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  • mendocinohole

    mendocino – dig a hole – old man tapes

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    second release of lo fi basement improv from this asheville group.

    interestingly enough wire’s new weird america article was written 10 years ago this month and a lot of folks have forgotten about that beautiful period. heck most people didnt even know it existed.
    That era is a definite touching point for mendocino. But these recordings are more than just a reference to the past.
    Overall there’s a pretty sweet vibe of some folks getting together on sunday afternoon, drinking some beers, probably barbequing some hippie ass shit and playing their asses off.
    This tape shreds.
    way limited press, under 30?

  • lightjf

    jonas frederiksen – 360 – light tapes

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    light tapes 05
    reissue of cdr originally put out by relax with nature.
    dream zone, hovering in the twilight consciousness between wake and sleep.
    long loved at tomentosa hq; a frequent soundtrack to mornings where the mist is hanging on the mountains and the landscape is drenched in a diffuse damp light.
    limited to 25 copies

  • lightrivery

    om rivur yarrow – light tapes

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    light tapes 04
    original release was as Housecraft recordings 01
    first release on housecraft, reissued on cassette.
    Very few have heard this release and who knows where the very few copies of this ended up.
    light tapes is ecstatic to reissue this, this is where it all started for housecraft recordings, a label that has gone on to put out some amazing releases. What’s even more amazing is how solid this first release is, Housecraft headman jeffry astin has been dialed in since the beginning.
    limited to 50 copies, hand dubbed in the dar house.
    (sound sample forthcoming but honestly Id just grab this)

  • lightchil

    chiliad – wilderness of mirrors – light tapes

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    light tapes 03
    “Organ elation from John Cromar, overtone city.” – sickhead

    Originally a very limited cdr release on the wonderful Sick Head label.
    Released during the cdr onslaught of the mid 2000s, this one faded out quick and there’s no discogs entry so Ive been wanting to reissue this for a while. Really glad we were able to do so.
    Very minimal; John seems to focus in on a sound and really dive into it which eventually puts the listener in some deep zones. In my head there’s some equation with a lot of the noise recordings from the same time. But it’s noise without the noise; the same affect, the same rawness but clean and simple and concentrated.
    this is the only release under the chiliad moniker, but John Cromar has put out a significant amount of releases as Noma(worth checking out), mostly on the kovorox sound label.
    limited to 15 copies.

  • exoexx

    the exhalers ~ wave reader I – exo tapes

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    Edition of 9, with 3 different j cards

  • emaciatorfinal

    emaciator – finality and contradiction – imminent frequencies

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    Emaciator is the long-running project of Los Angeles native, Jon Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Monorail Trespassing). Over the past decade Emaciator has evolved from its early industrial beginnings into the psychedelic bliss it emits today. The first Emaciator release in four years finds Borges crafting ambient columns of sound with masterful attention to texture and depth.

  • yerbird

    bird people – king of the grove – yerevan tapes

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    When thinking of Vienna one might assume it would be the furthest thing from Yerevan. Two totally different and separated expressions of the human idea of beauty.
    Nevertheless, there’s a best-kept secret dwelling in the alleys of the old capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which really put these two thousand-year old cities in contact. An amorphous musical entity, trying to approximate the sound of a hummingbird’s wing beat in outer space – as they say themselves.
    For those of you who don’t know yet, Bird People is such an entity. Recording and self-releasing small-run tapes and CDRs on their own Feathered Coyote Records since 2011, the creature captained by Ulrich Rois has been creating a constant flux of overwhelming drones embellished by psychedelic marquetries.
    It is therefore such a pleasure for us to put out the latest Bird People effort meaningfully called King Of The Grove. Two long tracks, one per side, almost 20 minutes each one. While A side To Peer Into the Huntress’ Mirror is an awakening ritual at the gates of dawn, A Harvest of Birdsong and Bones is a cosmic journey through realms unknown.
    The album was inspired by Frazer’s account of the Diana worship in the sacred woods near Nemi and its connection to an old fertility cult in his book The Golden Bough.

