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  • mattbp

    matthew barlow – product – self released

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    High-bias c30 with full color double-sided j card and labels. Each tape gets a unique, handmade insert with hand-written recording notes on one side, and a vintage ad cutout on the other. Home dubbed, one tape at a time in real time. Album art features original photographs by Richard Auxillo (Los Angles, CA) – created exclusively for this release.

    “Product” is the third tape release from sound artist, Matthew Barlow. Being a sonic meditation on consumerism, the arrangement (comprised of two 15 min pieces) shifts back and forth from warm synths and cold, vacant textures.

    All sounds and instrumentation were created from processed field recordings taken at a local grocery market. The entire piece is an improvisational performance, recorded in one take, with minimal editing in post.

    Best enjoyed with headphones.

  • oesbmirage

    mirage – blood for the return = olde english spelling bee

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    Earlier this year I was contacted by Robin Nydal, aka Mirage, a 19-year old musician from Los Angeles who had just put his debut album titled “Blood For The Return” on Bandcamp. His initial email solicitation was bizarrely unconventional — instead of asking me to listen to his songs he only wanted me to listen to very brief sections of his songs — to quote his first email in full:

    So I took the bait on the novelty of a hopeful musician asking me to listen to only the “good parts” of their songs — the problem was that I didn’t hear why the prescribed sections were any more remarkable than the entirety of the album. It was a stunning listen from start to finish and I was quickly on board to help him release it, not fully realizing what I was getting myself into. I was soon reminded of that saying: “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. In the following months, while the brief 6-song album metamorphosized into a full-length 11-track monster, the myth behind Mirage underwent a complete deconstruction as well.

    I’m accustomed to working with some very eccentric artists but nothing could have prepared me for the Twilight Zone that is Mirage. Dozens upon dozens of insane, demanding, and non-sequitur emails – every single day. Ranging from hilarious to bratty to downright menacing — it was like being in a movie — my very own “psychological thriller” — heavy emphasis on “psycho”. First he asked if he could transfer his Bandcamp account over to OESB because the income he was making off sales was jeopardizing his family’s status as welfare recipients (?!?!). His story didn’t completely make sense and his home address pointed to a nice neighborhood in a Los Angeles suburb — so the request was a head-scratcher — but sure, done. In the meantime I had sent his music to a couple of writers which resulted in some enthusiastic coverage on both Pitchfork and Fader. About a week after the articles appeared I received a cryptic email from Jack Shankly of Weird World/Domino requesting a phone call. Since OESB had been more or less dormant I assumed that he wanted to speak with me about Mirage. When I mentioned Jack’s request to Robin he said “well, I’m in neck-deep with you but I am already in knee-deep with Jack” !?!? “What does that mean exactly?” I replied and then Robin explained that he was already under contract to Weird World/Domino for all of his music but “don’t worry about it — what are they gonna do, spank us?” !?!? So this kid was frustrated that Domino was in no rush to release his music so he came up with a new project name and started shopping it around in hopes that Domino wouldn’t notice — and of course made no mention of any of this to me until Domino came calling. Oops, looks like your cover is blown kid!!

    I knew that Robin Nydal was a clever but fairly obvious pseudonym: Robin = BOB & Nydal = DYLAN. But “Robin” certainly acted like a bratty 19-year old who was still living with his parents. So how did boy genius already have this secret record deal with Domino? A few minutes of Google-searching shed plenty of light on the poorly constructed mystery. The Blood For The Return cover image had been used way back in 2010 for a write-up on one of his previous projects — and his list of guest musicians on BFTR led to articles on several other past bands he’d been in with the same guys. Robin used a different pseudo-name as the bandleader for each, but there was nothing for him to be ashamed of — all of the previous bands made extremely well-crafted experimental pop that had generated some healthy blog buzz yet failed to break into the indie mainstream. Curiously in nearly every write-up between 2009 and 2012 the music for these different projects was credited to a “19-year old from Los Angeles”. Guess he’s got one of those “fountains of eternal youth” in his backyard!!

    “And so I wake in the morning, And I step outside, And I take a deep breath and I get real high.. And I scream at the top of my lungs What’s going on? And I say, hey hey hey hey… I said hey, WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!”.

    BUT IT GETS EVEN STRANGER FROM THERE — his Wolfmother-esque high-school rock band was somehow able to secure a slot as the opening act for The Who’s Roger Daltrey on his North American tour in 2009. WTF!?!? Turns out that Linda Perry from 4 Non-Blondes had discovered a 13-year old Mirage at a Guitar Center (of course!!), bought him a guitar as a gift that very same day, and took him and his friends under her wing as their “manager/band mom” for six years. But after getting thrown into the deep end of the pool on the Daltrey tour their debut release flopped and they disbanded to pursue a series of re-inventions that leaned more towards proggy art-rock. Each project sounding more haunted and lo-fi until crystallizing into the funhouse-mirror mindfuck that is Mirage.

