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  • boringone

    outer space – ocean of storms (boring electronics Vol.1) – wagon

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    Edition of 28 hand-numbered copies.
    Comes with a small insert.

    Recorded in the Star Room during the summer of 2009 by 0000278928993.

  • boringtwo

    outer space – sea of serenity (boring electronics vol.2) – wagon

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    Edition of 25 hand-numbered copies.
    Comes with a small insert.

    Recorded in the Star Room during the summer of 2009 by 0000278928993.

  • boringthree

    outer space – sea of cold (boring electronics vol.3) – wagon

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    Edition of 25 hand-numbered copies.
    Comes with a small insert.

    Recorded in the Star Room during the summer of 2009 by 0000278928993.

  • afternoonwake

    wakesleep – three thousand flora – A f t e r n o o n s m o d e l i n g

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  • jdemmanuel

    j.d. emmanuel – echoes from ancient caves – sun ark

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    Created in 1980-81, The instrumentation on this album was a Crumar Traveler 1 organ, Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer, Octave Cat Synthesizer, Yairi DY-74 acoustic guitar with an Echoplex EP-4, Ross Phaser pedal and a DOD Compressor/Limiter pedal. A Teac 4 channel reel deck was used for the multi-tracked recording.

  • houseperspectv

    perspectives – celtic fractals – housecraft

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    Grumbling guitars cast long irrelevent shadows; no dark, no light, just odd and strangely attractive; and something about wearing sunburns… edition of 72.

  • andyloebstst

    matthew barlow & andy loebs – northwest passage – twin spring tapes

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    twin spring tapes 001

    High-bias c45 with full color, double-sided j card and labels. Each tape gets a unique, handmade insert with hand-written recording notes on one side, and a landscape cutout on the other. Home dubbed, one tape at a time in real time.
    Limited Edition of 50 copies.

  • hansonemeralds
  • gunter

    guenter schlienz – book of dreams – cosmic winnetou

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    “book of dreams” was inspired by notes about dreams i wrote down shortly after i woke up from my sleep. in those strange moments between phantasy and reality, when you can still remember the images and feelings of the dream before they are rubbed off by daytime thoughts and troubles. the compositions which can be heard on this album trying to recapture those images and feelings, mixed with a second thought, kind of a sober interpretation of the sometimes wild and furious adventures with somnia.
    modular synth stuff for inner explorations.

  • trikorder

    trikorder 23 – blumster – cosmic winnetou

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    niko the charming geek, alone with friends, locked in a space with trees and a table, which is covered for all. everything stops around you and it takes a while until you realize that it only runs much slower.
    he simply took this old, detuned guitar in the night and played.
    so, naturally the guitar fell in love with him and they became good friends.
    and whenever niko left the studio to visit his beautiful wife and his lovely daughter at the city,
    the guitar started to cry.
    the more you turn the record,
    the clearer are the little voices of the sad guitar in empty space.
    so, sit down! (cristof wlemang)
    charming and poetic tracks to bewitch you and your family.
    celebrate life and spin this record.

  • jugend

    e jugend – history works – cosmic winnetou

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    this album has been on a hold literally for ages and for diverse reasons. “history works” earmarks the final installment in e jugend’s work trilogy that led to previously released albums “formate heaven syntax hell” (saucerlike recordings, 2001) and “last exit wedding” (taping desk o-phon mania, 2007). as stubborn as ever yet presenting a kaleidoscopic take on aesthetics and texture, “history works” depicts no. 5’s and no. 9’s somnambulistic ability to forge equally dense and minimalistic tapestries of sound. again, the approach seems driven by intuition as much as by the endless search for the most interesting sound, resulting in a different cornucopia of righteous melodies. over the years the first-take approach along with the improv-method lead e jugend into the true heart of compositional darkness, fitting perfectly to the specific setting of these recordings.
    original and witty kraut excursions done by sophisticated masters of this genre.

  • bermudalink

    bermuda link – scarlet hitch

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    scarlet hitch was originally slated to be a 6 cassette release on housecraft. 1 copy was made and then lost for a while. Recently found and digitized. Seeing that housecraft seems to be on an indefinite hiatus this cdr is all that will be released.
    Limited to 9 copies.
    1 copy available for sale.

  • nettle

    stinging nettle – bull in a yellow tree – y.a.l.

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    stinging nettle////bull in a yellow tree///Y.A.L. #0335
    well, there is a bull in a yellow tree. just so its horns can pick up
    a FRE QUEN CY. each limb is each song see and the bull climbs the tree
    whenever he can’t stop himself. the tree is terrifying, though only
    when he ain’t in it. now he is up there drawing with his eyes shut!

  • taberncle

    tabernacle – grown down – y.a.l.