  • yergermn

    german army – millerite masai – yerevan tapes

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    From the dehydrated and dilapidated outskirts of San Bernardino County, German Army releases its latest sonic document, “Millerite Masai.” This exceptionally rhythmic-heavy release constructs itself with a wide palette of percussive timbres and abrasive drones. It’s from these foundations that the group extends its explorative nature toward new sounds and textures.
    “Millerite Masai” sees the deeply modulated vocals of Peter Kris replaced with found audio of disembodied voices and dialogs unknown. This departure from a lead vocal source provides listener’s with a particular focus on the construction, abstraction and destruction of the given motifs within each track. Most songs here seem to pull their primary melodies from modes that could be found in eastern end of the world, and considering this release comes courtesy of Yerevan Tapes, this Eurasian influence might be more than just coincidence.
    In fact, it might point to some of the inspiration for the heavy soundscapes that range from the desolate and deserted to the thriving and intense – perhaps pulling from the various landscapes of the Caucasus.
    Comes on jelly red tape with with photographic insert and artwork by S. Anhayt. A limited edition of 100.

  • immtom

    tom white – corrugated – imminent frequencies

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    Tom White is a London-based artist working in the areas of sound, installation and film. Following recent releases on Chocolate Monk and My Dance The Skull, White presents an intricate collage of manipulated found and appropriated sounds taken from a series of concrète reel to reel tape experiments recorded throughout 2012 and 2013.

  • immrem

    remnants – tonal fragments – imminent frequencies

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    Remnants is the tape music project of Ryan Marino (Imminent Frequencies) and after some time “Tonal Fragments” is Remnants’ return to IF. Using only the sounds of crude cassette tape loops, “Fragments” presents seven minimal compositions of hiss and decay that are informed by a sense of shifting currents and glacial passages. A haunting lullaby of collaged entropy and aural grit form the most fully realized release from this project to date.

  • emeraldscandy
  • emeraldslake
  • emeraldsshadee

    emeralds – shade/august – wagon

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    limited to 350 hand numbered

  • emraldsauguste
  • blastfirstouters

    outer space – II – blast first petite

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    “II” is the logical progression. It is an effort based on group format, and is an evolution from the debut Outer Space album. The central core of Elliott and Veres worked to arrange, record, and mix for a new direction and a new sound; headed down a path of cracked concrete and dissolving memory from the aether. Many different textures and composing methods are applied here to make a more varied and spontaneous array of songs. Experiments ranging from looped, broken m-400, jagged rhythm beds, and modular synthesis. Severing the obsessions of death and anxiety, and creating a work based on “the current” and those involved in the process, “II” has a different feel with less claustrophobia and more breathable air. Imagine the sounds are a liquid, with different masses and changing color.

    “II” is first in a 12″ in a trilogy of sounds to be released in 2012. It’s considered to be the second full-length effort by the project. Reality comes first here with a narrative of events that are real and happening right now. Close attention to detail reveals more than what is seen at the surface. The information is presented clearly; it’s up to the listener to use the intelligence provided for full comprehensive understanding.

  • emeraldsfeel

    emeralds – just to feel anything – emego

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    Written, Recorded and Mixed in June 2012 at Tangerine Sound in Akron, Ohio.
    Recorded by Andrew Veres.
    Mixed by Andrew Veres and Emeralds.
    Mastered by James Plotkin.
    Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, August 2012.

    Artwork and typography by Mark Fell.
    Front cover photograph by Mark McGuire.
    Back cover photograph by Steve Hauschildt.
    Layout assistance by Michael Pollard.

    Emeralds is Mark McGuire, Steve Hauschildt and John Elliott.