    So that helps explain some things — Mirage is suffering severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his teenage music-biz experiences and close calls with rock stardom. Too much, too soon. The big dream was within reach yet slipped his grasp. Now he’s a lunatic making recordings far more hermetic in nature — while playing twisted mind-games with record labels and the world at large. But, ultimately — none of this failed mythology matters. Because the music is coming from a very real and unique place. The intricately convoluted fantasy realm that he exists in reveals itself in vivid colors upon listening to these songs. That’s why Mirage has been compared to pop-experimentalists from the 70′s like Robert Wyatt, Van Dyke Parks, and Peter Gabriel — all of whom were known for going “beyond the song” and creating their own idiosyncratic sound-worlds. For a more contemporary point of reference Pitchfork’s Jayson Greene said that Mirage “recalls what a Grizzly Bear demo might sound like that had spent the last ten years buried in someone’s vegetable garden.”

    Hey everyone — grab a shovel — let’s go dig!!

    – Todd Ledford, Olde English Spelling Bee

  • oesbwingd

    wingdings III – symbol of infinity – olde english spelling bee

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    Expertly mastered and released in a limited edition of 300 copies on ultra clear vinyl + download coupon.

    Straight out of the Outer Limits Recordings archive comes the final installment in the Wingdings trilogy: III: Symbol of Infinity. The origin of these recordings have never been entirely clear, with a popular theory being that these are a collection of recordings picked up via satellite of broadcasts by a far-away alien race – who were attempting to emulate radio broadcasts that they had received from Earth – known as Earthling music – as a form of communication. The other theory is that these are a series of jams completed in the dead-heat of summer in a flea-infested apartment in Echo Park. The former sounds the more likely.

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  • utooon

    uton – untitled – gold soundz

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    Lathe-Cut Edition of 50 Copies

  • archfive

    500mg – another order of existence – archive

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    Recorded at the Big Jar book store in Philadelphia.

    The 7″ Lathe Cut + CD edition comes housed in the a 7″ foldout sleeve, printed with two color silk screen work by Alan Sherry of SIWA on a heavyweight 140lb paper. The front cover is die cut with and inserted picture from the performance printed on vellum, all hand glued and assembled. Graphic work by Demian Johnston. The lathe cut edition contains no extra audio from the CD version but merely offers approx. 5 min edits of each track.

    The backcover credits the two tracks differently, than on the regular edition.

    Limited to 100 copies.

  • blacknatseven
  • chonmam

    mammal – no hope – chondritic sound

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    Recorded early 2005 at Nightmare Alley, Detroit, MI.
    ‘In The Mood’ originally recorded by Bloodyminded.

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  • orphmud

    orphan fairytale & mudboy – let it be a nightingale then / whose words are my words volume 6) – bread and animals

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    Limited edition of 300 with hand painted centers and a4 insert. The silkscreen ink is Scratch and Sniff- color dependent.

  • turnedbern

    bern porter & mark melnicove – music for children of all ages vol 1 – turned word

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    300 pressed.
    Includes an insert and a loose leaf booklet of rare photos and 20 founds, most never before published.
    Hand stamped offset printed covers on re-cycled jackets.

    Tracks 1,3,5 and 8 on side A from “For our friends in Germany”, 1979.
    Track 2 on side A, used by permission from the Fredrick Wiseman film Belfast, Maine. Zipporah Films 1999.
    Tracks 4, 9 and 10 on side A, and track 2 on side B taken from an interview that Abby Shahn and James Fangboner did of Bern, 1986.
    Tracks 6,7 and 11 on side A, and track 3 on side B contributed by Mark Melnicove, 1980, 1982, 1980 and 1985.
    Track 1 side B from Aerial #I cd 1988.

