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  • tombedschool

    schoolhouse – soft focus – tombed visions

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    School House is the lo-fi solo guise of Peter J Taylor, a British composer whose work primary focuses on multiple guitar compositions, focusing on extended techniques, custom tunings and adaptive notation to explore the harmonies of micro-tonal change in overtones. Stretching his ensemble pieces to include upwards of 26 axes, Taylor’s work has gained steady renown across Europe and comparisons to the likes of Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca. On Soft Focus, Taylor boils the main components of his compositional concerns down to two long form solo excursions of gaseous bliss ambience. Written and recorded in a converted 14th century schoolhouse during the winter 2013, ‘Soft Focus’ displays subtle Reich-ian rhythmic patterns in large arching movements; sine tones and detailed field recordings undulating in and out of a focus in a constantly weaving and blossoming atmosphere. Using custom made stringed instrumentation designed by Taylor and master Luther Yuri Landman, the chamber like qualities of these electroacoustic experiments is gorgeously embellished by the natural reverb of the recording environment; a canvas on which half remember melodies and crystalline sonics meld and combine with equal tension and serenity.

  • branchsix

    samuel goldberg – through and threw – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 006
    limited to 33 copies

    recorded by Sam and Helen Goldberg during the winter of 2014

    home dubbed & assembled

  • phinerymatthew

    matthew barlow – now age – phinery tapes

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    Now Age is the latest offering from Asheville, NC sound artist, Matthew Barlow. The 50 minute long release is comprised of four pieces – each performed using original synth patches (created by Matthew) derived from a singular granular sample. Threaded throughout the four pieces are field recordings – including birds, ocean surf, crickets, and more – recorded by Barlow either at his home in the country or out during his travels.

    The title Now Age could be considered as a commentary of New Age music – specifically it’s spiritual nature -yet the title’s true intent may best be interpreted as a dismissal altogether of New Age music’s mystical ideologies. However, the album by no means wishes to present a brash, atheistic agenda. Content with suspending supernatural belief for a moment, Now Age contemplates the nature of life, and marvels at the idea that we – conscious beings – are all composed of and a part of a majestic cosmos. No mysticism need be invoked should we desire to be amazed by our existence in this world. It is that we exist at all in this expansive universe and that we are connected to it – these are the meditations of Now Age.

    Above all, Now Age hopes the listener may deepen their understanding of humankind’s connection with the cosmos and our story within it.

    ‘We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.’
    – Carl Sagan

  • phindave

    dave swensen – locked in – phinery tapes

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    Dave Swensen creates experimental video sequences that examine the principles of moving imagery and the relationship between camera and object / location. His dream like video works frequently explore the use of repetition and abstract installation techniques. Locked In is a collection of organic melodies that have been extracted from their video counterparts. Influenced by the likes of Bernard Herrmann, Terry Riley and Howard Shore. Various recording methods and instrumentation were used to create each track leaving behind a transparent minimalistic theme.

  • phincfil

    christian michael filardo – turismo – phinery tapes

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    I’ve been thinking about tourism for the past two years and how they relate to my artistic output and upbringing in the tourist town of Sedona, Arizona. In the not so distant past I received a video message from my talented friend and artist Bucky Miller. The video was of a crumpled space blanket on a pedestal slowly unfolding. I was fascinated at how looking at an object as if it is foreign in a documentary way can change ones perspective of the object. My album “Turismo” explores that visual landscape with audio. Essentially, the album is entirely about seeing and how changing the way we see alters our perception. Think of Turismo as a soundtrack for looking. Look at an object and imagine it in another context, with different eyes, while listening to this record. What will you see?

    -Christian Michael Filardo

  • phinblind

    b.lind – museum – phinery tapes

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    What does art sound like? Can recordings of art be considered music? Can recording art be considered art?

    Remembering certain works, pieces, rooms, environments, feelings is somehow made possible though the sound of things. Museums are an important factor for b.lind and have been all his life. Some of his earliest memories are from museums. Art-memories are mostly visual, but it’s important to use all senses when experiencing art. Instead of photographically documenting these pieces, remembering has become much easier through sound – sound and silence.

    “If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience.”
    ― John Cage

  • phinbh

    brandon hurtado – other space – phinery tapes

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    Brandon Hurtado started recording Other Spaces in August 2014. At the time a lot was changing, and finally the stress and anxiety caught up with him. Brandon decided to channel those feelings through music, to let the ghosts move through him. In order to communicate through these new sounds, he stopped seeing his friends and shut himself indoors completely.