    Thanks to Russell Brill, Mark Fell, Peter Rehberg, Jamie Stillman and Ben Vehorn

    Special thanks to Andrew Veres

    Just to Feel Anything, the new album by Emeralds, surpasses all expectations, just as its predecessor, Does It Look Like I’m Here, did in 2010. This expertly recorded new album sees the band deliver plenty of their distinctive aesthetic for old fans to enjoy while offering a new range of fresh, exciting ideas for newcomers.

    ‘Before Your Eyes’ begins the record with a steady build-up, which bleeds into humid layers of synthesizer pads and warm guitar. The track sets the tone perfectly for ‘Adrenochrome’, a fast-paced excursion into new territory for the band. The calm after the storm appears in the form of ‘Through & Through’, with its contemplative strokes and heart-wrenching atmospherics. ‘Everything Is Inverted’ is an energetic rush of monolithic guitar leads, pulsing drum machine, and driving sequences.

    Still, it’s on the second half of Just to Feel Anything, a triptych of tracks, where Emeralds adroitly demonstrate why they are a cut above their contemporaries. ‘The Loser Keeps America Clean’ kicks off the b-side by diving into the deepest fathoms of their experimental oeuvre. As the final bursts of static dissipate we are led into the opening chords of the eponymous ‘Just to Feel Anything’ a new zenith in Emeralds’ repertoire. The album closer, ‘Search For Me in the Wasteland’ sees mounting layers of brightly strummed guitar chords blossom into a storm of color and expertly crafted textures– a truly majestic end to an immense album.

    With Just to Feel Anything, Emeralds shine a laser-sharp light into the future, while preserving their uniquely intelligent historical perspective. The long-awaited next chapter in the Emeralds discography is finally here, emerging as a sophisticated progression in both sound and structure.

  • spectrumbeepears

    bee mask – when we were eating unripe pears – spectrum spools

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    That old saw about dancing and architecture notwithstanding, I am like most people who make records in that I do not especially relish the task of writing about them. (Better to focus on putting one’s pants on both legs at a time and using one’s Sèvres china every day, if you ask me.) That’s not to say that writing about records is a worthless or futile undertaking — far from it; however, as artists ideate in their media of choice, they implicitly challenge the assumption that the written word is the privileged medium of ideation — or at least they do so to the extent that their work succeeds. This truism aside, I seem to have drawn the proverbial short straw, and so it falls to me to tell you something useful about When We Were Eating Unripe Pears, a record which I recently completed, and which will be released shortly (perhaps by the time you read this, even) by Spectrum Spools.

    The seven pieces on this LP were developed over a period of about five years; Rain in Coffee is built on a Hyperborean Trenchtown-era demo, while Pinq Drinq — sorrel, for the record, and neither guava nor antacid as certain wags have already ventured — was reanimated directly from the cutting room floor, eleventh hour twenty-twelve. As a whole, they should probably be considered the proper “sequel” to Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico, extending that record’s preoccupation with the dream interiors of post-1965 Fellini and synthesizing (pun very much NOT intended) it with Elegy for Beach Friday’s fascination with the lush and abject facets of advanced gastronomy and the embrace of the recursive, solipsistic, simultaneously expansive and claustrophobic universe of the sampler on Vaporware/Scanops.

    However, in direct contrast to each of those prior works, When We Were Eating Unripe Pears draws more deeply on formal ideas from the history of records than any Bee Mask release to date. Toward this end, most of its constituent tracks were hammered into their finished shapes “on the road” throughout 2011 and 2012. Those of you who heard me on tour in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan, and particularly at Voice of the Valley, the Bunker, and Labyrinth played a part in the process of shaping this material and so may well experience the shock of the familiar.

    When We Were Eating Unripe Pears was recorded in Cleveland and Philadelphia between 2007-2012. It was edited and mixed at Tranquility Base in Summer 2012, mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, and pressed by Pallas Group. The first 300 copies are on translucent green vinyl. Mark Price did the photography and layout. Special thanks are also owed to Jason Anderson, Katherine Brady, Matt Carlson, John Elliott, Lawrence English, Daniel Lopatin, and Alex Moskos, without whose perspectives this would be a very different and much lesser beast.