  • turnedvil

    village of spaces ‎– alchemy and trust – turned word records

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    All songs written by Dan Beckman-Moon and Amy Moon O-S. All artwork by Amy Moon O-S . Mastered by Timmothy Stollenwerk. V.O.S. 2009-2011

  • digipanalp

    panabrite – soft terminal

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    Panabrite is the project of Norm Chambers — not a household name to most people, but for those who have been reveling in his music for the last few years, he is absolutely adored. He is also, we should add, the man responsible for one of the most-loved synth albums of the last few years, although that’s a journey he took incognito and we just aren’t at liberty to divulge that identity quite yet. Some will be quick to chalk Soft Terminal up as just another Kosmische record, but that’s just the surface dressing. There is something deeper happening here: vivid, liquid dreams are sculpted into intricate fantasy landscapes, each layer revealing another aspect of Chambers’ production prowess. The thing with Chambers, is that he has an innate ability to write richly-textured, melodic compositions that have as much in common with vintage electronic library music as they do with minimal synth-pop and ’70s prog. Soft Terminal opens with “Rainbow Sequence” and “Index Of Gestures.” The former remains understated, moving simply and slowly while pulling open the curtain on the rest of the album. With “Index Of Gestures,” Chambers opens up the sequencers and lets them fly. Dizzying passages resonate and when the piece finally feels like it will lift off, he tightens the reins and dives straight into an underwater sequence. But that’s only a small part of the story. “Janus” opens with finger-picked guitar arrangements augmented with synth chords and rising leads. The guitars return on “Sound ut ultimately, Chambers’ pop sensibilities are most evident on the mini-masterpiece, “Camembert Symphony.” Pushed along by the constant thrum of a drum machine, multiple melodies are interwoven, wrapping themselves tightly around you. Each soaring synth glues the song deeper into your mind before fading away into the sonic ether. Cut to vinyl atSoftly” while Chambers’ ghostly, robotic vocals float away unscathed. On “Beta Axis Terminal,” pointillist tones flutter in and out before sharp, sequenced chord progressions overtake them. As the piece continues to build, vocoder hovers above thickened basslines and you feel lost in a dystopian sci-fi novel. B Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies only.

  • oesbjamesbest

    james ferraro – last american hero – oesb

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    remastered re-ish of a limited euro-cassette that came out last year on dreamtime taped sounds (the label run by lieven martens a.k.a. dolphins into the future) — featuring new cover art and extensive liner notes by mr. ferraro — this is one of my all-time fave jammers by ferraro and it is a super unique entry in his catalog with its lonesome high desert vibe and even a roadhouse boogie jam to close things out.

  • spirepana

    panabrite – illumination – under the spire recordings

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    Norm Chambers’ music travels like a deep mental odyssey in a labyrinth of serene echoes. Beyond the sounds, there is the sentiment of peacefulness, a cinematic mosaic of colors, flashing in your mind. Searching for constant illumination, you slowly float in open space…
    Random sequences of data wandering the sky, quick streams of light buzzing around you, lost in hypnotic corridors leading to new environments, discovering glittering gems… A fantastic trip filled with dystopian drones, analog birds & IDM beats. Get lost in the light. – Francesco De Gallo. Mastered by Seth Christman. Artwork by Aaron Troyer. 300 copies pressed on 140g vinyl in heavyweight reverse-printed sleeves.

  • hookerquietlp

    quiet evenings- intrepid trips – hooker vision

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    Initiation. Design. Strange talismans and insignias. The path of the Quiet Evening is revealed to the true seeker. Washes of illumination. The toadstools of fairytales and the stoned ape. The curtain is drawn.

    Purple marbled vinyl with metallic gold and black label. Full color jackets with black and white insert. Art by Grant Evans. Edition of 300.

  • arborouterspace

    outer space – arbor

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    John Elliott’s Outer Space project is a laboratory for electronic investigation. Acting as a continuance of the studies of mid 20th century electronic music composers such as Nik Pascal and Laurie Spiegel, Elliott’s music is deeply indebted to the inner workings of the electric signal. Acting almost as a meditation, through the simple gesture of translation Elliott’s process begins to reveal itself as electricity is converted into acoustic pressure and potential; the melody of physics. The six recordings on the album are each a microcosmic view into Elliott’s practice; a keystone, illuminating his solo practice as well as his work as a member of Emeralds. Composed and recorded over the past three years without the use of digital synthesizers and arpeggiation; a record closely connected to a personal path, attempting to make sense, to understand one’s journey. Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman; pressed in an edition of 650 copies on clear vinyl with full color gloss covers and heavy stock printed euro-style inner sleeves.

  • hookerqeszlp

    seziki tetrasheaf / quiet evenings – split – hooker vision / rotifer

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    In celebration of Rotifer’s 50th and Hooker Vision’s 100th releases, the two labels have teamed up to offer a commemorative split LP between the labels’ flagship bands, Seziki Tetrasheaf and Quiet Evenings.
    The A side begins with Seziki’s lost and found shuffle of mildewed grooves. Hazy recollections. Deep humidity.
    On the flip, QE cool things down a bit with a bubbling hymn to the ocean and her mysteries. Lost in waves. Floating.
    Black vinyl with metallic silver and black label. Full color, shrink-wrapped jackets. Art by Jeffry Astin, David Toro, and Grant and Rachel Evans. Edition of 300.
    Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman.

