 1 Day”
    is, appropriately, a three part arrangement, each successive
    movement more shimmering and beautiful than the last. In Fabio’s
    own words, “The base idea was to create three parallel worlds. Like
    the thoughts in the mind, some intelligible moments and some
    lysergic moments.” Wonderful stuff, truly.

  • bnlph

    helm- impasse – low point

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    Helm is the solo project of Luke Younger, one half of the London/Berlin
    noise duo Birds of Delay and guitarist for avant-weirdos Spin Spin The

    Drawing equally upon noise and ambient elements, the music on Impasse
    illustrates Younger’s continuing development within the field of
    experimental electronics and drone composition. Utilising synths, feedback
    systems and effects, these two long-form tracks offer a dense mixture of
    blistering yet melodic walls of sound.

    3″cdr packaged in a white mini-dvd style case with colour wrap-around artwork. Ltd edition of 80 copies.
    -low point

  • helmimpasse

    helm – impasse – new images

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    Impasse is a sideways journey into the archives of London based artist Luke Younger, aka Helm. Originally conceived six years ago in the wake of a Birds of Delay tour, an edited version of Impasse saw the light of day as a mini cdr on the Low Point label in 2008. This expanded re-issue has the two original tracks remastered along with two other pieces from the same sessions that remained unmixed and unreleased until a couple of years ago. Impasse is somewhat of an anomaly in the Helm canon when put alongside recent live performances and his work for labels like PAN and Kye. Where these explore the mystery inherent in obscure / everyday sounds, acoustic phenomena and mutated rhythm that results in an unusual urban experience, Impasse is significantly brighter in tone. Consisting of 4 loop based pieces the record moves into more fantastic worlds as electronics rise to the occasion, evoking similar atmospheres found in the work of Terry Riley and Boyd Rice’s early ambient works. Picture a functional family vacation, an explorer at the apex of his endeavours, a 4am drinking session with new liquids discovered. Bright corners, euphoric angles and ecstatic drones all appear in an emotionally charged high that reflects these unique moments in the human experience. The beauty of Helm lies in its implacable curiosity, the way his music observes the state of current being without sliding into the pitfalls of the general milieu. Impasse is another sublime offering from one of the UK’s sharpest cats.

    Limited edition LP with artwork by Graham Lambkin. Tracks remastered by Jaques Beleoil.

  • hermittashi

    tashi dorji – s/t – hermit hut

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    Tashi Dorji grew up in Bhutan, on the eastern side of the Himalayas. Access to any music created outside the country is limited, as are most cultural options, given the geologically isolation of the country. How Dorji went from a life so remote to developing his innovative and revelatory guitar style is mind-boggling. Yearning for access to the world outside, Dorji pursued and obtained a fully-paid scholarship to a liberal arts school in Asheville, NC, in his early twenties. He’s since settled in there (save a short stint in Maine), soaking up a vast array of music, most notably the works of Derek Bailey and John Zorn. Along the way, Dorji developed a playing style unbound by tradition, yet with a direct line to intuitive artistry. His recordings feature improvisations that spasmodically grow along tangential, surprising paths. All references break loose during a composition, as Dorji keys into his own inner world. After a handful of cassettes on various labels, Dorji presents his first proper album on Hermit Hut, the label created by Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) and inspired by spreading word of Dorji’s talents. The six compositions here are hand-picked by Dorji and Chasny as the most representative and far-reaching of his recordings. Taken together, they announce a new guitar music unlike anything being made today.

  • sunraorgan

    sun ra – church organ 1948

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    one sided coloured vinyl with paste on covers

  • geostrange

    strange mountain – inhibitions – geology records

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    Written & recorded 2014 by Marcel Thee
    Photos by Robby Susanto
    For the mighty TKW
    Thanks to Eric for believing

  • scissorwes

    wes tirey / andrew weathers – split – scissor tail editions

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    Wes Tirey has teamed up with North Carolinian Andrew Weathers to put out an experimental folk/drone split on Scissor Tail Records. Tirey’s track, ‘My Grandfather’s 12 Gauge,’ is the shorter of the two, despite clocking in at over ten minutes. Listeners familar with his traditional sound will be delighted with the intricate guitar work that conjures images of a dusty, all-American west. Weathers’ ‘Stay 100,’ which notches an impressive twenty minutes, is more of an electronic folk song, with his guitar work supported by gentle drone. It’s interesting how both tracks play off one another, with the slight changes highlighting the progression of conventional folk music. It would be interesting to see the idea taken further, starting with Tirey’s classical finger-picking and eneding with electonic and/or rock music, with each track tracing a step in th evolution and development of traditional folk music.

  • tranqhobo

    hobo cubes – memories – tranquility tapes

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    Montreal’s Francesco De Gallo is easily one of the busiest and most prolific musicians throughout the cassette underground. He operates the great Hobo Cult Records and has been a member of many groups including Dozens, Velvet Chrome, and The H, but Hobo Cubes has always been De Gallo’s main game. Memories is one of his most personal works to date. The release fuses muted synth passages with field recordings culled from various experiences and locations over the past four years. Like memories themselves, melodies that are both eerie and comforting drift just below the surface, connecting with us clearly at some instances and obfuscated by time and our ability to comprehend them at others. There’s a distinct pensiveness present throughout each track as De Gallo uses sound to pour over long lost moments that belong to the past but live on powerfully within the mind. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • transpark

    sparkling wide pressure – dream of windows – tranquility tapes

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    Sparkling Wide Pressure makes a welcome return to the label. In the three years that have passed since we released Sing What You Remind Me Of, creative powerhouse Frank Baugh’s solo project has remained consistently engaging on an almost unbelievable level. Dream of Windows features further excavations into his singular style, which blends the warmth of psychedelic pop with the spaciousness, dissonance, and free-form nature of experimental music. Cascades of acoustic and electric guitar picking meet otherworldly keyboard melodies, confounding cassette playbacks, and low-fi drum machine beats. Baugh’s voice regularly seeps into the mix like a mournful ghost singing arcane poetry as he plays with vocal manipulations and syncopation in even more off-kilter ways than usual. Altogether, it adds up to another brilliant piece of an already astonishing catalog that melds the strange and the beautiful in ways that few others can. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • tranqcliffs

    cliffsides – headspace – tranquility tapes

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    Your eyes do not deceive you. This is two full hours of brand new Cliffsides material. After relocating to the Bay Area in 2013, Ryan McGill plunged head first into his solo endeavor and what he came up with is the massive and sprawling achievement that is Headspace. Divided into two distinct sets, “The Fool” features brand new synth work and “The Universe” is made up of material created through sampling various found cassettes and field recordings – a style that began to take shape on last year’s Spirit in the Mountain Temple cassette on Hooker Vision. Thematically, the release contrasts the notions of conscious and unconscious thought, logic and dreams, reason and desire, as well as the symbiotic and mutually destructive interactions between man and universe. Sonically, it’s everything you want from new Cliffsides and then some. Stunning melodic sequences and progressions segue into ultra-deep drones and abstract passages, while angelic voices and strangely familiar orchestrations rise up from magnetic spools. Altogether, this is a thoroughly fascinating and epic double dose you’ll want to take again and again. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • tranqrain

    rain drinkers – wood violet – tranquility tapes

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    Since 2010, Rain Drinkers have skillfully melded genres across incredible releases on Brave Mysteries, Earjerk, Reverb Worship, and their own Shifting Sands Congregation. Wood Violet finds the duo of Xax Mane Krass and Joe Taylor in top form, channeling the creative spirit to seamlessly blend elements of folk, classical, electronic, and psychedelic rock across two new studio tracks and a live recording. Both Krass and Taylor are incredibly adept musicians, weaving violins, synths, guitars, piano, drum machines, and various percussive instruments throughout each piece. There’s real drama in each composition as the duo shifts fluidly between moments of pastoral beauty into passages of tense, rousing orchestration and then into smoldering psychedelia. It simply has to be heard to be believed. These two are treading a singular musical path that’s deeply and uniquely inspired by the natural beauty found throughout their homeland of Wisconsin. If you’re not on board already, this is a great place to dive in. If you already are, you don’t need me to tell you that you’re in for one hell of a ride with this one. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • pulsealien

    pulse emitter – alien vacation – expansive

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    Recorded late 2012, early 2013, and the last in a cycle of works composed on paper before moving into a more improvisational style. This album also utilizes acoustic percussion instruments.
    released 23 July 2014

    Composed and performed by Daryl Groetsch in Portland, Oregon, winter 2012/2013

    Oberheim OB-8, Ensoniq VFX-SD, and modular synthesizers
    Lexicon PCM-80 and Digitech DSP-128 effects processors
    Chimes, cymbals, Native American drum, rattle, and hand claps

  • salvaa

    oariana – wooden arch extending to the island of feathers and sticks – salvation salivation

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    salvation salivation 002

    Part of the last batch of tapes I was given at the DAR house.
    The DAR house is past. Minimally documented, unknown except to a few, pretty undefinable and probably incomprehensible. These tapes for now represent some of the last emanations from the house.

    no idea who this is or any recording info.
    digging it cause it aint one you can just pigeonhole. Experimental underground music as it is supposed to be, unknown, indescribable; touching on a myriad of sources but existing on it’s own.