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    tabernacle////grown down///Y.A.L. #0334
    a cadillac chasin some THIEF named johnny down the road cus he just
    ran off w/ everything i own. who cares??? it’s part of blue yodel #
    1,224,967 the one that sounds like you are inside a washing machine
    sent back fr the future to kill jimmie rodgers. but ok that’s not all.
    i’m lookin out the back door and see fisher playing drums like she is
    boxing a kangaroo or something. we are all in the cadillac now, gettin
    outta here, drinking the sweet berry wine glug glug, eatin up the sand
    food og og og.
    thom staton-drums on first track, electronics on long track
    casey-bass on first track
    kate fisher-drums on last couple tracks
    taylor hada & j.s. hogan-everything else

  • dreamhouse

    la monte young/marian zazeela – theatre of eternal music – dream house 78’17”- aguirre

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    Sold out, will not be repressed. This classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time since the ’70s. La Monte Young, widely acknowledged as the father of musical minimalism, is one of the most influential contemporary composers. Yet he has strictly monitored his own discography and his music is rarely heard. Born in a log cabin in rural Idaho in 1935, Young became a key figure in the New York underground art scene of the early 1960s. He made vital contributions to the Fluxus movement and initiated the use of lofts as performance venues. Most important of all, his exploration of sustained tones, unorthodox tuning, high volume, and long duration changed the course of 20th-century music and ushered in new ways of listening. This LP, initially issued on the French Shandar label in 1973, is a crucial document, preserving two manifestations of Young’s pioneering creative imagination. Its sounds lift the listener out of routine temporality into a prolonged and personal here and now; an intimate kind of time that no clocks can measure. The first side contains a performance by the Theatre of Eternal Music in which the voices of Young and his partner Marian Zazeela are combined with the trombone of Garrett List and the trumpet of Jon Hassell. Although the immediate impression created by the music is that it changes little, close listening reveals intricate activity in the high harmonics where unexpected patterns and phantom melodies skitter across the surface of the music’s enveloping drone. Young and Zazeela developed their vocal technique through their intensive discipleship of North Indian singing master Pandit Pran Nath, and traces of that influence can be heard in their subtle ornamentation of the sustained tones. Unadorned sine waves form the Drift Study on the second side of the LP. To a seated listener this Drift Study seems a very pure form of minimalist musical drone, but if one moves around the space in which the piece is playing, dramatic variation in the loudness of different frequencies will become apparent, while the listener’s movement will itself alter the structure of air molecules in the room, affecting the way the piece is heard. It’s a fascinating probe into the nature of sound, hearing, and spatial awareness. “My own feeling is that if people aren’t carried away to heaven I’m failing” –La Monte Young, 1966. First reissue. Edition of 1000. Licensed from FGL Productions. Remastered by Equus. Lacquer cut by Rashad Becker. Preserves original artwork. Includes insert with new, exclusive liner notes by Julian Cowley. Layout by Jeroen Wille. Includes download code.

  • prima

    prima materia – prima materia – die schachtel

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    Sold out, limited repress May 2016. This deluxe double-LP box set commemorates the tenth anniversary of Die Schactel’s 2005 CD reissue of Prima Materia’s La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, and marks the first vinyl edition of the album since its original 1977 release. La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger is a totally immersive listening experience and a true testament to the power and range of the human voice in all its harmonic splendor. Originally issued in 1977 by the Italian Ananda label, run by Prima Materia founder Roberto Laneri with Alvin Curran and Giacinto Scelsi, La Coda Della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger is a long, dense, trance-inducing drone of sustained notes, rich with overtones and harmonic embellishments and coming from a space so vast and unexplored that it evokes a non-human, almost ethereal nature. Every molecule of that sound was produced using only the most original and archaic of instruments, the human voice. The musicians of Prima Materia — founded by Laneri in San Diego in 1973 — individually researched and developed unusual vocal techniques (originally used in Tantric rituals in North India, Mongolia, and Tibet) based on the use of overtones coupled with a special state of inner concentration, which was the essential condition for both the emission and control of long, sustained, and complex vocal sounds. Their capacity to sustain a note for what seems an eternity and to continue to provide endless variations generates a continuous and sustained drone of sound in which the overtones are clearly perceived. La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger disappeared soon after its original release, acquiring an almost legendary status among collectors and lovers of experimental music in the decades since. Die Schachtel recovered the original tapes and, in 2005, released the limited CD The Tail of the Tiger, which went out of print itself in a few months. This box set includes the first vinyl reissue of La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, plus an LP containing a stunning recording of a 1974 live performance in Cologne, Germany; both LPs are high-quality records pressed in Germany, and are presented in custom coated paper inner sleeves bearing original photos printed in silver ink. The set also includes a four-page explanatory booklet and a 16-page mandala booklet designed by Dinamomilano and inspired by the group’s references and philosophy. Limited edition of 300.

  • ylangylang

    ylang ylang – full moon solo piano – phinery tapes

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    “Recorded on a full moon night in Rome,
    with Giorgio Giampà’s piano and my laptop’s microphone. The voice was recorded on the balcony, with ambiant sounds. We hear my mother cooking supper, a dog barking, birds… I am not a pianist.”