  • oesbspencer

    monopoly child star searchers – bamboo for two – oesb

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    A Night’s Creativity. A Parroted Companions guided tour to the most Romantic details of a Jungle’s sensbility. Imagine the elements of your most recent landscaped vision coming to life and allowing you to witness a hearts perception of the natural world. Charles Berlitz has reported this eventful experience in the form of a Romantic Poem, and the Star Searchers have invented the soundtrack. Olde English Spelling Bee and Pacific City Sound Visions invite the listener to experience the first Studio album in Pacific City’s history! Featuring James Ferraro as Rocco Martini, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into the Future, and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale; Playing the most exotic keyboard melodies this side of a Parrots hotly lit Plumage. This album is the first in series of Romantic Audio recordings that will later include the titles: “Make Mine, Macaw” and “The Garnet Tucan”. Do enjoy the excitement of this one of kind journey to Pacific City’s Nightlife and relax your mind’s physical limitations….

  • sweatmotion

    motion sickness of time travel / nova scotian arms – slow architecture – sweat lodge guru

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    used, great shape

    Packaged in a large plastic case.
    Edition of 100 copies.

  • housecraftgoodwheel

    good wheel tea carpentry – split – housecraft recordings

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    USED copy – tapes look great, the poly covering has some wear, but overall artwork is great

    amazing set

    4 tapes
    eight spokes from seven folks comprised of four segments each in collaborations and lone sessions – spanning two continents, spoken in three languages, and housed in one embellished box: Royallen, Cyquoia, Tricorn and Queue, Tuluum Shimmering, Do Tell, 1994, Peat Raamur, Xiphiidae.


  • exostrange

    strange mountain – glass clouds II – exo tapes

    out of stock

    Written and recorded by Marcel Thee
    Canberra 1989-1991, Wassenaar 1994-1995, Perth 2002-2003

    Thank you João and Gil

    For Ingrid

    Anio, Draw Forever
    released 07 January 2015

    Ltd. edition of 35

    Artwork by Whatever™

  • fieldhako

    hakobune – a fluid photograph – fallow field music & press

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  • nouwes

    wes tirey – concerning the disputed photograph of crazy horse – noumenal loom

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    Wes Tirey — Guitar, Recorded in Black Mountain, NC
    released 12 February 2015

  • noules

    les halles – forum – noumenal loom

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    Recorded between April and October of 2014, Montpellier / Lyon, France
    All songs written by Baptiste Martin.

  • nousister

    sumbu dunia – sister nature – noumenal loom

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    “Thanks to Garrett, Isabel and Aidan.”
    released 12 February 2015

  • thurstonused
  • vitthree

    three legged race – rope commercial vol. 2 – vitrine

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    Vitrine inaugurates 2015 with the second volume in the Rope Commercial series courtesy Kentucky-based artist, Robert Beatty. Since the early 2000s, Beatty has been a stalwart of the American underground. He’s expanded his palette in recent years with solo forays as Three Legged Race. Rope Commercial Vol. 2 finds Beatty venturing further beyond the pale, delivering two sides of sinkhole electronics straight out of a dusted Igloo LP or an anomalous 8” flexi of Kansai post-punk. Wordless distance is traveled in miniature. Throughout the fulgent diversity of the cassette’s twenty minutes, Beatty exemplifies the unhurried poise of a master. Sound for the end of ozone. Preparations for the empty closet. Limited to 150 copies.

  • phintm

    takahiro mukai – 1409-1 – phinery tapes

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    1409-1 is a collection of 6 minimal compositions by Japanese artist Takahiro Mukai. Slow and hypnotic acid techno – lovingly put together for your listening pleasure.
    released 22 December 2014

    Recorded in Osaka, Japan 2014
    Artwork by adam Shield

  • phinlori

    lorica – mialle tapes – phinery tapes

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    Conceived and recorded in a week following an exhaustive journey through northern New South Wales, Mialle Tapes follows his memories and muddled aftermath in a collection that burrows into immersive calm textures, buried melodies and the filigree of the damaged tape tradition inspired by the likes of William Basinski, The Caretaker and Grouper. Composed according to a series of pre-determined rules that eases him into a semi-meditative state, the ten-track collection utilises field recordings, found cassettes and Hill’s array of pedals, processors and prized collection of vintage cassette recorders (including his trusty Tascam 424)

  • phindemof

    demonstration synthesis – ds15 – phinery tapes

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    More synth-explorations by Daniel James Leznoff, a little darker this time around. 40 minutes of pure joy. As always: you know you’re in for a treat with Demonstration Synthesis. I’m feeling lucky being able to release yet another album by this genius