    “I remember places more than specific events or people – sometimes these places pop up randomly, instead of fully formed memories. There are moments when I’ll remember a place, and nothing else – not the people or the time or the event itself; just the environment. I hope that these spaces can be found in this album. Overall it’s darker than the last album (as often happens), and much closer to the skin.”

    – Brandon Hurtado

  • exoalex

    alex tyson – somnus / nucleus // aquaglass – exo tapes

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    Ltd. edition of 50

    Artwork by Whatever™

  • cosmicgrassow

    mathias grassow – short stories – cosmic winnetou

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    releasing drone and ambient music since almost forty years, mathias has developed his very distinctive style. long lasting tracks which hum themselves into the listener’s subconsciousness, mesmerising angelic overtones mixed with haunting deep drones to forget present space and time. for the cosmic winnetou release, his first one on cassette since the late nineties, mathias encapsuled the essences of his musical magic into pieces with running time between two and fifteen minutes. surprisingly those short tracks makes you even more forget where and who you are and transform your inner selve into some kind of zen saint mode. how he does this? don’t know, but make sure to regard the advice of the master himself:
    “I’m sure you’ll find answers not in words, but in deep listening with your heart!”

  • cosmicdayin

    dayin – letting go of people – cosmic winnetou

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    “letting go of people is an album about humans you wish you never met. their voices are echoing inside, answering words you wish you never had to say. these thirty minutes, sliced into seven pieces are a reminder of not only all wrong choices you have ever made, but also of those mistakes, which are yet to follow. dayin is harsh drone and regret, but mostly a relief.”
    heavenly drones to pacify your misanthropic feelings. these days everybody’s need.

  • azrielrafi

    rafi bookstaber – visible light – azriel

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    azriel 11

    leaf cycle

    blue night I

    blue night II

  • tombedsecret

    i have eaten the city – secret paths – tombed visions

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    Cassette comes house in a double sized case and custom vacuum form tray mount to keep the record secure. All tapes a pro dubbed on bright green shells and the 2 panel inlay has been printed on 300gsm recycled paper.

    Their first recorded album since 2007, ‘Secret Paths’ is I Have Eaten The City’s tour-de-force. This trio of multi-instrumentalists could easily be seen as a microcosm for the practices of Toronto’s wider experimental music scene, the breadth and fluidity of their experimentations throughout their discography showcasing an alarmingly diverse range influences and atmospheres, of which ‘Secret Paths’ is a clear apex. The astonishing opener ‘Eyot’ unfurls in wide-eyed panoramic colour, showcasing a radiant display of aquatic guitar textures, gorgeous flute work and pulsating drum machine clusters all suffused with electro-tropical humidity that bathes the listener warmth before boiling to its ominous close. Album centrepiece ‘Mannequin Gait’ careens like a slow late night drive through a sprawling metropolis, the pulsing groove the only thing keeping the flowering, neon melodies from collapsing in on themselves. It’s here that saxophonist Colin Fisher really shines; his keening melodies taking flight around Nick Storring’s deeply plucked cello groove and Brandon Valdivia’s throbbing and dexterous take on dub. Perhaps less obviously impressive than the telepathic interplay shown on these long-form journeys is subtlety and introspection of the trio on both ‘Ipê’ and closer ‘Mollusc’. The former’s ensemble of balafon, thumb piano and cello is both suggestive of various African and South East Asian idioms, yet skirts appropriation. Meanwhile, the latter evinces the trio’s interest in soft, spacious modern composition, with each player inhaling and exhaling a considered and haunted melody that feeds a continually blossoming whole.

    Easily the finest release on Tombed Visions so far, ‘Secret Paths’ takes a kaleidoscope of influences and reconfigures them on each of the five tracks that make up the record. It’s a strong statement from a criminally underrated band at the heights of their powers—all the more dumbfounding once you realise that all this music was improvised.

  • tombedak

    aufklärung – zeit der aufklärung – tombed visions

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    All tape releases come housed in a metallic black jewellery case, complete with a custom tracing paper Obi strip, gloss card insert, download code and zip lock bag. Professionally mastered and dubbed onto Low Ferric Noise C60 cassette. Includes a special ‘Opium’ scented incense stick for setting the acquired mood for aural ingestion. Edition of 50.

