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  • aughtleonn

    de leon – de leon – /\\ aught

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  • innerfourwayy

    hakobune / oliwa / former selves / panabrite – oceanic triangulation – inner islands

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    c22 + c37 cassette

    “Reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”

    Music by Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite.
    Photography by Marlene Parra.
    Artwork and layout by Sean Conrad.
    released 25 August 2014

  • blackaurora

    black thread – aurora – turmeric magnitudes

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  • blackpink

    black thread – pink fire – turmeric magnitudes

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  • turmericmundo

    dark spring / mundo animal – split – turmeric magnitudes

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    untitled vIII / verano

    mundo animal was paul grimes, brendan landis, paul joyner, and greg garbage. recorded 2013/09/13 in mars hill, nc
    dark spring was kid and greg garbage. recorded 2013/09/10 in brooklyn, ny

  • blackthreadearth

    black thread – the earth is a failed illusion – turmeric magnitudes

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    c20 hand dubbed cassette with photocopied stock

  • turshiningg

    black thread – like shining blood – turmeric magnitudes

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    hand dubbed cassette with photocopied insert

  • turbarrierr

    barrier of dark leaves – spite – turmeric magnitudes

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    hand dubbed cassette with photocopied insert
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  • turmericdarksp
  • cosmicpulse

    pulse emitter – outdoor session – cosmic winnetou

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    portland based synthesizer obsessor daryl groetsch toted his gear into his backyard last august for an outdoor session. this was the first time pulse emitter recorded outside. “it was very inspirational. it’s normaliI guess for an acoustic musician to take their stuff outside but not so much for electronic musicians”. groetsch said about the jam. “i had actually played an outdoor fest right around the same time and got a taste of it then. something about seeing the sky and plants while playing is good. the music was improvised using a setup that has become my new favorite way of playing, i’ve done more (inside) recordings in this style since. playing outside is definitely different with the sun beating down on you and your instruments, and ants crawling over everything, and flying insects, but it’s all part of the experience”. mike haley, tabs out
    lovely synth stuff to lose yourself into it. recommended for listening sessions with sunbeams on your skin. but its magic works without that too, promise.

  • twinotto

    otto stro – deaverchester – twin spring tapes

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    “Deaverchester” generates a fabric of transmissions, broadcast from an isolated radio station far from our place & age. Perhaps the album title refers to a location – maybe a street name just off of Main Street in Anywhere, USA. Easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. That’s where the radio station was/is/will be. We only catch the slightest transmissions now, out of focus due to the massive distances through time & space they have taken to reach us.

    But, for now we can listen. What do you hear?

  • pulsealien

    pulse emitter – alien vacation – expansive

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    Recorded late 2012, early 2013, and the last in a cycle of works composed on paper before moving into a more improvisational style. This album also utilizes acoustic percussion instruments.
    released 23 July 2014

    Composed and performed by Daryl Groetsch in Portland, Oregon, winter 2012/2013

    Oberheim OB-8, Ensoniq VFX-SD, and modular synthesizers
    Lexicon PCM-80 and Digitech DSP-128 effects processors
    Chimes, cymbals, Native American drum, rattle, and hand claps

  • unknown

    unknown – transmission – unknown tone records

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    Broadcasts from beyond or from within; it makes little difference which. Stranded in an ocean’s expanse on a pebble of dust, driven and tossed with the wind. The pursuit, the attempts, above all else, to remain human.

  • batheticcaroline

    caroline park – adrift – bathetic records

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    Caroline Park’s processed sounds, full of depth and grain, swelling with both ambiance and a beautifully honed grit, creates the type of album you put on, then crank and focus, or put on and drift away. It’s subjective what one can do when play is pressed for this tape. Different forms of mediation are making themselves known, you just have to choose a hole to harness and go down.

  • silkbox

    strategy – boxology – 100% silk

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    The breadth of bass and rhythm imagineerings devised weekly by Portland machinist Paul Dickow is as invigorating as it is overwhelming – some cups run dry and some flow forever apparently. More than a decade in and Strategy’s strategies only continue to pinwheel and proliferate, as showcased on his latest capsule collection, Boxology, which swirls through slinky sunrise house (“Panorama,” “The Mink”), acid-splashed funktronix (“The Works,” “Drag It Through The Garden”), jazzy Detroit shuffles (“A Secret,” “Planet Of Jazz”), and airy dancefloor escalators (“Tomorrow May Never Come”). Throughout, Dickow wields a light touch, allowing each concoction to fizz, flex, and ferment before queuing up the next hardware pattern or pitch-bent synth hook. The fact that the bulk of these pieces were road-tested at west coast parties over the last couple years helps explain their fluidity and sneaky footloose agenda. Also worth mentioning/praising: for a dude this deep in the game this is some seriously un-cynical music. Who else writes Chi-house jams about their hot dog condiment preferences? NOT ENOUGH. Mastered by Josh “Alter Echo” Derry. Edition of 100.

  • tental

    Ø+yn – tentaculeando a la puna – taping policies

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    “Tentaculeando a la Puna”, our tenth album. One of the most violent and vibrating works to date, released by Taping Policies (Belgium) on July 2013.

    From North to South tells the story of a group of nomad Arabians who entered America in an unknown century and met Moctezuma at the Moutains of Andes base.

    Mad goats, percussions, struggling mandolines and hoarse violins appear when you are lost at Mahoma´s Maze.

    Recorded and played by Gustavo Valerga, María Victoria Arener, Matías Zanotto, Facundo Bordas, Pablo Picco and Dionisio Pérez on 2010-11 in Córdoba, Argentina

    “Beware of the flutes. They appear on the Andes and Tuareg Desert Magician´s dirty jokes”

  • exomedia


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  • deptmen
  • sungrant

    villages / grant evans – split – sunshine ltd.

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    This split finds Villages on the A side showcasing signature acoustic drone and folk instrumentation during an expertly composed 20+ min. movement. On the B side we find some of Evans’ best work to date, with cut up acoustic guitars meandering through magnetic tape murk. Both sides conjure up images of tales told long ago inside the walls of cities and basements of workshops long since forgotten. Includes download code.

  • tranqpana

    panabrite – wind rider – tranquilty tapes

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    Seattle’s Norm Chambers and his project Panabrite seemed to appear out of nowhere last year, displaying awe-inspiring synth wizardry across a handful of cassettes. Wind Rider builds upon that foundation and expands Panabrite’s horizons even further. Only briefly flirting with the oceanic themes prevalent in much of his work, Chambers instead takes to the skies. Soaring arpeggios mix with warm synth pads and even vocoder to form seven concise, fully realized pieces. It’s simply amazing how many gorgeous melodic passages Chambers is able to unleash in a single track while still managing to keep the composition light and airy. Homage to new age and kosmiche pioneers is apparent throughout, but Panabrite is so much more than a retro synth project. Chambers manages to combine these influences with his own well-developed compositional ability for a sound that’s personal, progressive, and entirely satisfying to the ears. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • revelationblitz

    revelation blitz – durable stimuli

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    Revelation Blitz is George Viebranz and John Elliott(emeralds).

  • lalalala
  • grapefruitself

    grapefruit – time drips – self released

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    self released?
    bandcamp mentions no cd release of this, but sound samples match, thou the artwork doesnt match and this is a 2xcdr.
    So some confusion but definitely very early release; later releases on sloow tapes, amdiscs, field hymns and constellation tatsu.
    comes in long white spraypainted sleeve

  • aquaemario

    mário wazao – quente – aquae

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    A sensorial promenade through the digital x tepid streetcorner-lifestyle of Mário Wazao; a fluent ghost writer and eternal permeable student, Wazao´s style relies on artisanal trance techniques but with a personal touch. Designed for post vaporized socialites thus reclaiming relaxed but elegant lyrical environments for those everyday dream-a-dream moments, the deluxe debut Quente is a wet vision made of insomnia extravaganza. A massage from and to the senses, enjoyable only through desire.
    Thiago Sarafado
    original release on exo tapes

  • kddasani

    gorgeous suntain / dasani reboot – vol 10 – kdvs

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  • jefre

    jefre cantu ledesma – songs of remembrance – psychic trouble tapes

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    Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has released a bunch of solo records on labels such as Type, Pan, NNA and Emerald Cocoon. He has played in Tarentel, Raum, The Alps, Barn Owl and others as well as co-founder of the Root Strata label.

    Songs of Remembrance is a collection of recordings gathered from various sessions in Northern California, Berlin, Munich and Brooklyn. It gives a sense of shifting between place and time, various forms of weather & seasons of the year experienced in totally different landscapes. At times, what plays out like a serene soundtrack with lush guitar swells and looping drum machines moves into blown out found sounds torn apart by static & tape hiss. The whole thing ends up feeling something like falling in and out of dream sleep while watching Twin Peaks.

    Recorded 2011-2013 at home in Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Sausalito and Brooklyn. Edited and Compiled at The Crown Heights Inn, Crown Heights, Brooklyn – Fall 2013
    Cover Photo By Mary Manning
    All songs by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

  • digitalnoumenal

    digital natives – artificial ass flavor – noumenal loom

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    Artificial Ass Flavor’s mellow transmissions flow in and out of suburban windows like hypnagogic hallucinations. A funk lullaby, Artificial Ass Flavor is triumphant in its casual gate.

  • sunshinebilly

    billy gomberg – certain words again and again – sunshine ltd.

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    These latest long form works from Gomberg, rooted in synthesizers and computers, provide comfort in vibratory waves.The movements are slow and static, warm and detailed without being obsessive. Mixed in with direct recordings are room recordings that hint at the live presence which is presiding over all—orchestrating, guiding. These are the hypnogogic moments in the window seat. The comfort of the blanket. The sunset at 30,000 ft.

  • cosmicpana

    panabrite – wasteland cycle – cosmic winnetou

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    no matter where you find yourself, whether it’s in a far flung remote desert or a small town motel with an incessant barking dog nearby, you are living your own perpetual wasteland cycle. you return home and immediately are thrown back into it as well, as if you never left. this is a travelogue for the subconscious mind living these experiences; little vignettes and memories of place, arbitrary voices, strange sights, dull and ordinary rituals…

  • expojourney
  • diffwether
  • rotiferdonato
  • dogday