    – Catherine Debard (YlangYlang)

  • tuluumvol1

    tuluum shimmering – people & music series volume 1

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    The box contains:
    1 short CD of 1955 field recordings from highland Vietnam (+ 50min field recording loop, not on Bandcamp)
    2 full length CDs of Tuluum Shimmering music, each track incorporating an element from the field recordings.

    Tuluum Shimmering Records TSR010

    Many thanks, Tuluum Shimmering

    P.S. The Vietnamese field recordings are available to download free of charge separately from the Tuluum Shimmering tracks

  • tuluumspring

    tuluum shimmering – where the turquoise spring sings among pebbles

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    Tuluum Shimmering Records TSR011

    Many thanks, Tuluum Shimmering

  • ojerumsne

    øjeRum – sne – phinery tapes

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    a child once tied
    a plastic bag
    to a branch
    of a tree
    the bag remained
    tied to the tree
    for years people
    looked at the bag
    and it was said
    that they were
    the plastic bag
    and that the tree
    was life and that
    there would be
    no escape
    from existence

    All sounds and art by øjeRum Sne by øjeRum

  • nedm

    ned milligan – continental burns – florabelle records

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    The third album by Ned Milligan and the first to reach an audience beyond family and friends, Continental Burns is the result of getting reacquainted with the act of making music and diving into the experience of creating short films.

    Composed primarily over the summer of 2014, Continental Burns was created with two sides in mind. The first five tracks (which also score the video of the same name) share a certain kinship; the sixth complements what came before while departing from it at the same time. A lot of this music came out of Ned’s longstanding interest in repeating figures and loops of both musical and traditionally non-musical sound sources.

    In contrast to the suite of songs on side A, the B side is taken up by “The Station in Spuyten Duyvil,” an extended reworking of a track that first appeared on Rambler, Ned’s 2005 debut. Entirely composed of processed melodica, it proudly bears the influence of long-form works by Jim O’Rourke, early Rafael Toral, and Stephan Mathieu.

    Mastered by Sean McCann. Limited to 100 LPs, comes with a two-sided insert and download code.

  • johnlege

    john atkinson – asasin în lege – florabelle records

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    The soundtrack to the investigative documentary Asasin în Lege by John Atkinson (of the long-running Brooklyn experimental rock ensemble Aa) is the inaugural release from Florabelle, a New York-based label for experimental music and media founded by Ned Milligan.

    Debuting on Romanian and Moldovan national TV in November 2014, Asasin în Lege (Killers Inc.) investigates the assassination of an influential Russian businessman, tracing a barely-underground war between Kremlin-connected businessmen and bankers fought with brigades of assassins for hire. The soundtrack’s eight instrumental compositions combine field recordings with dense digital textures to establish an atmosphere that is alternately luminous and menacing, giving the sinister proceedings an otherworldly air. The album was mastered by Andrew Weathers (of Full Spectrum Records). Limited to 200 in four-panel gatefold sleeves and comes with a download code.

  • amuletstime

    amulets – the construct of time

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    “a film projector rattles from behind a closed door, beams of light are cast through cracks in the exposed architecture, revealed in a dense mist”THE CONSTRUCT OF TIME by AMULETS

  • amuletsruin

    amulets – 59 fields of ruin – sacred altar

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    All music by AMULETS

    This album was recorded in real time using handmade cassette loops,
    samples, and looped electric guitar.

    April 2015 // Austin, Texas

  • amulets

    amulets – sierra high – heligator records

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    For his track for Heligator Records, AMULETS pulls back the covers a bit on “Sierra Highs” to reveal an arcing, achingly beautiful 13 + track that scratches the firmament with beautiful, ebullient tones, delicate American Primitivist-influenced wisps.

    Things have been pretty heavy as of late. Beauty still exists. Beauty will always exist.

  • amuletsameric

    amulets – know your america

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    The KNOW YOUR AMERICA album by Amulets is a 2 part, improvised ambient session recorded live on September 11, 2015. KNOW YOUR AMERICA was inspired by a found set of vintage Know Your America history books and have been packaged with them as a limited edition cassette release.
    3rd edition

  • bushlights
  • clownass
  • rainbowbarlow

    matthew barlow – of waves – rainbow pyramid

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    Good Vibrations from Twin Springs Tapes founder Matthew Barlow

  • vaaldoje

    øjeRum – syrenen lukker lysets øjne med hele sin vægt – vaald

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  • vaaldsyl

    styrenhet – pilgrimsfärden – vaald

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    rustic electronica.

  • gorravol2

    gora sou – modular environments forhome listening vol. 2 – lillerne tapes

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    “The Music on this cassette consists of one-shot recordings of a Modular Synthesizer System. It was patched to create and play on its own, with little or no human interaction. The recordings were edited down and sequenced into two programs for continuous play. The idea was to leave every aspect of the musical creation solely to the machine, resulting in ambient textures to contemplate everyday activities.” The second volume of Gora Sou’s hypnotizing and engrossing modular pieces is here! Another dose of spacious synth journeys suitable for anything that everyday life brings. Edition of 50 home-dubbed chrome/Type II cassettes.

  • blcrlab

    reef frequent – afterlife – blcr laboratories

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