    Taking their name from the German term “Age of Enlightenment”, the duo Aufklärung tread a somnambulistic journey through pastoral beauty, slowburning psychedlia and caring introspection; a document of two close friends reconnecting. Recording in the winter of 2012, the duo decamped in an abandoned church in an isolated part of the Yorkshire countryside. Instead of the usual exchange of pleasantries, Lucy and Alex, barely saying a word to each other, instinctively turned on a Dictaphone and sat down to takes turns on guitar and the old piano sat by the graveyard. The result is four tantric improvisations that display an innate musical kinship, as if the melodies were pre-written and streaming through the ether, to be plucked and then examined by the pair, commenting on the phenomena in slow and considered conversation. There is a directness and a beautiful fragility to this recordings that completely resonates within the music. Although a mutual affection for La Monte Young and Popul Vuh can be perhaps detected, Johnson and Macarte’s travels are less structured and reflect the circumstances surrounding the recordings; the words come from the strings and the keys. Admittedly inspired by the 21.12.2012 phenomenon and its posit of new human consciousness and awareness, ‘Zeit Der Aufklärung’ speechless conversation could be seen as the awakening of this? Or as simple something serene to be beholden to.

  • tombedduke

    duke of zuke – apnoeic – tombed visions

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    Apnoeic is the second EP from London-based composer and cineaste Clint Trofa. Whereas Trofa’s previous work had focused much more on a diverse pollination of sounds and instrumentation, ‘Apnoeic’ see a vast reduction in compositional tools; strictly using the electric guitar and a handful of effects pedals to create an eerie, cinematic tapestry of mood and atmosphere that is far more mature, direct and clear in its songwriting and characterised by a bruise-blue melancholy. The compositions that make up the record each originate from simple loops, flowering in a layering effect in which each note is perfectly placed to accentuate the mise-en-scene of the albums filmic character. Album centre-piece ‘The Trick Is To Breathe’ is exemplary of this, washing the listener with sparse arpeggios that slowly ascend into redemptive bowed strings. It should come as no surprise then that three of the tracks recently featured in the documentary ‘The Pedway: Elevating London’ which was screened to a sold out Barbican as part of the Architecture Film Season. Of all the recent works on the Tombed Visions label to centre their voice on the guitar, Trofa’s work is the most unashamedly honorific of the instrument, refusing to disguise or bury its qualities under mountains of effects. Instead, Trofa has opted to craft 5 individual scenes that flow together like an imaginary and hallucinatory short film, chiaroscuro in shade and most importantly narrated by his delicate ‘moonlight’ playing style which owes a debt as much to Ry Cooder as it does Loren Mazzacane Connors. The result is an album that is feels far more emotionally inclusive of the listener and utterly refreshing in its directness.

  • tombedjoseph

    joseph lawrence quimby jr – wren / le chat est parti – tombed visions

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    Joseph Lawrence Quimby makes his monumental return to Tombed Visions with a double album of richly constructed and awe inspiring sound worlds. Both Wren and Le Chat Est Parti act as perfect companion pieces that solidify Quimby as one of the premiere voices working within the experimental ambient scene and shows, in abundance, a detailed and skilful consolidation of found sounds, textural manipulation and magnificent song craft . Of both cassettes, Wren has the darker heart and is built round two long form pieces that each stretch over 20 minutes. Viande Secète dark excavations soon moves from disquieting sighs of morose song into a shuddering hauntological dread whereas a ‘Return to Latvia’ glacial pace simmers into a blinding organ sunrise. This overblown radiance of color is shown again in opener Mensonge, whose organ tones grow round airport field recordings and climb to a brilliantly redemptive end. Ariane is perhaps the most majestic of Wren’s songs, whose stirring strings coruscate proudly through a sculpted, mechanical rhythm and offers tribute to one of Quimby’s musical heroes Jóhann Jóhannsson. The balm of this beauty is counteracted with a further jaunt into disquiet on Les Migrateurs as creaks of cello, snatched hummed vocals and a swirling alien exhale build curiously into a tapestry of audio ephemera. Le Chat Est Parti focus is more explicitly geared toward repetition. Bins might be the hit of the record; a gorgeous, nodding mind massage that throbs with the pulse of dub techno and blooms with every loop like some maximalist dedication to Oval. References to Markus Popp continue on Toute La Ville and Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, pinging across the mix spritely, citrus colors of clipped guitar tones awash with the sounds of the sea. Sans Sommeil and Scenes De Rue are voiced by lilting pianos, warm as they are ghostly and have a pronounced chamber music feel in their sensitive control of echo and space. Although sharing nothing in character, 2 Years and 9 Years are the most distinctive pair of songs the record. 2 Years clipped percussion and chirps of birdsong roll hypnotically and acts somewhat as palate cleanser in it sparseness. 9 Years is the truest song on the record, Quimby’s mournful voice simply framed by acoustic guitar and trampled gravel found sound, spilling forth a confessional tale of self-destruction that is markedly direct and all the more affecting for it. The breadth of Quimby’s compositional skills are shown in all their wondrous variety throughout both cassettes, offering a stunning multi-dimensional experience for the listener to travel through with their ears, revealing further treasures with every journey. It is without doubt his most assured and confident work to date and in turn his most beautiful.