    Chris Madak, Philadelphia, October 2012

  • spectrumcont

    container – spectrum spools

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    Recorded Labor Day Weekend 2012, Providence, RI

    Providence, RI’s (recently relocated from Nashville, TN) Container returns with another slab of alternate universe bent techno. Schofield’s take on that over used genre is not only unique but utterly compelling, forming a modern and exciting new sound. While the classic Container sound is still in tact, this album offers a look into a previously closed door in the Container sound world.

    “LP”, like its predecessor “LP”, is recorded in mono and its cuts right down the middle of your skull, and doesn’t float around in imaginary room, these new tracks are immediate and heavy. Kicking off the delayed trip of “Dripping”, a rhythmic bone akin to a rusty swing in a ghetto playground, morphs seamlessly into complex maze that is “Paralyzed”. Closing the side is a real stomper head-cleaner of a track, the mighty “Acclimator”.

    Side B opens with “Perforate”, a bass line straight from Mute-era D.A.F, which mutates into an elastic acid line, building into a full rhythm’n’noise spectacle. The disc closes proper with the mad rush for the bar that is the epic “Refract”. LP is a rough and raw ride, adding very much needed gristle to pale face of the stagnant minimal scene.

  • housedigitaln
  • colmush

    colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – s/t – wagon

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    colored mushroom and medicine rocks album is a collection of tracks released on cassette only early 2010. these mysterious synthesizer/drum machine/vocal ensemble pieces chosen are from “the sundial metaphysical center”, “”sea channels”, “at red frosting” and “arcades of morning” cassettes for vinyl release. mutated vocoder vocals mixed into toxic short “pop” numbers paint a a somewhat unsettling picture out of traditional pop conceptions and melt away and notions of what “form” in music can be considered. fast paced, pounding sequencer/drum machine blasts to melancholy glowing string sounds and everything in between, recorded live to two channel stereo and mastered to vinyl for definitive release, these are some of the best pieces in the collection making up new sides with new styles emerged once again from cleveland, ohio. recorded december 2010, in an isolated attic. limited to 420 copies on various blue, brown, purple and grey marble swirled colored vinyl (all shipped randomly) and includes an 11×11 double sided insert packed in high UV gloss coated jackets.

  • spacederek
  • vlmoondialt

    silver antlers / seven feathers rainwater – split – moondial

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    ..Seven Feathers Rainwater birthed into the fraternal “New Weird Utah” held down by mainstays Stag Hare, Silver Antlers, Navigator, Chaz Prymek, Hew Mun, etc… Seven Feathers Rainwater’s murky drones, tripped out by Eastern influenced samples and ragas, are really some of the most straight up enjoyable moments in SLC’s experimental hadj towards Mecca. Looped piano drones, scattered woodwinds, wordless vocals, acoustic guitars and dancey percussion.Silver Antlers reigns in and compresses some of the most exciting swelling guitar drones and soaring solos meets tribal meditations meets the Algerian Desert Desert blues of Terakaft at a Qawalli festival, and straddles a line between Western blues and the contemplative percussion and spiritualism of Eastern musical traditions. This split is a mystical journey in the vein of doomsday calendars, feathered serpents, far east shamanism and all the wonderful oddities of Salt Lake City.

  • quietee

    quiet evenings – burning bridges – hooker vision

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    Numbered edition of 30 copies, with small insert.

  • housetuluum

    tuluum shimmering – heart of sky, heart of earth – housecraft

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    “Epic is understating the scope of these 90 minutes. This project carries a torch unlike any other, from a world strangely familiar, as illuminated as ever. Employing keys, strings, and intertwining percussive elements each piece methodically snowballs into a massive crescendo before collapsing with a sigh as the next chapter simultaneously unfolds. edition of 125 -50 on grey shells, 75 on clear.”