  • salvkurm

    kurma – subaquatic resonance – salvation salivation

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    salvation salivation 004

    Part of the last batch of tapes I was given at the DAR house.
    The DAR house is past. Minimally documented, unknown except to a few, pretty undefinable and probably incomprehensible. These tapes for now represent some of the last emanations from the house.

    subaquatic resonance indeed

  • salvandy

    andy loebs – siphoning my mystical futures – salvation salivation

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    salvation salivation 005

    Part of the last batch of tapes I was given at the DAR house.
    The DAR house is past. Minimally documented, unknown except to a few, pretty undefinable and probably incomprehensible. These tapes for now represent some of the last emanations from the house.

    Andy definitely throws the listener in deep on this one. way raw, way deep and way out there. Definitely a journey with a path but thick with strange landmarks and dimensions along the way. -tomentosa

  • jefre

    jefre cantu ledesma – songs of remembrance – psychic trouble tapes

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    Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has released a bunch of solo records on labels such as Type, Pan, NNA and Emerald Cocoon. He has played in Tarentel, Raum, The Alps, Barn Owl and others as well as co-founder of the Root Strata label.

    Songs of Remembrance is a collection of recordings gathered from various sessions in Northern California, Berlin, Munich and Brooklyn. It gives a sense of shifting between place and time, various forms of weather & seasons of the year experienced in totally different landscapes. At times, what plays out like a serene soundtrack with lush guitar swells and looping drum machines moves into blown out found sounds torn apart by static & tape hiss. The whole thing ends up feeling something like falling in and out of dream sleep while watching Twin Peaks.

    Recorded 2011-2013 at home in Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Sausalito and Brooklyn. Edited and Compiled at The Crown Heights Inn, Crown Heights, Brooklyn – Fall 2013
    Cover Photo By Mary Manning
    All songs by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

  • exoangel

    cool angels – hole – exo tapes

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    Ltd. edition of 35
    Design by Whatever™

  • exotril

    phrase infinita – trilho da nascente, trilho do poente – aquae

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    Based on the Trilho do Nascente, Trilho do Poente draft-poem(s) by Rio Pontes, this 51:18 + 18:20 (outro) min combo of field recordings and tape adulteration offers Phrase Infinita´s decoding of two primal cadenze over a rich sowing of layered anima, carefully unraveled through the verses´ dictation. Sounds range from personal, public and pirated resources, elegantly adding to the the poetic allegory.

    The last two tracks, Cronómetro para um Arcaico and the always incomplete Fresta ao Tempo are lite attempts to escape from the poem(s)´ exposure, as dramatic as an event like this can be. The side notes from Phrase Infinita are themselves vague on reflexive properties, yet clear on positioning the references from the poem(s)´ subject, as well as its casuistic interrelations:

    “Two circumstantial Themes

    diluted by Collision,

    on a poorly erased draft,

    below a dimmed star”

    Marisa Fontes
    original release on exo tapes

  • aquaejccg

    jccg – eje – aquae

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    I spent the beginning of this year wondering about listening beyond the usual borders, and it feels fitting that I should close it by giving one of the artists I mentioned their dues. EJE is the work of Portugal´s JCCG, a musician who finds a quiet beauty in repeated actions. It is less an overlooked album and more an impossible not to overlook album (it was released as an edition of 30 cassettes on an obscure Mexican tape label) but it is absolutely worth hunting down. EJE takes me to the plane that Wolfgang Voigt in his Gas guise dreamt up – a place of great calm and understanding – yet does so with just a bashed up guitar and loop pedal.
    Ruth Saxelby – Dazed’s overlooked albums of the year

    original release on exo tapes

  • aquaemario

    mário wazao – quente – aquae

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    A sensorial promenade through the digital x tepid streetcorner-lifestyle of Mário Wazao; a fluent ghost writer and eternal permeable student, Wazao´s style relies on artisanal trance techniques but with a personal touch. Designed for post vaporized socialites thus reclaiming relaxed but elegant lyrical environments for those everyday dream-a-dream moments, the deluxe debut Quente is a wet vision made of insomnia extravaganza. A massage from and to the senses, enjoyable only through desire.
    Thiago Sarafado
    original release on exo tapes

  • tuluumharp

    tuluum shimmering – the sun harp – the lahmogie institute

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    20 min. film on dvd, with the full 60min jam that the sountrack’s culled from on cd.
    beautiful packaging on these with each case having a unique photo on the cover.

  • unknown

    unknown – transmission – unknown tone records

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    Broadcasts from beyond or from within; it makes little difference which. Stranded in an ocean’s expanse on a pebble of dust, driven and tossed with the wind. The pursuit, the attempts, above all else, to remain human.

  • aughteliz

    elizabethan collar – elizabethan collar – /\\ aught

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    c26 in 4×5 poly bag.

  • cracklefield

    haitianfieldrecorders (silver album ) – crackletimesfavor cassettes

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