  • sloowmuffin
  • illuminatedlithium

    lithium enchantment – vital signs – illuminated paths

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    Vital Signs was conceived along the shores of Lake Michigan and within
    the forests of the Kettle Moraine Northern Unit. All songs were written
    with “Gradient Shift”, a dusty Pentium II 233MHz box, from the autumn of
    2003 until the late summer of 2004

  • illuminatedpixel

    pixel ghost w/broken machine films presents… – tropical interface – illuminated paths

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    Our debut cassette features 4 original tracks on side A followed by beautiful reworks of each track on side B mixed by none other than Illuminated Paths label boss Joshua Rogers aka Broken Machine Films. The first batch of tapes will be ultra-limited. The individual tracks and remixes (minus the BMF remix) are available as bonus content with all digital downloads.

    A1 – Visions
    A2 – Blunts & Bubble Tea
    A3 – Sentinels
    A4 – Broken Beats For Broken Hearts

    B1 – Visions (Broken Machine Films presents… A Re-Vision) [tape only]
    B2 – What A Deal
    B3 – Blunts & Bubble Tea (Karl Fousek Rework)
    B4 – Order Out Of The Unknown
    B5 – Sentinels (Reinterpretation par Philippe Vandal)
    B6 – Rise To Nowhere
    B7 – Broken Beats For Broken Hearts (ADUB Remix)
    B8 – Let Go…

  • illuminatedlegions

    || legions ||- || loyalty || – illuminated paths

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    Vagabond with a laptop, Legions is forged out of the aimless efforts of a 20 something trying to find shelter outside and in. This down tempo trap based producer mixes what we love with what we need. Roots from New York to California, from clubs to the bedroom. Legions truly encapsulates what we love about hip hop, trap, and electronic music. Fusing together tight hi-hats with ambient bells to create a sound all his own. Legions has made a home for himself in the bay area,where he can be heard on the right night out if you’re paying attention.

    Legions is Joshua Wikle (@oshjoshw)

  • illuminatedroadside

    roadside picnic – sudden dolls – illuminated paths

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    edition of 25

  • adhesiehealth

    seeami – health & safety – adhesive sounds

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    A collection of songs written in July & August 2014.

  • adhesivemountain

    strange mountain – a quiet dynasty – adhesive sounds

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    Written and recorded by Marcel Thee, between June & July 2014.

    Photography by Will Kaufhold.

  • adhesiveep

    seeami x albino deers – ep – adhesive sounds

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    Written in August – October by Seeami (New Zealand) + Albino
    Deers (Rome).

    yvyan Colonna, the aforementioned artist, Babexo, recently released a new collaborative EP with New Zealand based artist Seeami under the name Albino Deers x Seeami, respectively. The record is available in physical format via the Canadian based tape label, Adhesive Sounds and would probably sound absolutely amazing through the platform. Anyway, “Ode to Wilhelm” is the second track off of the EP, “The Creation of Greatness” being a first which acts as almost like an introduction to what you’re about to hear. “Ode to Wilhelm”, however, is dreary at best, boasting a thick thump and bass loop with high pitched synths evoking a melancholic trance-like drone in all of it’s two minutes and fifty-five seconds. “Ode to Wilhelm” is utterly monumental. In equal measures of greatness, “Hold Me Forever”, “Be Still”, and “Rome, 5AM” all co-exist as some of my favorite tracks as the year has progressed. Both artists features on this collaborative effort have managed to work together in idiosyncratic ways that have blended in to one mesmerizing release.
    —Passwords to Tracks

  • adhesivedog

    夕方の犬 (dog in the evening) – low temperature room – adhesive sounds

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    All tracks by 夕方の犬. Photography by Will Kaufhold.

  • adhesivekarl

    karl fousek – codicil – adhesive sounds

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    Toronto’s Adhesive Sounds launched earlier this year as a cassette imprint focusing mostly on Montreal and Toronto’s vibrant experimental scene, and since there’s no shortage of interesting music bubbling up from the scene, the imprint is already eight tapes deep into its catalog with no sign of slowing down that pace. The label’s most recent offering brings us Karl Fousek‘s Codicil EP, a 20-minute suite of heady, blippy synth studies utilizing the newcomer’s simplified setup, described by Fousek as including only “minimal modular synth + tape delay setup.” It appears as though Codicil is Fousek’s second release, following his Relative Position of Figures debut on Phinery from this past May, but the sounds here hit with the sonic maturity of the modern modular greats. Opening track “A1″ is a light-hearted take on near-Reich-ian tone permutations, chopped and phased for your listening pleasure. “A2″ and “A3″ resemble the warm but clinical patchwork orchestrated by Keith Fullerton Whitman at his most “playful,” while “B1″ and “B2″ are more fluid and almost rhythmic, as though Paul Dickow’s Strategy guise wasn’t interested in flooding the dancefloor. Pick up a copy of Codicil directly from Adhesive Sounds now before copies run out.—Decoder

  • adhesiveform

    form – trips – adhesive sounds

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    All tracks composed and produced by Will Kaufhold.

    Photography by Will Kaufhold.

  • adhesivesurely

    surely i come quickly – lost reverie – adhesive sounds

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  • ruven

    ruven nunez – evening prayer – white fawn music

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  • sunaraworbit
  • magicbeach
  • crashapha

    aphasiacs – debtor’s paradise – crash symbols

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    Thibaud thumbnail Weird Ear Records thumbnail Justin Rogers thumbnail Ty
    Taking their name from a spectrum of language disorders caused by brain damage, Aphasiacs is Bill Corrigan and Nick George of Detroit. Together they conjure refracted lo-fi house from scavenged piles of broken equipment, making layers of shambolic, textured color that spasm and move through a syrup-soaked kaleidoscope. Each of their tracks is a unique progression, so violently self-determining that shifting bass and beats become the only common thread to follow through the (very welcome) barrage of more and newer sounds. ‘Debtor’s Paradise’ is rounded out by a b-side trio of alternative edits courtesy of Rawaat, A Sacred Cloud, and Coyote Clean Up.

    “Consider this canon.” -Tome to the Weather Machine

  • crashcambo

    cambo – patronage & pork – crash symbols

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    ‘Patronage & Pork’ is the latest from New York based producer Cam Curran, aka Cambo. Arriving roughly a year and a half after his warped cassette debut for Further Records – where you’ll also spot the debut for his Fossil project with SUS collaborator Phil Tortoroli, aka James Place – Cambo offers gritty but urbane electronica full of thumping bass and hypnotic beats across his lengthiest release to date.

    Recorded in the guts of a pre-war brownstone while bouncing between jobs, ‘Patronage & Pork’ is looser and more experimental than the music Curran and Tortoroli release on SUS, but it shares in the kith’s characteristic minimalism. If you’re familiar with the Tortoroli’s James Place recordings though, Cambo should seem like an even more colorful contrast. When ‘Patronage & Pork’ isn’t burning up slowly in restrained psychedelia, it squiggles confidently through heady acid techno with a peppering of more distinctly urban grit thrown in to keep your teeth on edge. Though these tracks are primarily personal experiments, as a collection of songs they contemplate the potentially corrosive forces that gather at the heart of civilization.

    “This tape is on point. Samples of self-help gurus, rapped interludes, squealing, squashed synthesizers, peaks and valleys of loud-soft dynamics, martial lock-step of a beat pitch-shifted beyond the point where it could look in the mirror and recognize itself.” -Tome to the Weather Machine

    “Patronage & Pork finds Curran relying more on fresh beats and devious hooks and less on cerebellum-shattering noise freak-outs than he has previously. The noisy bass of ‘Better Husbandry’ is tamed by the track’s minimal rhythm, and the fried synths found on ‘Self-Help’ are laid to rest by a dubbed-out groove. ‘Typhoid Mary’ is club music for noise fanatics, while ‘Gunmetal’ is experimental hip-hop. Those who have been missing out on Cambo’s explosive productions (along with the entire Styles Upon Styles catalogue) are certainly doing themselves no favours; Curran is a force to be reckoned with, a leader in the production of adventurous electronic sounds.” -Exclaim

  • window

    window – strands/immersed – crash symbols

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    Strands/Immersed’ collects producer Igor Ivanov’s first releases as Window, released digitally in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Though Ivanov’s frequent collaborator Sami Blanco featured on the closer to ‘Strands,’ these tracks are a warped forerunner to the pair’s more ambient AT/NU recordings for 1080p. Both EPs are tightly wound explorations of the urban tilt to electronica, juke and psychedelic beatwork that build into a hallucination of colorful cyborg muzak.