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  • phinerymatthew

    matthew barlow – now age – phinery tapes

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    Now Age is the latest offering from Asheville, NC sound artist, Matthew Barlow. The 50 minute long release is comprised of four pieces – each performed using original synth patches (created by Matthew) derived from a singular granular sample. Threaded throughout the four pieces are field recordings – including birds, ocean surf, crickets, and more – recorded by Barlow either at his home in the country or out during his travels.

    The title Now Age could be considered as a commentary of New Age music – specifically it’s spiritual nature -yet the title’s true intent may best be interpreted as a dismissal altogether of New Age music’s mystical ideologies. However, the album by no means wishes to present a brash, atheistic agenda. Content with suspending supernatural belief for a moment, Now Age contemplates the nature of life, and marvels at the idea that we – conscious beings – are all composed of and a part of a majestic cosmos. No mysticism need be invoked should we desire to be amazed by our existence in this world. It is that we exist at all in this expansive universe and that we are connected to it – these are the meditations of Now Age.

    Above all, Now Age hopes the listener may deepen their understanding of humankind’s connection with the cosmos and our story within it.

    ‘We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.’
    – Carl Sagan

  • barlowfield

    matthew barlow – fields – self released

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    cdr version of self released tape.

    “This release was created & inspired largely from processing two 15 min sessions of electric guitar recorded to tape.

    Original photograph by miranda wildman.
    Composed, recorded, produced by matthew barlow
    Mastered by dylan jung & matthew barlow

    Recorded June 2012. Asheville, NC. Catalog #001″

  • beemistake

    bee mask – docked orbs – mistake by the lake

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    2 cassette
    mistake by the lake 003
    Recorded February – July 2007.

    Limited edition of 50 copies.
    Tapes come packaged in a 5×7 inch snapcase.
    Comes with an insert.

  • raregeoff
  • treesplit

    treetops / dan marino – split – goaty tapes

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    Edition of 100 on imprinted shells with hand-cut inserts and inside folds.

  • aquaabduct

    bill doob – aqua abduct – inspired school of astral music

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  • nnfdylan

    dylan ettinger ‎– composed by dylan ettinger – not not fun

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    Being Boiled is a Human League cover. Originally written by Martyn Ware & Ian Crag Marsh. Lyrics by Philip Oakey. Engineered by Drekka.

  • hookersundrip

    sundrips – guide – hooker vision

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    Edition of 100. Comes with insert.

    Recorded March 2010.

  • qe

    quiet evenings – intrepid trips – no label

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    Recorded at home, 2011.
    Edition of 100 copies.

  • sloowcamp

    tom carter & robert horton – campfire – sloow tapes

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    Casual late night camfire jams with laidback appearances. On special request there’s only 40 copies of this one.

  • patientsage

    m. sage – chautauqua (loops) tape – patient sounds

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    4 loops recorded by M. Sage and repeated at 10 minute intervals. released on black cassettes (c41) in an edition of 25 full color label and insert. cassette meditation music for slow afternoons in a landscape.

  • earnperformance

    earn – performance – ekhein

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    used, recommended
    Two full length live recordings. Ranging from an earlier, more long-form set in Chicago 2009 to a more recent set of several pieces recorded this previous fall in St. Louis.

  • deadpikottuluum

    tuluum shimmering / plurals – split – dead pilot records

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    Oh how far we’ve come! Hot on the heels of the massive split from Archers by the Sea and Pine Smoke Lodge comes the 7th installment in the series! Pairing up Plurals with Tuluum Shimmering.

    Plurals need no introduction by now. “Ocset Refund” is a track I heard come to life live a few months back in a small pub in High Wycombe. I remember being totally paralyzed by it then just as much as I am now. Plurals have mastered the art of hypnotics with synths and howls and keep bettering themselves with each release. “Ocset Refund” is a piece that definitely brings images of stars, planets, and solar systems to mind; almost like you are falling through space down to earth with it’s desperateness. The piece ends with a huge wave of blissful synths which are very calming in comparison to the rest of the tracks sheer intensity.

    Tuluum Shimmering has a string of limited cassette releases to his name, all with fantastic zoned out names and artwork to suit the music perfectly. Tuluum combines elements of new age, ritualistic tribal sounds and psychedelic drone. This may well be the most far out psyche jam ever on Dead Pilot. It’s fantastically uplifting and playfully melodic and rhythmic as it builds from chiming passages to walls of bright glare that end so abruptly that you bought out of your trance with quite a thump.

    Packaged in stickered black digipak with eye popping artwork by Ekca Liena with hand numbered insert and hand stamped disc. Limited to 100 copies.

  • emaciatorsecond

    emaciator – secondary – rare youth

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    Limited to 100 copies.
    Recorded April 2008 in daylight.

  • saffron

    thoughts on air – saffron bay – self released

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  • featheredulz

    sashash ulz – the shadows of my cap-and-feather days – feathered coyote records

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    Two sides of languid, melancholic psychedelia from Sashash Ulz. Coming from the thriving Karelian underground scene, Sashash Ulz has released on a number of labels including Digitalis Limited, Full of Nothing, SicSic Tapes, Sweatlodge Guru and Hooker Vision, to name just a few.
    His work here fully unfolds itself when listened to alone and in the dark. Using subdued guitar tones throughout, this music will take you on a journey to some long-forgotten places of your psyche, a bit like Swann’s madeleine …

  • usedchubby

    chubby wolf ‎– maudlin + elusive – teosinte

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    Recorded at home July and August 2008.
    Cassette packaged in a vinyl case with insert and hand-cut artwork.
    Numbered edition of 100 copies.

  • nsbveil

    natural snow buildings – beyond the veil – blackest rainbow

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    Limited hand numbered edition of 300.

    Packaged in a folded paper color cover, in a clear plastic envelope.

    Produced for the bands first UK tour.

  • nsbdaughter

    natural snow buildings ‎– daughter of darkness – blackest rainbow

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    Box set limited to 150 copies. Red cassettes numbered with gold paint.
    Cassettes are numbered from 1-4, and the 5th tape is marked with a Ø.

  • nsbfive

    natural snow buildings ‎– daughter of darkness V – recollections of knulp

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    Part 5 in the “Daughter of Darkness” series. Limited to 100 copies. Green cassette with gold “V” painted on the A-side.

  • torisen

    isengrind / twinsistermoon ‎– tide leftovers – tor press

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    Limited edition of 60 made for Natural Snow Buildings first UK tour. In hand made lino-printed sleeves with a lino-printed insert.

  • swampfutures
  • cache

    cache / do while – hidden house / spring into – culture dealer

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    TOGETHER AT LAST, ★”delicate vocals are subtly transformed from their human origins over a ceremonial, droning bass tone; they’re drenched in gradually swelling washes of reversed guitar and synthesized chatter that shine like diamonds. The legacy lives on in this split meditation by keeping things local in the best possible way.” — Altered Zones

  • jasoncex

    jason urick & cex ‎– title king – watercolor

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    “It’s great, these little releases that just get lost to the ethers without track titles, cassette only. I’m laughing that I even have this. It’s so good and I’m sorry to you if you slept on this release. I’m not super into dub music in general, but this exploration is well worth its effort in magnetic frequencies and supreme echo technology. Let it be known that at the time of writing this I am not a big fan of either Jason Urick or Cex solo projects, but when these two came together to make this, they took some good psychedelics and floated into a beautiful dub-rooted outerspace and also got caught in some magnificent hyper loops during travel, that neither of them could do on their own. You are lucky if you own this tape or if you have the opportunity to purchase this from someone here right now.”
    -discogs user redstarcf

  • rafistill

    rafi bookstaber – still way – azriel

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    sun stream / stellar sky

    slow burn guitar meditations.

  • diatompupil

    i am just a pupil – i dont know yet – diatom bath

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    obscure release on local asheville label diatom bath.
    i want to hear more from this dude. parts of this tape are pretty great and it gets into some deep zones. at times a thick lofi amalagmation that touches upon more referenceable sounds but is able to maintain its own identity and sound.
    worthwhile listen for sure and ill be keeping an eye out for future releases

  • carpileshalles

    les halles / magnétophonique – split II – carpi records

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    Numbered pro-Printed Covers. Handstamped inserts. First Copies ship with Postcards.
    Gold Metallic Inners.
    Edition of 45

  • noshoes

    no shoes one sock – this is our raga – terrapin recordings

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    This Is Our Raga, the latest cassette from Hamilton, ON’s No Shoes & One Sock, manages to pull this dual feat off perfectly.

    Primarily the project of Jamie Ryan Downey, but also including Drew and Reg (last names unknown), the project is described as “Indian primitive,” with the raga title reference also indicating as much. India Currents magazine states that “a raga is a scale which is played one way going up (arohi) and another way going down (avarohi). There are also two heavily emphasized notes, usually a fourth apart called the vadi and samvadi (usually translated as the ‘king’ and ‘prime minister notes.’” As with traditional Indian ragas, No Shoes & One Sock’s piece mostly consists of the same scale, but played in interestingly evolving ways. The upfront, but not in your face, presence of the sitar also adds to the classical Indian vibe.

    What sets This Is Our Raga apart from other generic cross-blends of Eastern and ambient, however, is the inherent eeriness present throughout the piece’s duration. From the omnipresent howling heard in the background throughout to the 1950s scifi film-like noises that emerge at unpredictable moments, there is a subtle darkness to this raga that takes it from being a simple ode to classical Indian music to a truly unique experience.

    With this simple, but perfect blending of traditional Indian raga and ambient/drone techniques (which of course trace their origins back to Indian music) This is Our Raga is truly one of those refreshing pieces of music that can be played on an endless loop and listened to all day with every listen yielding a different experience.
    KiRee Robinson – upstate soundscape

  • daysresidue

    opacities – day’s residue – static reason recordings

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    Limited run of 50: Hand numbered: signed: linear notes contain individualized artwork and comes packaged in a printed velum slip

  • diatomman

    mannateas / sheets of paper / a.x. – diatom bath

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    limited to 30.
    three way split
    (mannateas) – jack bliss
    sheets of paper – “hit continue” snooze

  • patientcontainer

    the kevin costner suicide pact – container ship – patient sounds

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    A massive collection of materials, shipped with care and displaced. CONTAINER SHIP is a captivating epoch for this group of ambient craftsmen. Expanding the palette of sounds, gathering subjets, an array of space. This album, a double cassette, is the strongest display of work from the group yet. Enjoy the ride, watch your head, the moon may clip you.

  • diatomeeeee

    eheieh – oo chy me mae – diatom bath

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    2 posters & a pin.

    limited to 30

    jeffry astin (xiphiidae, digital natives…) as eheieh.

    Stangely enough discogs refers to Jeff as the Xiphiidae ghost.
    And oftentimes it’s only a unintentional,random chain of events that connects you to jeff in the physical world.
    You get a sense of him like a specter showing up in dreams like a long lost friend that you find yourself running after calling their name. Appearing now and then in the side of your vision. Clarity though comes.

    This release touches more upon the slight grayness running through our visions. What starts out as a seemingly usual Digital Natives jam veers off course & though the undercurrents may feel similiar the sense that this is not a digital natives release becomes apparent….eheieh

    Gonna take a while to fully take this one in. The chaos is inherent but the slight manipulations, the slight shufflings of that chaos into something comprehensible is where it’s at.
    Much thanks to Jeff and Diatom Bath for working tirelessly to get this out.

  • maggotxiph

    xiphiidae – material mind – maggot valley

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    its hard to sum up the actions and experimentations of a brilliant mind. Jeffry Astin in general is a pioneer of his creations and has created several new genres/styles of music all of his own hands, and counting
    all of us who collect his recordings know this, if you are new to his music, and you love the music that is out on other labels similar to this one, i recommend you find as much as you can for the experience in general…dabble into the man, he will show you new faces of music
    the beauty of xiphiidae is that you never know what you’re getting yourself into. a weaving tapestry of layered collauge of sounds from so many sources, it could be composed and conducted with instruments, or it could be all random/found/selected/lost and found ressurected, or the hidden brought into our light….all sprouted from the rich magnetic soil that is the mind of Housecraft Jeff. for his fans: the man IS a state of mind, and his past and present will continue in our personal history books in music ALWAYS. have a listen to the sample of “frangrence in color” and let yourself get swept into getting this tape. creep art menace by maggot jeremiah, the 1 and only. this is a produb edition