  • xbwagonmush
  • hobosplitg
  • altarjudo
  • digiafterlife

    afterlife – bodies in motion- digitalis recordings

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    if this is what the afterlife is like maybe i should start believing in that shit. but really the duo of ryan mcgill (cliffsides) and franklin teagle (meditations) stretches their wings and fly even further on their latest declaration finding the visceral symmetry in subtle shifts and simple composition. dual synthscapes that line the sky with their warm, glowing major chord changes and galactic leads. its music that is easy to grasp on the surface, but deeper listening reveals something even more magical. 

    of course, on the flip they go straight-up mid-80s sci-fi with abandon. this is not fucking kitsch, it’s fucking awesome. minimal beats provide the backbone for rising-and-falling notes and pitchbends. it’s exactly what i think of when i heard the phrase “bodies in motion.” everything devolves in the end, becoming a spastic mass of elegiac tones that get buried underneath washes of square waves and noise. sort of a poetic end if you ask me. edition of 80, pro-dubbed.

  • inspiredground

    bill doob – meaning of ground – inspired school of astral music

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    literal space in between the lucid realm
    a journey to the split in the abyss of 
    forced reality consciousness and 
    dream life consciousness
    closing the gap little by little

    recorded by bill doob
    portland orgasm
    inspired school of astral music
    lucidity phase temple trilogy

  • wonderwheel

    wonder wheel – natural selection – hobo cult

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    Paul A. Rosales, Wonder Wheel’s creative mastermind, gave me the keys to the mansion when he said I could do a compilation album of his material. His back catalog now includes 34 albums, all of which was recorded in only 6 years! After a couple days of intensive listening, I selected some of my favorites from 2006-2009, which include home-recording gurus R. Stevie Moore and Ines Navarro. Avid enthusiast of his unique take on outsider synth pop, I was thrilled to wander the echoing halls of his lo-fi pop gems, filled with flowing 80′s AM radio melodies, bouncing delayed vocals, shoegazing guitar fuzz, minimal beatbox cacophony and arpeggiated randomness. When you start listening to the music, you are instantly pulled into a whirl pool of teenage desire, angst and ecstasy. This is some dreamy, yet propulsive music with a lot of heart. The songs read like an open diary with encrypted messages. You get a feeling of what it could mean, but in the end, you just want to listen to his music over and over to try and understand this puzzling haze. Addictive sounds for the masses, with a refreshingly new approach to catchy writing. Some songs barely hold together, sounds just bouncing off each other… but that’s the beauty of it. The ramshackle structures that keep you asking for more. Although, in recent years, Paul has been pushing the enveloppe with a cleaner and more distinctive arpeggiated synth palette, widening his musical focus in the fields of sound art and electroacoustic experiments (download Untouchables). Also being released this summer, Wonder Wheel I, another compilation album which will be out on vinyl, cd and digital download from the fine folks at Care In The Community Recordings (UK). There will be collaborative songs with Pradada and Ines Navarro appearing on that album. Stay tuned for more information on Wonder Wheel by visiting these links:

  • hookercliffside

    cliffsides- spirit in the mountain temple – hooker vision

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    While dystopian synthesizers buzz through Spirit of the Mountain Temple, lost voices litter the barren landscape like lingering traces of dirty snow; the echo of the digital soul in the House of God.

  • exomeadow

    meadowlands – tri coastal horizons – exo tapes

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    Ltd. Edition of 25

    Artwork by Whatever™

  • fadethoughts

    thoughts on air / trailing – split – fadeaway tapes

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    a side-long piece from scott johnson’s thoughts on air comprised of field recordings, a stream of swaying tones and floating guitar lines suggests a mesmerizing form of slowed motion. trailing (ryan from sundrips) presents a short series of quiet guitar and effects cycles, which moves from a mode of reflective echoes to a static standstill. recorded to tape mid-2010. edition of 60, pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassettes.