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  • hcdr15

    digital natives – three shits to the wind – housecraft recordings

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    Oops, a hundred and fifty releases. How come it took 12 years?

    Digital Natives – Three Shits to the Wind (3xc60)

    The Vimy flies again. She backs in among them. Wrought in silver and now exercised exclusively in ceremonies, getting a grip. Inside, as I arrive a patented fly-wheel and one-way clutch closed test track. It’s a tad slower than a Porsche but at dinnertime he sits on the floor with his family and eats rice and meat with his fingers. It’s a race beside the race.

    limited to 50
    3 clear cassettes minimally etched to denote # in the series

  • cdsxiphh

    xiphiidae / i am just a pupil – split – cd’s & tapes

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    cd’s & tapes010
    I am Just a Pupil – united by the word
    Xiphiidae – tip of your tale tells all

  • cdpablo

    now that’s what i call dogs dreaming vol. 88 / Pablo’s Pueblos – split – cd’s tapes?

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    We’ve mentioned the mendocino collective’s late night jams, searing a line through the bluegrass back porch scenes north of town.
    But across town some different vibes are stewing. Literally nestled among and almost getting covered over by fancy new arts & crafts houses is the DAR house; a loud yet quiet amalgamation of folks.

    A place I’ve visited, yet have no scope of the whole picture, the whole scene. I dont think there is a scene but a loosely associated cast coming together as time and fate dictates.
    Some pretty amazing sounds have been coming out of this house & every time i think I know every musician or label that is rooted here another person pops out of a back room to hand me some tapes.
    There’s probably a dozen or more monikers operating out of the DAR house, with house shows and impromptu jams on random days of the week. And there’s the sense that under what appears as a total chaotic facade there is some serious collected focus going on as these dudes lay down some heavy heavy sounds.

    Thankfully there’s started to be some releases coming out that document some of what goes down. We’ve documented a few already via tapes by Bush Lights, I am just a pupil, Andy Loebs, Chad Roulette.
    This batch from Cds tapes? probably is the best shot so far in letting some of the energy of this house see the light of day.

    Raw, straight sounds, thick journeys that at times are nostalgic but also here & now, a fruitful path to the next zone.


    Pablo’s Pueblos is Jeffrey Astin, Brian Kinkade, Devin Lecroy. Dogs Dreaming is Josh Clark & Andy Loeb.

  • sunbel

    sun araw – belomancie – sun ark

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    “B E L O M A N C I E is the 7th full length album from Sun Araw. B E L O M A N C I E is a series of corridors that lead to specific chambers. B E L O M A N C I E is designed to be an active listening experience. B E L O M A N C I E is not designed to accompany existing environments, B E L O M A N C I E is designed as a transportation system. It is recommended to give B E L O M A N C I E your full attention, and to listen at the highest volume that is comfortable on high quality speakers with a pronounced stereo field or on an excellent pair of headphones. Interference is physicality. When faced squarely, each chamber produces a particular physical effect capable of causing a simple thing: an experience of discontinuity. Hot Jobs!”

  • ryleyw

    ryley walker – all kinds of you – tompkins square

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    “Ryley Walker is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. Having kicked around Chicago’s experimental free/noise music scene for several years, Ryley recently turned to a folk-rock sound inspired by some of his heroes, among them Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch. The result is a poised and accomplished debut album, recorded in Chicago by Cooper Crain (guitarist/keyboardist in Cave).”

  • twinissac

    issac willow – tramplasurin’ – twin palm cinematics

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    Who in calamity of womb hums hymns handed. Purgatorial transit. Bow to fluorescent god unmisted. Cold carried quiet since. Ceaseless static resurrection. Prayers murmured to gutter. They say life flashes before the eyes but only void beckons void and the divergence hums one black instant. Crawl to what lights linger. Last seen sinking. – Andrew Bauman

    hand-made edition of 22

    Jeffry Astin has had many different monikers through the years, Issac Willow probably being one of the oldest besides xiphiidae. Issac Willow ventures into spaces that most of Jeff’s other projects touch at. A full out focused slide through and into sounds that more dominate that compliment. Initially inspiring a wonderment of what the fuck did I just put in my tape deck, but then by the end you find yourself bobbing your head like it was one of jeff’s sides as digital natives, weird huh?

  • cdsouth
  • cdlady

    lady,come – cd’s tapes?

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    Ryan Watson, Andy Loebs, Josh Clark(I am Just a Pupil)

  • habtom

    tom hall – thought loops – habitat tapes

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    Tom Hall is a Melbourne based improviser and sound artist. Since 2008 Tom has created a variety of solo and collaborative cassettes and CD-Rs, that have oscillated between freeform fingerstyle acoustic guitar and banjo, electric guitar, field recording, acoustic drone, analogue synthesizer explorations and electronic noise.

    ‘Thought Loops’ marks Tom’s first release since ‘Sifting Through’, a home recording of 5-string banjo improvisations released on Alberts Basement in 2012. Here Tom uses four short looped fragments of sound, sourced from tape recordings of bowed banjo and kemenche. In this re-examination of these traditional folk instruments he adds subtle dynamic shifts to these hypnotic drones.
    C40. Limited edition: 30 copies

  • habisi

    isis aquarium – molten sulfur – habitat tapes

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    Working primarily with synthesizers, field recordings and samples, Isis Aquarium makes hazy compositions that explore and experiment with sonic space. ‘Molten Sulfur’ utilises mystic samples and synth to create a nebulous acoustic terrain that shifts from jungle fog to desert plain.

    C20. Limited edition: 30 copies.

  • edgold

    dolphins into the future – lieven martens moana – songs of gold, incandescent – edicoes cn

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    Presenting five simple monaural tape collages, recorded over 5 years. These are culled from my growing collection of Dedication Symphonies.
    The proceedings start at the edge of the continent, and ending in the Gecko’s compass.

    Um Tratado … is a field recording, made in the boiling waters of a Fumarole. Being a composition as performed by the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Sweeten The Mango is a tonal story, as a response to the eponymous text by H-K Trask. Grotella exhales simple movements, explained by instruments.

    Album Info:

    Songs Of Gold, Incandescent (2010 – 2014)

    I. Ilha Da Culatra (for Wietske Van Gils, 2010)
    While standing at the continent’s edge.
    II. Um Tratado Sobre A Agua Quente
    (Short Version, for Floris Vanhoof, 2011)
    Recorded in the boiling waters of a fumarola.
    III. Sweeten The Mango
    (Instrumental Version, for Haunani-Kay Trask, 2012)
    With moonlight.
    IV. Grotella
    (Excerpts from a Hula, for Siet Raeymaekers, 2013)
    Pencilling the lines of Grotella.
    V. Mo’o (for Francesco Cavaliere, 2014)
    Eyeing the compass of an insect.

    This cassette depicts not an album, yet pure fragments.

    Recorded at CN Studios, Antwerp and São João.
    By Lieven Martens Moana / Dolphins Into The Future.
    Field recordings from Algarve, Ilha Do Pico, Ilha Do São Miguel, Ilha Das Flores, and Hawai’i.
    Photography by Wietske Van Gils and Lieven Martens Moana.
    ECN Logo by Jeroen Wille.
    March 2014

  • arblight

    devin flynn – light show music – arbitrary signs

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    music done by Devin Flynn for the Joshua White/Gary Panter light show exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit in 2010. Comes with 2 color screened sleeves with art by Gary Panter and a 4 page foldout insert with art and an interview with Joshua White and Gary Panter.

  • chrome

    afrika pseudobruitismus – chrome cigarettes

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    This is a trash sci-fi cyberdelia
    audio-Zapping transmission Z
    from Ancient Aliens
    smoking liquid chrome cigarettes
    at the ruins of Atlantis
    inside your brain.”

    MMXIII © ☯ ∞

  • vestt

    20013 heavy meditations – vestronia

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    an audioFilm starring by Traci Lords***

    “Traci Lords is just searching for fun on the net
    when impromptu she get absorbed by the CyberVideoMatrix,
    beginning a self-initiation Astral journey
    through different video channels:
    from eroticicise softcore aerobic to Serie Z horror movies,
    bad girls from Mars, teleshopping, robot wars, exterminators from the year 3000, friendly dolphins and the echo of Deckard dreamin’ about Unicorns.”

    recorded en Youtube Planet
    Summer 20013 Heavy Meditations

    MMXIII © ☯ ∞

  • 20013iii

    20013 – III

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    20013 III

    a journey into computer-generated cyber-baroque classical musik

    recorded at Royal Disney CyberOpera Hall
    July 20013

  • amafrik

    afrika pseudobruitismus – albedo – amdiscs

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    “Hipotético Soundtrack for Disney Channel 2077 ” Afrika Pseudobruitismus

    Afrika Pseudobruitismus – IMAGINE from Stanley Sunday on Vimeo.

  • sloowrazen

    razen – rim saraband – sloow tapes

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    Esoteric improvisations deeply rooted in medieval, world and folk music. This Brussels duo plays an impressive variety of traditional instruments (santur, bombus, bouzouki, psalterium, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy etc) in transcendental dimensions. Has Bryan Lewis Saunders reciting on one track. 80 copies.

  • sloowed

    hans plomp & eddie woods – poëzie als wapen – sloow tapes

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    In September 1978, Amsterdam hosted a major international literary gathering at three of the city’s hippest venues for an entire week, bringing together some 40 shamanic and visionary poets from Europe, North America, and Asia. Known as P78, it was the first of the late Benn Posset’s several One World Poetry festivals and numerous other events. Later that year the poets Hans Plomp and Eddie Woods compiled and presented a one-hour program featuring recorded highlights from that momentous happening that was aired on Dutch national radio. It includes on-scene recitations by the likes of Brion Gysin, Patti Smith, Michael Brownstein, Lewis MacAdams, Harry Hoogstraten, Simon Vinkenoog, Ira Cohen, Mignon van Ingen, Magic Mike Taylor, the rock & roller Herman Brood, and many others. Both the program and the festival might best be summed up in Eddie Woods’ words: “A world/of imprisoned minds/needs anarchy now.” Bilingual edition of 100 copies.

  • sloowfuk

    hiiragi fukuda – seacide – sloow tapes

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    Hiiragi Fukuda nails it again. ‘Seacide’ starts off with some trippy and fucked-up synth mayhem and ends up with long spaced-out guitar soloing on top of endless drumloop boogie. 100 copies.

  • sloowallen

    allen ginsberg – london mantra – sloow tapes

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    Solo recordings of Allen Ginsberg playing a small hand-pumped harmonium from India and singing mantras and songs to the cosmos. These recordings were made in the early seventies by the American poet and bibliographer George Dowden. From the vaults of Gerard Bellaart’s Cold Turkey Press (who also made the cover). 100 copies.

  • innermont

    montibus communitas – montibus communitas – inner islands

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    Touching the seeds of life. Journeying between worlds.

    Recorded live during november and december 2011 at ”Satcitānanda” Studios in Lima, Perú.
    released 15 January 2014
    Anna Cuadra: Violin, percussion, and vocals
    Brayan Buckt: Guitar, percussion, organ, pan flute, quena, and vocals
    Carlos Vidal: Bass
    Paul Saavedra: Synth, traverse flute, moceno, and vocals
    Pedro Fukuda: Guitar, percussion, organ, pan flute, quena, and vocals
    Sergio Zanabria: Percussion

    Engineered by Brayan Buckt
    Mastered by Joao Orosco
    Artwork by Aphra Cadabra and Ronald Paredes

  • innerol

    oliwa – time immemorial – inner islands

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    “Inner explorations. Landscapes revealing themselves.”

  • illumarrows

    magic arrows – pray – illuminated paths

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    limited to 25 handmade unique cassettes, remastered by ARBOR and complete with goodies and a hidden cassette only bonus track entitled, ‘Touch the Fire’! this track is a teaser for the upcoming DVD only album release by Magic Arrow’s called ‘Music in the Garden’, exclusively through Illuminated Paths and Earstroke Records in april! visuals and dvd created by broken machine films! So stay tuned…

  • gingg
  • illum2d

    unpleasant nostalgia – 2d memories – illuminated paths

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    edition of 25

  • illummiami

    miami vice – palm haze – illuminated paths

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    edition of 50

  • illumsyrrup

    syrrup – potion vapors – illuminated paths

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    To you straight from Vienna

  • illummt

    strange mountain – levitation mist – illuminated paths

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    Hailing From Jakarta, Indonesia, ambient all-star Strange Mountain (Marcel Thee) is famous for reprocessing music through analog reel to reel tape.

  • illumpepsi

    luxury elite / saint pepsi – late night delight (remastered) – illuminated paths

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    the long awaited luxury elite / saint pepsi ‘late night delight’ cassettes have finally arrived! limited to 50, professionally pressed and sealed, audio remastered by ARBOR, lip-gloss red shells with bonus material exclusive to this release! grab one or two whilst you can!

  • ninewitch

    witchbeam – tale of the ghede zodiac – 905 tapes

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  • ginkit

    25,000 kittens – same – ginjoha

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    limited to 50 copies, sold out at source.

  • ginhak

    hakobune / sima kim – split – ginjoha

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    C26 limited 75 copies
    Recorded and Performed : Takahiro Yorifuji / Sima Kim

  • permpersp

    perspectives – everything was never done – permanent nostalgia

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    out of the shadows creeps more dim dank bleakness.
    latest and last recordings by Perspectives
    edition of 33